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  1. Someone wake me up when the dwarven army gets here.
  2. I went to effectively 4 events, effectively because I stumbled on a LGS that was selling the pre-release maximums (starter, 6 booster) looking for card storage! The first three I pulled one legendary out of 18 packs: Force Choke, the one I stumbled upon I got two more for 3 in 24 (Falcon and Luke)--behind the curve, but what ya gonna do? Otherwise of note I got: Elite Grievous, an Ackbar, a Qui-Gon, an Amidala, THREE Bala-Tik (if I see that smirking face again...), and a flame thrower.
  3. Take the week off, AirBnB a place for cheaper than a hotel, Uber in for the tournament or hitch a ride with another participant. Stay downtown, enjoy some nightlife; see a show, eat at a nice restaurant (Butcher and the Boar, Bachelor Farmer, Red Cow, etc.), grab a fantastic beer at Surly or any of the 15 other in-town breweries. Instead of shitting all over the place, do a little research and have some fun!
  4. Never heard of her. OT: The SF is going to be expensive. Flexible, but expensive. Probably 24 points, base. EPT, but no evade to tank up with. Title seems interesting and under-costed, which might be where the issue lies.
  5. I've been in it since 2004, but this is the first time I've actually preordered and had to pay the credit card off before receiving product. That's not to say I preordered right away, I did so at the start of May. That and it's a rhyming day, hip hip hip horray!
  6. I believe that to be a multiplying effect.
  7. Palp Aces/Imp Aces increased table time is due to, in my opinion, the surge in triple uboat lists since their release. They were always there, I've been effectively playing the list competitively since last summer, but it's explosion in the past couple weeks is a knee-jerk reaction to the boats (I don't want to be in arc and get hit with 4 hits 90% of the time, so I'll take high PS arc dodgers!). The next tournament will see lists balance to take them into account though, so fear not. If you really need a counter to Aces: instant (or guaranteed) damage/action deny (blocking, stress, token theft) lists are typically their bane.
  8. Fine, prices go up, but stores will still close. I'm glad for the moral minority and those shop owners that will get to keep a few extra coppers in their chest. Here's the stand I'll take: if they stop putting small ship fixes in epic boxes I'll happily eat the additional cost of X-Wing ownership. I felt dirty buying the Raider and Gozanti (which both remain in their box, cards removed), but there was some small salve in getting them online at discount price. I am perfectly happy with fixing ships via new ships, or Aces packs, but the epic bait has to end. "Buy the cards online", you say. There is marginal difference buying the cards away from the ship; a quick search of Ebay I see X1+ATC sets selling for 15USD--that will only go up. Perhaps if you need one of something paying 15-20 bucks on the aftermarket will be OK, but if you need more you're paying for the ship without getting the plastic (perhaps storage is an issue!).
  9. Don't worry Drago, he's probably Scottish...
  10. This answer bothers me since there's no explicit rule that states it. Logically to me a hero would need a special ability like the Iornbreaker "Shield Wall" to engage off of someone else. I guess I'm thinking along the lines of a MMO, where you have to have some taunt skill to refocus the enemy away from it's target. All that being said, there's nothing that says you can't do it either. The rule book says that when you Engage the card is placed directly in your engagement zone. They don't explicitly state transfers from zones, but with most FFG games: do as the rules say, or however the card tells you (as they like to break game rules on cards). Engaging an unflipped enemy can always be fun, nothing like pulling a 3 damage Elite at you and rolling scratches all day long.
  11. Played about 8 hours of it over the holiday, got through three quests and the intro with a group of four. I can already tell there aren't enough quests, because it's too fun. **** Snap Krackle popped off before we could get him.
  12. Space Pheaver 4pts When you reveal your maneuver dial you may use any maneuver template and if that move does not cover an obstacle you may change your dial to that maneuver and assign one stress to an opponent's ship.
  13. Is there also a dollar limit? Also, are the kids fans of Star Wars in general? Do they have any favorite ships (x-wing, tie, Falcon)? That might sway the argument. However, one core of each and an iconic ship would give you a lot to play with: 1x X-Wing 1x T-70 Falcon, Reb Aces, etc. 2x TIE/Ln 2x TIE/Fo Firespray, Imp Aces, etc. Retail that would be ~$150 and you'd have enough for a couple lists and have all the rulers, damage decks, and tokens you'd need. You might not get a lot of variety, but hey...
  14. I think today's announcement appears to change that, Ed.
  15. The counter to Palp is not being afraid of the list and playing against it, maybe losing a few times and then ultimately learning how to counter it. It's one frickin' die result per turn! Sure it can make a good roll better, or save a terrible result, but it's one single result. There are so many counters to it, it boggles the mind. The reason everyone's crazy about it is because it became a thing at recent tournaments, because no one thought about it and didn't have the chance to plan. It's the same with TLTs, they came in all hot and scary winning things. Now people have figured out how to deal with them better, or at least account for them. The more I'm seeing the meta, the more we're getting closer to a true rock/paper/scissor type game. There will be no one list, even though Brobots still frighten the bejeebus out of me (4-dice attack minimum, reroll with thrusters and 3agi, *shudder*).
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