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  1. And if it worked differently (like the Sabine pilot or BB-8 ptl combos) it would have re-broke the card in a new way. One that required a bit more thought to avoid bumps but otherwise even worse than before.
  2. I'm not totally sure on this, but I think maybe because point adjustments usually allow less fine tuning? Like, you can make Zuckuss (at least) 100% more expensive by increasing his cost 1 or more pts or you can change how he works which constitutes a much more subtle adjustment in value. This does not hold true so much with Palp who could have had a meaningful point adjustment, still less for Manaroo. I think that they altered those cards because (from my reading of the new article) they felt that they were simply too straight forward to use at maximal efficiency.
  3. Weirdly this and rec spec both came out in wave three. I mean, sure you can use it if you get attacked multiple times/were unable or willing to take a focus action. But its such an edge case that it can't justify being a less flexible, less reliable and yet more expensive card.
  4. Me too mate but FFG certainly have form for over pricing things/pricing in a way that's only fair if everything comes together perfectly.
  5. Hmmn I'm really unsure of the order of operations here- I'm like 70/30 that its meant to be an if- then rather than a and/or. Also I think they went with "If a game effect..." to limit it to secondary weapon fire conditions rather than saying something more straight forward like "...may spend your target locks" which would allow firing ordnance, re-rolling dice while still preventing passive ability (that is OL and ATC) abuse. Still its not very well worded. I think its vain for anyone to go nailing their colours to the mast at this point.
  6. When a friendly ship at Range 1-2 is attacking a ship you have locked, the friendly ship treats the 'ATTACK (TARGET LOCK):' header as 'ATTACK:' If a game effect instructs that ship to spend a target lock, it may spend your target lock instead. To me, that ship means that only ships making secondary weapon attack that normally require a TL are affected and that the weapon synchonizer's lock will only be spent if the attacking ship must spend a lock to make the attack. This certainly qualifies for a faq though, perhaps also with reference to homing missiles.
  7. Rather than mirroring a friendly (which adds another layer to a concept that is already very hard to balance) maybe make it a dual card? Mimic on one side or flip at the start of the game to Ahsoka and get some sort of enhanced intel agent or focus token assignor. I could certainly be wrong but I think this card wouldn't be too OP since it depends on the enemies squad build- something you have only limited ability to plan around.
  8. DarthHeath

    Yoda Crew

    Or maybe boost results when pilots spend focus tokens? I was thinking something in line with his mentoring scenes in the films. This could apply equally to Kenobi though maybe have him be cheap and single use to reflect the way his guidance was kind of short lived in the films. Oh wait, SPOILER ALERT.
  9. Plasma and Proton can complement one another well so long as you can fire the plasma first and at the same target. Also saving a point is not to be sneered at.
  10. Rakaydos- That's an intriguing and characterful upgrade. Maybe combine that with UnitOmegas suggestion to make E2 a title so that the player has to choose, as with Defenders... only a more difficult decision in this case...
  11. The reason I suggest possible illicit upgrades is that it would make the advanced unique for the imperials and grant a range of different advanced builds while a specific ability tied to a title (other than a price reduction which would be the most straight forward and boring option) would either not work or else mean that all advanced worked only to use that ability. Apologies if you're sick of this debate, but I'm new to the question. Is it not a waste of energy to register your disgust rather than just move on?
  12. Well, I admit I haven't kept up with all the threads all the time but most seem to just be complaints absent positive suggestions/ restating the case (its made guys!) that the advanced isn't cutting it. So what would you do? Also illicit technology can be seen lore-wise as illegal stuff for scum and unique innovations for the Empire.
  13. "And what rough beast, its hour come round at last..." Its generally rumored/ acknowledged that the advanced needs attention- what ideas does the community have for making it competitive or at least giving it a niche? My pick would be either to let it take an illicit upgrade* (perhaps through a unique and/or one point "Experimental Design" title) or else create a tie avenger title that substantially reduces its cost, but only for pilot skill LESS than 9 (plus create some new pilot cards with the customary interesting pilot abilities). What would others like to see? I think its testament to good game design that most of the wave one ships are still valid at all. There is no real need for every ship to be competitive, but it would still be fun to see the advanced fly again. *I of course realize that this is a bit of a shot in the dark and might complicate balancing upgrades for SV, but its interesting right?
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