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  1. I'm so excited about this. The Republic is my favorite Star Wars faction by a lot and finally getting to fly a proper Clone Wars list with red and white paint schemes has me very excited. Not to mention the thought of having Venators for Armada, and all the wonderful clone armor varieties available to Legion. And I can finally fly clones in the Arc 170 the way Lucas intended. Thank you FFG!
  2. Hi everyone, this is my first time posting here and I didn't see many topics about trade in Edge of the Empire, if there are relevant topics I would be happy to read them. I am the GM of a EotE campaing and it is the first experience that the players and I have had with EotE. We have been playing for a little over month and the campaign has been primarily focused on learning the rules while the group evades Imperials and bounty hunters and researches ancient Jedi secrets. Last session the group decided they wanted to take on some trading contracts. I don't have any experience running trade in an RPG and am looking for suggestions on how to make it interesting and balanced for the players. The group's initial contract is a quick in system trade run for a few thousand credits and my thoughts are to get them into a space battle with a few pirate ships before they are done. From the talk of the last session it sounds like they want to take on bigger jobs and I am not sure how to balance them. Ship encumberance is definately going to matter a lot now and I think I should start focusing on fuel, food and travel time mechanics, but beyond that I am not sure how to properly balance it or make it challenging for players. I don't want trade to devolve into a free money system and I don't want to throw pirates at them every time they make a hyperspace jump. Does anyone have advice on how I can make trade missions challenging and fun for my players?
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