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  1. Ah, why thank you for your reply! And I plan to do that (though I must admit some of those Tyrannic weapons still make me a little worried. Players want loot and I don't know if I'm ready to dole out a gun that has Storm and Tearing and no reload or ammunition limitations). These guys aren't much for ship stuff, though, are they? I'm not seeing a whole lot of ship roles they can really be cut out for. Not that that's bad or anything, the player who wants to use it seems to think it is an Assassin/Hunter role.
  2. So far, his whole backstory is: Improve the Tyranid race via...technology? ...? And the Genestealer/Tyranid character class. Is it OP at low levels? It doesn't look bad, but it starts to get weird at rank 4 and beyond.
  3. Hi there, You might remember me as the guy who obsessed about his ship. Well good news! I have started my second campaign! One of my players handed me a Tyranid rulebook and says he wants to be a Ymgarl Genestealer. His character concept is fine (My big GM rule for making a character is that the character has to be interesting based on his personality, backstory, and choices. NOT because he carries the dark half of Excalibur that he stole from his dad, Satan) Here's my question: Is the character OP? (Second to last link. Didn't want to post the Drive link because I know people have issues with that at times)
  4. Hi all, Some of you may remember me as the one guy who obsessed over his Raider-class ship for Rogue Trader. Who went on and on about flexibility and details and minutiae like that. Well, I'm happy to say I'm GMing my very first Rogue Trader campaign! Because the ship...was a huge waste of time. Seriously, I've never gotten blueballed so hard in my life. The GM quit and two members basically had a falling out JUST as we were introduced to the Wolfpack Raiders in the starting adventure. But the spirit of greed never dies, so I decided to GM my own campaign. However, my players are a little more "unique" than the average classes. Currently we have an Astropath Transcendent, a Tau classed as an Explorator, a Kroot Navigator, and we MIGHT be getting a Voidmaster of some mutant type. The reasons for them being what they are I handled and I actually very much like the Tau player's backstory (Earth-caste engineer on the run for the implicated murder of some Ethereals). However, it being my first time GMing, I want to make sure that one of these dudes doesn't have Deathwatch amounts of power or is so helplessly crippled he gets killed in the beginning. So, I was hoping you guys could take a look at these stats and tell me if they look good! The starting rank is 1 and the first adventure is the default thing written in the core. I figure that's a great way to introduce the mechanics, by letting them read over what they could've done versus what they did. Sorta helps highlight how free-form the game is. CRUNCH TIME First up is the Tau Explorator. He was given the Tau racial modifiers, but being an Explorator, he's confined to that class although he plans to get an Alternate Rank as a Drone Controller later. He went through the core Origin Path, though. And instead of the Firewarrior talents 'n traits, he's got the Explorator stuff. Gear: Good C. Pulse Carbine (grenade launcher is currently defunct and due to him being so far away from Tau space his character modified las packs to fuel it. However, the las packs only give 6 shots rather than the Tau ammo giving 24). Tau Recon Armor. Funnily enough, he elected to buy a case of Good C. Lho-sticks with his free PF roll. Apparently, he imagines his character as a cigar chomper. Scores: WS: 27 BS: 35 S: 32 T: 37 Ag: 44 Int: 57 Per: 46 Wp: 34 Fel: 22 The Astropath is your average Astropath. Nothing special. He's a tad annoyed he can't pop heads off the bat, but some GM stomping should fix that, right? The other one is the one I'm most worried about. The Kroot Navigator. My reasoning for OKing that was that the Navigator ability is genetic. If her kin ate enough Navigators (as difficult as that is, but hey, maybe it's a Warsphere faring group) they'd get the Warp Eye. Scores: WS: 38 BS: 36 S: 35 T: 35 Ag: 38 Int: 34 Per: 42 Wp: 39 Fel: 38 She used the standard Human modifiers, but possesses the basic Kroot traits. Granted, she's been given the choice of either using the Origin Path or the Kindred menu but not both. The Voidmaster is not made yet, but I'm just going to make him use standard Human modifiers rather than his own. So, have I ruined the game already? Brought glory to the Emprah? Or is there some weird **** here? Canon-wise I have an idea: Since no one wanted to be the RT, he's in a stasis pod. So all sorts of weird **** gets passed around because Imperial bureaucracy is screwy like that. They're all cool with taking Non-Imperial and Speak Not Unto the Xeno trait, though. I want them to have fun, memorable fights for crunchiness. But I also want to see some good roleplaying and character development. But here, I'm just worried about the crunch.
