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  1. Enjoy your videos Mei, keep up the great work
  2. Was actually discussing it with my x-wing group at dinner last night... getting the pilot costumes for our favorite ships and wearing them on game night / tournament
  3. Obviously, ships are hard counters to c3po-falcon if people ran ships, they wouldnt think it's so OP
  4. didn't a "top player" just win Australian nationals with a whisper build against a field of falcons? which is the whisper build's worst matchup? twice in swiss... twice in top 4 Again... when people perceive something to be "the build" and a greater number of people field it. You're most likely to see it place higher... france top 4 only had 1 falcon build nordic top 4.. 1 falcon gencon top 4.. 2 falcons australia 2 falcons in top 4 germany.. 1 falcon its a build, but you see 4 reb builds, swarms and phantom builds too. so out of the 20 top 4 players from the respective nationals.. youre seeing 7 falcon builds
  5. i just dont get how c3-pio is "dominating the meta" its one evade.. potentially two if they guessed one, which could easily become no evades. AND its once per turn.. i mean, tryin to take on the falcon 1v1 with a ship.. yea thatd be annoying options: take gunner/luke shoot with multiple ships use outmaneuver or any similar ability its not like there arent things you can do. People use whats popular... they also believe that it's the only way to fight phantoms. combine both of those.. well thats just what happens... paves the way for the defender to pick up the meta
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