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  1. I'd like to report, that in new version of Delve in Czech Languange there are some font issues - in almost every sentence the font is broken, where it replaces some letters with capital letters inside words from some generic font. This usually happens, when the font you use does not support Czech language. Please change it Also, there could be possibility to check at expansions, if I want the names to be in english or translated, because in Czech, there is only Base game and first big expansion localized, so we buy all other components with english texts and when app is well done and translated everything we now need to do back translation of abilities and monster names back to english to get the right one.
  2. Then there is maybe other solution (if Im not in love with elves) - I will buy Core + Uthuks and will pay just little more to have 3 armies to use for demo
  3. Guys do you think, they will release another "starter" core set with Uthuk and Elves? Two of my friends already have like 4 starters of Undead vs Daqan, I would like to start playing with them too, but I thought third guy with the same armies would be too booring after while. We are small group of players (like 4-6 in future) who will play this game, with very little chance of getting new people. I will play Uthuks, even if I like undead in any game (even here) much more, but I thought about having more variability, so I decided to give up on them in our group. The thing is, If I would only play one army with my RWM friends, its all ok, I could go with just Uthuks set and expansions, but I would like to have option to introduce new players to the game too, not from my gaming group, but from my friends in general when they come to visit me.. So If I had core with My Uthuks and Elves for that, this would be much better for me, I feel little bad about having to pay more if I buy Uthuks, then the essentials set and another expansions with elves, just to be able to "demo" the game once in two months and I would have to pay like 1,5x more money than the Daqan/Undead Core set.. (prices in our shops = 122 USD for Core with undead/human vs 2 x 72 USD Army expansion + 31 USD for esentials = 122 vs 175 USD)
  4. I would like to know, if Delve is unlocked in all devices when you purchase it on one of them using eg same google acc?
  5. guys, If I purchase Delve on mobile phone, will it be also opened on my tablet or do I have to purchase it again (both are using same google account)?
  6. Q: We were told by app, to summon master monster (as a boss, which then had its unique name and bonus life), when this monster group appeared and got to play its turn, it first showed the "minion" activation, and then there was activation for the master "boss" monster. Does that mean, that even if app told us to summon master monster, we had to summon also minions (or whole group in case if there are more masters in game of 4 heroes)?
  7. Refreshing FFG page two times a day (morning and evening) and hoping for news about app.. still nothing I just hope, that instead of news about it, it just gets realeased as surprise any day now..
  8. Thank you very much for the feedback I may consider to split this quest. I tried to make one larger quest, because usually we meet with my friends at evening and only have time for 2-3 encounters, so I was thinking of making two bigger quests for them, that will be fun to play and have a lot of things going on as well as some hero growth in scenario itself (the shop items for example and the experience they got). Right now im considering to play the legendary descent variant (with the random tiles placement etc..), which i like more - the kind of exploration and never knowing what is in next room Yea, the labels.. I will update this
  9. Hello guys, I just made my first Quest vault adventure (just one scenario) - I admit I got inspiration for it from some other creators and used a few mechanics from their adventures I found entertaining (mainly from brunni and his Rise of Darknes - thank you for nice ideas) I will be happy if you can leave some comments for it - I accept any negative ones as well Just let me know what to improve or what you think as players of Descent. thank You btw: the adventure still needs to be played (im going to do this today) and to adjust difficulty(the number of fatigue tokens requiered to summon shadow dragon or so..) here it is: http://tools.fantasyflightgames.com/descent/home/11977/
  10. Hello guys, just got a simple question, in rules (czech version translation), they write, that all heroes and overlord gets 1 XP point in the end of an encounter, no matter who won - in addition to the normal quest reward written in quest guide. That means, that in First Blood quest, everyone gets 1+1 XP? Not just the 1 XP written in quest guide?
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