  5. Alrighty, that makes a helluva lot more sense. Thanks! Last question I'll probably pose during this thread (how many times have I said that?). You've all been such good people about all my inane ship questions and so on but I have a question that undoes all that. I spent a while agonizing about the power of this ship and you have all assured me of its quality in not running from fights but also not kicking the ass of a Battlecruiser. So now I ask one more question: Is the ship appropriately fluffy? I rather like the idea of an Exploration-based Rogue Trader group. Star Trek as hell, yah? But I want to make sure it's not JUST a crunch machine. We're going to likely get another ship and it'll probably be a transport, so the torpedo boat makes sense since I can customize the Transport with a slower warp drive. Our ship arrives first, clears the area, transport jumps in with its fancy cargo. I just want to make sure I'm not being TOO crunchy. I don't want to be all "I am the humble Lord-Captain Xanatov, here to bring the Emperor's light to the forsaken places of the galaxy!" and at the same time have equipment that makes no goddamn sense with the stated goal.You don't bring a chainsaw to an Arbor Day celebration, after all. This probably isn't much of a decent question since, like others have repeated, you don't know my group's playstyle. Is there something I should try trading out? Give up a Melodium for the Librarium Vault? Throw out something else for a Cargo Bay? Also, and this was an odd one. How would you guys rule on having landing craft? I'm not talking about fighter squadrons but my GM mentioned something along the lines of every 5 Space that the ship has gets one single craft. 35 space yields 7 crafts. For the most part, I imagine this being just cargo haulers and one somewhat agile landing craft so I can descend in style. But I also like the idea of a Venator Pattern Air Yacht. Because safari on a deathworld...even though not a single person in the party has Tracking. Thoughts?
  6. Why shouldn't I be able to give it to Navigators? Because Stack the Deck? Also, quick question about Into the Storm. Them Alternate Career Ranks: Do they replace the rank listed or do they just act as extra stuff you can get? Or is it like a bizarre prestige class in which you can ONLY select from there from then on?
  7. Gotcha, sounds easier. Gotcha, makes sense. ...convince me of that. Seems like it negates Come to New Heading. Okie dokie.
  8. Alright, thanks for your help everyone! I think I finally understand ship combat 'n that sort of thing all the way through (unless Navis Primer adds something else...like those STUPID luck rituals. I love the fluff factor, but that first jump...man did that take a while to go through). Results of the CeaselessTiger Inquisition Keep Cobra-class Raider in its original state. However, use of Mathhammer is encouraged. Make Lances Tearing, reduce all armor by 12, and make it apply individually for each Macrobattery shot. Torpedo damage will have to be modified. We won't do this yet, as our first combat session occurs on Sunday and we're all curious to see how it performs. Disinformation is a temporary buff. Hold Fast! is a damage negator. As the magical Rogue Trader, I can throw a +10 for Hold Fast! to anyone as a Free Action, even if they lack the requirements to do it. Virus Warheads cause a -10 Command Test per torpedo, but the damage it inflicts happens immediately and per torpedo, with a failed test causing damage over time. They are Near Unique and thus (at the GM's discretion) should be acquired extremely rarely. Exceptional Leader lets me give a +10 bonus to any test for anyone I specify on my turn every time. The basic formula for this is "[Person] perform [Action/Test] on [Target]". It works in space and on the ground. Adjust Speed and Bearing allows for a faster Speed, but the newly modified number of spaces until I can turn is based on my original Speed value, not the new one. Hit ships in thar booty, because Keel weapons are hype and thusly, rare. I think that's about everything, correct?
  9. I had another question, this one concerning ship movement. [At this point, I should just rename the topic "CeaselessTiger Asks Random-Ass Questions"] Anyway, the question is on the Adjust Speed and Bearing Maneuver. Let's say I score 3 DoS on it. It's a -20 Pilot+Maneuver Test. I choose to move my full speed and want to move even quicker. My full Speed is 11VU. Which outcome would occur? I move 15VU and am able to turn after moving 11VU (using the new Speed value). I move 15VU and am able to turn after moving 7VU (using the normal Speed value). Fiddling with formatting so at least this is slightly more entertaining to read.
