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  1. Quarrel

    Double Edge question

  2. Quarrel

    What does Tel take with him?

    Ion tokens are not round, either by 2e shape (the cardboard is square) or by rules (they're only "red").
  3. 1. Chances are very low that both 88B and a PS3 ship will both be able to shoot the same arc-dodger. 2. Jamming tokens wear off at end of round in Second Edition.
  4. "After you perform an attack that misses, you may perform a bonus attack." Never mind the fact that there are no general-purpose damaging cannons in 2.0. If 67-100% of your list can only shoot forward and is Initiative 4, your odds of being able to even take that first shot (and thus even potentially benefit from B's ability) is minuscule in today's I5-6 Ace-filled environment. I just faced a janky squad of B-list unique Phantom/Interceptor/TIE ln pilots with a Bots+1 list. It wasn't even trying to hard-counter my list -- it just did since it cost less than 200 points. There may have been one round where all three of my ships could attack, but if so, I don't remember it. I don't know how I'm even supposed to roll red dice against Wedge or Whisper. Is the IG-88 key not spending 15 points on cannons? Flying fancy with alternating boosts and target locks while only attacking every three rounds? Being Worlds-level at maneuvering and only facing opponents who aren't? Something else? I have no idea what to even try next.
  5. Quarrel

    Asajj's Banshee (Mk. II)

    That should already be doable. Shapeways allows custom uploads, and I put my own files up for free.
  6. Quarrel

    Asajj's Banshee (Mk. II)

    I 3D-printed it myself. (Santa was very good to me this Christmas.) Then I cut & glued on tiny strip styrene bits for the red lights when I realized I'd forgotten them. I uploaded the STL files here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3491788/ . I haven't molded light notches into the model yet and I'm not even sure they'll print smoothly.
  7. Quarrel

    What does Tel take with him?

    The Rules Ref says all tokens stay on ships that go into the reserve, and round tokens still vanish and charges recharge in the End Phase. It even says Condition cards stay in play even if the ship they're on is removed from the game (which the reserves are not, BTW). In summary: everything stays.
  8. Quarrel

    Asajj's Banshee (Mk. II)

    Necro update! I've added a custom-printed nosepiece that's always been part of the original design (and is now on the 2.0 card art). Shoutout to @Stoneface for prompting me to write down exact colors. I couldn't have gotten this to match if I hadn't. (And I wrote the gold down wrong, somehow, so it's not quite right. Bah.)
  9. The way the Rules Reference is written, a ship that voluntarily deploys gets to take an action even if it runs into another ship or onto/over an asteroid. (Stress from red moves and/or debris still prevents acting.) I suspect this is an oversight.
  10. Quarrel

    A: Docking rules summary

    A docked ship is eliminated if its carrier is eliminated, yes. I figured that was obvious but I'll add it.
  11. This is what I've pieced together from the Rules Ref, all in one place for easy review. Corrections appreciated! A ship that can dock in another may start the game either docked or separate. This decision is made after placing obstacles but before placing ships. [This probably goes to First Player for timing instead of using Initiative since it’s a “before Step X”-style effect. -ed.] A docked ship may deploy voluntarily in the System Phase. Use the docked ship’s Initiative for timing. It may deploy from either the front or rear tabs of its carrier, and it may use any maneuver on its dial except Stationary and Reverse maneuvers. Deploying is executing a maneuver. If the ship cannot be placed anywhere on the template without overlapping other ships, the deploy fails and the ship remains docked. If the deployed ship leaves the map, it flees as normal. If the deployment is successful, the ship may perform one action. (Note: As written, this is not a Perform Action Step and still happens if the deploying ship overlaps an asteroid or only partially executes the maneuver.) A ship at Range 0 of its carrier may dock during the System Phase. Use the docking ship’s Initiative for timing. Remove the docked ship from the map and put it in the reserves. A ship that docks or undocks in the System Phase does not activate in that round's Activation Phase. A ship cannot both deploy and dock in the same System Phase. If a carrier is destroyed while carrying any docked ships, those ships may emergency deploy before the carrier model is removed. This works like voluntary deploying, except: The deploying ship first suffers 1 Critical damage. The deploying ship doesn’t get an action. Docked ships that don't deploy are destroyed with their carrier. An emergency-deploying ship may or may not get a chance to attack that round, depending on whether its place in the Initiative order has been fully processed already. A docked ship cannot emergency deploy if its carrier flees because fleeing is a distinct event from destruction in 2.0. A ship is in reserves while docked. Ships in reserve maintain all tokens, and they lose round tokens and regain standard and Force charges as normal each End Phase.
  12. Quarrel

    Timing of Jostero, Quickdraw

    In First Edition, the FAQ explicitly ruled for Quickdraw that her timing was treated as "after defending" if she lost a shield from being shot at. FFG really doesn't want nested attacks, and with good reason: they're a rules nightmare.
  13. Quarrel

    Dengar's bonus attack

    Even more generally, all effects that trigger during or after an attack get a chance to resolve before any ships are removed from the board.
  14. Quarrel

    Talon Roll Ruling required, FFG

    In isolation, yes. Looking at the rules as a whole, no. The RR also explicitly says the ship is rotated before placement, and that "fully execute" depends only on final position. So either A) there's a phantom temporary placement that happens before rotation and also counts toward execution tests, or B) full execution depends only on final rotated/shifted position. Option B is more intuitive, simpler, how it worked in 1st Edition, and how it's described in the basic rulebook. It's clearly the better alternative.
  15. Quarrel

    Talon Roll Ruling required, FFG

    And that's the paradox. The Rules Reference explicitly says you don't rotate & place unless you fully execute the maneuver first. But the only way to test whether you've fully executed the maneuver before you rotate is to try putting the unrotated ship on the table. So that's the logic that the TO used. (FWIW I think it's not how it should work and not how FFG wanted it to work, and this is yet another terribly worded RR section.)