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  1. I've played that list two or three times. It's great in casual games but I got my face wrecked last night now that the Galactic Republic meta is trending toward the same "3 I5-6 aces with a 5-10 pt. bid" lists that the Imperials could rock when 2e launched. It's little better than a TIE swarm where you remove two or three of your Academies from the board during deployment. ObTopic: Maarek can be strong, but only if you give your opponent other, higher-priority ships to shoot at first. Otherwise he just dies.
  2. Just like in 1st Edition, the rules on tractor tokens specify that they only cause the defender to roll 1 fewer green die "During the Engagement Phase". Attacks that occur in other phases, such as the one from the soon-to-be-reprinted Snap Shot, gain no benefit versus targets with tractor tokens (unless/until FFG changes this unintuitive rule via FAQ).
  3. This possibly indicates that these tokens remain as it specifically states that circular tokens are removed at the end phase. That's exactly what it means. All round tokens go away in the End Phase. All other tokens (and its target locks) remain where they are. As for Moralo, because A) the rules say to adjust stress as part of executing the maneuver but fleeing is checked after executing it, and B) Moralo's card text says he goes into the reserves instead of fleeing, going off the board with a red move still gives him stress, and he still has it when he redeploys.
  4. Over four games trying to leverage Crack Shot on about 3 ships on average, I've only had it push through extra damage once. Either my ships die before I can use it, enemies aren't in bullseye, or there are too many evades to matter. It doesn't even seem to scare people out of arc like the threat of HLC or Quadjumper tractors do. Is it just me or is this happening elsewhere too?
  5. I tried two versions at my FLGS: Version 1. Talonbane + Predator & Afterburners vs. Nien Nunb & 3 Resistance A-wings Talonbane did Talonbaney stuff: hang back until an opportunity arises for a R1. Keeping him at R3 until he could strike was key to dissuading attacks against him. That's tricky on a ship with no 1-straight and that can't boost out of arc unless it goes speed 3+ (which makes the Kihraxz's lack of a 3-hard double-damning). (Neither of those facts should surprise anyone who's used him.) My opponent was scared of potential tractoring and didn't navigate obstacles well. (I brought 3 asteroids, he brought 1 of each type.) Things went pretty much in my favor as I singled out A-wings for focus firing, but he did pull off the funky Nien + Pattern Analyzer + Black One + Static Discharge Vane combo, and rear turrets let the A-wings shoot Ketsu at R1 without giving her Fearless. Version 2. Graz + Outmaneuver + Cloaking Device vs. Wedge, 2 ARCs & a Z-95 This game was closer. My opponent brought 3 gas clouds and kept the asteroids spaced. I had trouble arranging a high-risk area and trouble baiting him into it. His was a jousting list, and he kept it in formation. I lost both my Zs without shots on the first real round of combat. However, decloaking and friendly tractoring, plus anticipating correctly, helped me navigate Graz around the flank. Two rounds of shooting Wedge in the side and back finished him when he finally let the threat of tractoring scare him and he broke formation too late. Then I tractored the Z into an obstacle crowd and out of combat for two rounds. I committed to k-turn jousting what was left, and eventually more mods + more dice pulled me ahead. Fearless didn't kick off this game either. Neither did Outmaneuver, except vs. Wedge. Graz's extra dice did matter, even (especially!) when chasing rear-firing ships. That, plus Stupid Tractor Tricks, plus not being the obvious Kill Me First target that Talonbane/Fenn are, makes me want to play with him more.
  6. It's tough to push damage through with a Dorsal Turret unless you're Kavil. I'd try putting an Ion Turret on whichever Scurrg you end up running (it doesn't have to be Nym, and Sol is arguably a better bomber if you find room for those).
  7. You can only choose to move a ship when it goes from "not enough tractor tokens" to "enough tractor tokens". You can't move a small ship when you raise it from 1 token to 2, regardless of whether it was moved earlier that round.
  8. Alas, I only own four Kihraxzes (and three dials).
  9. Tractor tokens don't stack defense penalties in second edition.
  10. Maul is there for his 1 normal Force. I do a lot of K-turning and getting blocked with Ketsu -- she flies a lot more directly than Asajj. Maul's occasional mid-round recharge is gravy.
  11. The title can't punish ships that block you since either A) you can't shoot them, or B) Ketsu tractored them away herself and adding another tractor token will do nothing. I agree that the title is strong but it's slightly redundant with Ketsu's own ability and the points might be better spent elsewhere.
  12. Looking for a 4th ship, kind of acey-flankery, for this list: Ketsu Onyo + Fearless & Maul (84) Black Sun Soldier + Crack Shot (28) Black Sun Soldier + Crack Shot (28) 60 points left Options I've thought about: Talonbane Cobra + Predator & Shield Upgrade (58) Talonbane Cobra + Predator & Afterburners (58) Graz the Hunter + Cloaking Device, Predator & Afterburners (60) Viktor Hel + Stealth Device, Predator & Shield Upgrade (59) Old Teroch + Fearless (59 -- I know it's not a Kihraxz) (or...hm. Sol Sixxa w/Dorsal, VTG and Proxies is only 60...)
  13. Nope. G1-A has a stop and k-turns. TIE Reaper has a stop and s-loops (although it doesn't really count because either you're unstressed and have to aileron-boost first, or you are stressed and can't do the stop because it's red).
  14. I'd consider any of these as slight improvements over Krassis + Elusive + HLC: Koshka Frost + Elusive Koshka Frost + HLC Krassis + Elusive + Tractor Beam Koshka has the same Initiative as Krassis and can also take an EPT, plus a free reroll every time she shoots or gets shot by a stressed enemy will apply more often than a free reroll on a range 2-3 bullseye.
  15. I played the OP list in a casual game today and thoroughly bamboozled my opponent. I won handily, and I'm generally terrible with 2-ship lists. Fifth Brother's Force kept Whisper alive two extra turns. I'm really tempted to drop Hull Upgrade to bump the Proton Bombs to Proxies or replace VTG with Agile Gunner.
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