  10. Life-Eater virus? Do explain, this sounds like fluffy goodness I can use. Also, duly noted. Don't fire at Chaos ships because super-Nurglings.
  11. Hrmmm... Well, maybe I'll just keep this initial magazine of torpedoes, then. At least, until it runs out.Then abide by the Unique/Near Unique rules and do Meltas and Plasma.
  12. Actually, I did have another question. Each Virus Torpedo counts, right? Or does it not? How I figure it Launch 4 torpedoes. Each one hits and penetrates the armor. Captain makes a -40 Command check to contain the sickness. Total Crew damage: 12d10. Total Morale damage: 8d10. Or is it Launch 4 torpedoes. Each one hits and penetrates the armor. Captain makes a -10 Command check to contain the sickness. Total Crew damage 3d10.Total Morale damage: 2d10 Also, the Command check is made to STOP it from going on. It doesn't negate it, right?
  13. Ohhh, that's kind of cool, actually! Rogue Trader is party leader and thus, there is a mechanical benefit. You don't HAVE to follow his orders if he's a bossy prick, but if you want the bonus, do what he says. Neat. Thanks, I think I got this now.
  14. I have another two questions before we do our space combat as it took us a while to get out of Footfall during the starting adventure (turns out my guy is REALLY bad at Carouse. Thank god for the Decadence talent). Disiniformation, how does that work? It says it can raise Crew Morale by 1d5 per DoS. Can that go over the maximum? Because, if it can't, it's still better than Hold Fast! as it could nullify all Morale damage. Hold Fast! is slightly easier to do, but 1 point per DoS off a Willpower check is still vastly inferior to 1d5 per DoS off a -10 Deceive or Blather check. I don't see anything in 1.4 errata. My next question has to do with my Exceptional Leader ability. The errata adds that I can do it in space combat, but it doesn't seem to prohibit me from doing it in ground combat. Should I just assume that EL only works in space as being able to do it every turn in ground combat seems a tad powerful? Thanks for all your help, everyone! This is making things go a bit more smoothly since we have veterans' experience versus just us going "...maybe? I guess it makes sense..."
  15. Obviously, I have to optimize the Mass Conveyor further is what you're telling me. Thus, it will have no guns and the bare minimum essential components. Other than that, nothin' but Main Cargo Holds. 1,000+ Cheevo points per Trade Endeavor here I come. Then I need another Conveyor to hold my gold. And a final Conveyor to hold the people to count my gold.
  16. Oh, okay. Well, bright side is that I got him to agree to Mathhammer rules. Not only that but interpret Torpedoes how I figured they were to be interpreted (Virus Torpedoes are Near Unique but don't suffer the issue from being a Component. However, because of how scary they are, they can only be acquired on Naval Shipyards, but you do one Test to acquire a whole...magazine or whatever term you use for bulk torpedoes). I guess I have two more questions before I can consider this topic closed (still haven't gotten to our fight, but we will later today). Is the Universe-Class Mass Conveyor or Goliath-Class Factory Ship better than just getting a dusty ol' Transport? Even if I can't quite outfit it with weaponry yet. We have a PC Navigator. Do we need an NPC Navigator when we get the Transport and have to worry about that guy making rolls or can we just say "He follows the PC Navigator and thus does not need to roll"? 'cuz the Navis Primer does a good job of slowing things down and I don't want to have to repeat the same luck-based process for a second ship. I also don't want to, say, lose my newfound trading ship because WHOOPS dice screwed you. Dice add a fun random element but save-or-dies aren't fun. I like being able to take two or three hits so I can at least realize "Oh, dude...I'm not doing too hot. Change of plans."
  17. Alright, cool! I shan't worry about this guy anymore, then. Hopefully, the fight will go well. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I'll see if maybe I can get the GM to use Hostile Acquisitions later or maybe the Mathammer rules to make the lances viable. ...whatever the Mathammer rules are. We space now.
  18. Actually, that's my main goal! I'd like to have a difficult time with stuff beyond Frigates. I also took Peer (Imperial Navy) so I can make those Plasma Torpedoes Scarce. I always thought that since it was ammunition and I was buying around 28 at a time it was a Minor on scale, giving me +10. So, to acquire a group of them it would be +10 at a Naval Shipyard. I dunno, maybe I interpret the rules oddly. So, the Mk. 1 version of the Opportunity for Divestment was better? Cobra-class Raider. Ancient and Wise. Reliquary of Mars. Good C. Archaeotech Plasma Drive (power) Good C. Markov Warp Drive (space) Warpsbane Hull Void Shield Command Bridge M-1.r Life Sustainer Good C. Voidsmen (space) Deep Void Sensors Melodium Observatory. Prow Gryphonne Pattern Torpedo Tubes with Standard Guidance Virus warheads. Field Bracing (supplied with 3 power) Best C. Dorsal Sunsear Battery. (upped crit rating and strength) Good Broadband Hymncasters (dropped power requirement) Crew Rating: 35 (due to the Bosun) Players: Navigator, Rogue Trader, Explorator, Seneschal. I'm downgrading in the Mk. 2 version so I have enough power to be sneaky but also not get hit. Also, so we can be somewhat independent and not have to run back to a refueling station every time or worry about being on a Feudal or Agricultural world and being unable to restock. I guess in a sense, the Mk. 1 version was my own design that was based on ending a fight as fast as possible since we're kinda squishy. The Mk. 2 is after input that I should try to avoid hits as much as possible and let my crew worry about shooting when they can, and dealing as much damage as possible. I don't intend this to be the final ship. I plan for us to acquire more. I just want to make sure this guy is viable by himself until we reach 50-60 PF. Then get a trade-heavy transport and the Raider will be the main offensive tool. Transport is more tank/bait. Eventually (waaaaay down the road) I plan to completely replace the two with (godwilling, after burning a lot of profit factor) a Universe-Class Mass Conveyor and a Repulsive Class Grand Cruiser. Or Battlecruiser. I know the GM has a fight planned for tomorrow so that'll be the final version of the Raider.
  19. My goal is not to drop the game to Easy mode. There are things I (and my group) should run from and I understand that. Taking on a Grand Cruiser in a Raider should be suicide. I just want to drop us from the Hard mode that ya'll seem to be mentioning into Medium. I like the idea of taking a few hits and maybe getting away crippled from a high-risk high-reward fight. I don't like the idea of fleeing from a Transport because it has a single macrocannon battery. We're using Vanilla (with errata) rules at the moment, because the GM is hesitant to modify anything. Operating off the idea that avoiding a hit is the best possible thing, I modified the Raider. Some things I kept the same because we already used them (Warpsbane hull and the Markov 1 drive). I haven't crunched these yet, but tell me if this is better than my "Run out of Virus Torpedoes, restock Plasma 24/7/365" plan. Again, don't want to be good at everything and I understand our agility is our best strength. I just don't want to get my face melted because I flubbed a Pilot check. Gotta make room for the dice 'n all. I'm okay with building my character around the ship (to a degree), I don't want to make the rest of my party do that. ...except maybe the Explorator, 'cuz what else is Tech-Use for? Total Ship Points Available: 50 Cobra-class Raider. Reliquary of Mars. Ancient and Wise. Lathe Pattern 2-a Sprint Trader Drive. Good C. Markov 1 Warp Drive (space reduced) Castellan Shields Command Bridge M-1.r Life Sustainers Good C. Voidsmen (space reduced) Deep Void Sensors Retro Thrusters Empyrean Mantle Thunderstrike Macrocannons Pyros Meltacannons. Broadband Hymncasters (to bluff our way out if we can't hide) Also, is Active Auguary akin to sonar if you're on Silent Running? So, shoot, run, their turn, Silent Run to maneuver into position, their turn, shoot 'em up for two or three turns.
  20. That brings me to another question, then. Alright, let's say I go your route. Ditch the Sunsear and grab a Missile Battery. Now every other turn is shooting. Wouldn't this get a little...Iunno, one-sided? I mean, I'm the only one who can pilot. Our other guys are a Seneschal, an Explorator, and a Navigator. I want them to do stuff too, though. Also, can you do that? Scoot away, Silent Run with Empyrean Mantle, wait 'till they turn their back, BLAST 'em. I thought Disengage prevented us from doing that since you can't re-enter combat. Are there other places you can store torpedoes to boost your stock? Can I throw them into the Melodium and worry about that getting hit? Is this ship badly built? It's got a Melodium, an Observatory, Field Bracing, an Archaeotech Plasma drive, Markov warp drive, Sunsear battery, M-1.r life sustainers, voidsmen quarters, Deep Void sensors, a Command bridge, standard shields, a warpsbane hull, and torps. And I spammed the crap out of craftsmanship, burning all 50sp we started with. Should I have invested in a frigate and minimal essentials with some nice bling on it? Again, not trying to minmax but I also don't want us killed on day two of the adventure. I don't want us to take down Grand Cruisers but I also don't want us fleeing in absolute terror from a Transport. And I don't want to one-arm the GM and say "Dude, you gotta pull your punches." I want to to be viable and fair. I want a challenge. I just don't want us limping away at -3HI from a fight with two Raiders.
  21. In response to Erathia: The GM has limited the number of books. Battlefleet Koronus, Navis Primer, Into the Storm, and Core are all that's allowed. Also, is it really -80 per torp? I figured it'd be +10 because you're buying 28 (so the scale isn't huge), then -40 because Near Unique. The Battlefleet Koronus book imposes an additional Acquisition penalty just because it's war? Jeezus, that makes torpedoes nigh-unusuable early on. In response to Quicksilver: So, if Torpedoes are as impossible as Erathia says, what should I sub in instead of a lance? Sunear+Plasma? Jovian Missile bays? In regards to all: Then what should I do with this low health Raider? I don't want us dying right away. That kinda thing kills a game and I really want to keep going on this one. We had one session and it went well, I just don't want to explode or have to consistently run away. Should I go and call up my mighty powers of "I am party leader, I have the Warrant of Trade, and you all voted me Rogue Trader and none of you understand the rules so shut up, we boardin' the Transport train, choo-motherf*ckin'-choo"? I don't want to be Captain Mywayorthehighway but I'd rather do that once over "WE'RE ALL DEAAAAD IN THE INTRO MISSION."
  22. Hi all! As you can probably tell, I'm brand-spanking new to the forums. However, I've played a few games from the 40k series and even a mod based on Dark Heresy (oh AdEva, how horrible thy Breach is). So I know a bit, but am relatively new to Rogue Trader I'm here to ask a question about Torpedoes versus Lances. I'm essentially the only one who knows the ship combat rules in our game (even beyond the GM, currently). I'm also the Rogue Trader class, so people have (to a limited degree) just given me power over the ship. My group has elected to use a Raider as our first ship. It rolled Reliquary of Mars and Ancient and Wise. We used the Cobra-class Raider from Into the Storm (think). Here's my question-type thing. I'm not trying to min-max this ship or make it good at everything. Currently, the only neat thing it has going for it is that it's kind of okay at Exploration. It's also FAST (Warpsbane Hull, Markov warp drive, archaeotech plasma generator). What I worry about is it dying in the beginning of combat. Being a Raider, we're squishy at 26HP (32 after I gave it Field Bracing). We have yet to fight, though. What I have on it now is Gryphonne-pattern torpedo tubes with Virus warheads and a Sunsear laser battery. I figure our schtick is going to be pirates since Raiders (again, no combat experience) seem good at ambushes? However, I worry about running out of these guys in mid-combat because you only get 28. And I do want us to be kind of independent and not have to restock after every battle and head back to Port Wander. The Starbreaker Lance does seem ideal for that. It's just, I'm super worried about long-term combat. The longer it lasts, the harder it seems for us to survive. Am I wrong? Am I stressing over nothing and should I just stick a lance on it and be all independent, going to different worlds? Or should I work on the Virus torpedoes to end fights rapidly without much damage (current strategy is torpedo, board, capture). Current loadout: Gryphonne-pattern torpedo tubes with Virus warheads and a Sunsear laser battery. Possible loadout: Starbreaker lance with plasma batteries. I'd have to get rid of the Melodium and Broadband Hymncasters. Again, not trying to minmax. Just trying to figure out which is more needed in a pirate Raider crew. Ending a fight fast or being able to last a while? Thanks.
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