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  1. Objective play and ground forces really. Not ‘just’atmo. My version converts some ships into their appropriate troop carriers versions that drop off troop tokens that can then move and attack different objective tokens like defense points and generators. They can also be attacked of course. Also full line of sight blocking obstacles in the form of “spires” that have to be flown over when hit, as part of an expansion set of rules for altitude. Sounds like a lot, but it’s really not. It’s like three new obstacles, a few tokens, and three paragraphs I think of rules for the altitude part. I was trying to keep it pretty simplistic but allows for a lot of stuff.
  2. I want atmo combat. I really should just type up my version and post it one of these days. While it could still be considered original.
  3. I did the exact same thing two (jumpmaster disaster regional?) years ago at Origins. I was so fed up with the game, I had already decided that this would be my last tournament (until they made 2.0 thank Yoda) and I just wanted to go out my way. Interestingly that was also at a time when there was a bunch of hubbub on these forums about intentional draws and altering tournament results. The rules stated you could not legally take action of any kind to modify tournament results, especially if material was on the line like in a final or something. But there was also a rule that said you could concede at any time. It was the final round of day one and I was up to advance to day two on a win. I got paired against some kid, he had some weird list of scum. I was basically seal clubbing at the point they called time. Clearly both of us could see how this went. And Lil guy got a little bummed, two of his friends were going to day two and he needed this win to go with them. Well, I may be at times a raging internet *****-hat, but I would not be alive today if not for my friends. And I was not about to get between this kid and his. So I called a judge. After all, I had to have my fun too😉 I laid it out to him, two rules: I can concede at any point in a round, so long as results have not been reported. And, I'm not allowed to "modify the results of the tournament" in any way, which would include the day two cut. I'm winning, time is called, we haven't started a new round. The game says I'm winning, it's actually determined as the instructions say to score and report at this point. Verbatim, "Can I concede? After the game had been scored?" The judge very patiently listened to my question, the kid looked on kinda bewildered, I had a devil's grin. The judge thought about it, and in a not so subtle way to just get me out of his hair, said simply, "you may concede at any time." I'm having too much fun now, so I press "Even though it clearly modifies the results of the event?". He pursed his lips, then repeated himself, very intent on getting rid of me. Now at this point the neighboring tables had picked up on what was going on, as well as those who had gathered. I was delightfully satisfied to end my 1.0 career getting a judge to low key scede the notion that I broke the system as my final act, and with an audience to boot. I mean c'mon, it was a game at time, for the day cut, with a judge call. Heads had turned. I took the slip, signed the kid the full win, shook his hand and gave him the slip to sign. Thanked the judge. And went about the convention, and didn't look back at the game while the naysayers balked at the notion there'd ever be the 2.0 I knew was inevitable. That was a good day. Cheers to you OP. I tip my hat to you.
  4. Give me, ALL, the Naboo fighter and ships that you have. But sir.. I know what I'm about son.
  5. Thanks! The first one looks like the same author from last change. Whoever they are, dey da real MVP!
  6. Last point change there was an intrepid individual who put together a Excel sheet showing all the changes. I thought I remembered them leaving it open to post a continuous log into the sheet each change. Had anyone seen this Person and their wonderful sheet?
  7. That skill in this environment of NO hyper mods is actually more apparent. That hyper mods don't reward skill a much as they reward a good build (which is meta solvable), and a few first turns. In essence, to the ones who say first Ed rewarded skill more that the evidence available does not carry that to true. I will be very interested to see what worlds looks like this year.
  8. On the subject of hyper-mods, Paul won his first two (?) Worlds before those environments existed didn't he?
  9. Maybe I agree with the prize support thing. Outside of that...2.0 is strictly better in every way. And I'm a critical critic @$$ lol.
  10. I don't think a single pod fired for the first three days. There was only ever two guys I even saw waiting to see if it would fill. I'm not in attendance for the today or tomorrow though. (Saturday and Sunday) Not really a point since my main attractions aren't there. Prize walls for destiny and key forge, but just two cards of low value up for grabs anyway. And the good one, acrylic Lando, is only for winning all three games. Kinda hard to snag if the event doesn't even go off. Was really hoping to just camp out there for five days and grind tickets for flushing out my acrylic set. The Columbus region has a fair number of guys that travel quite a bit for events. And they were talking about the reason they wouldn't go was that there was no draw. Aren't, word on the street, is that since attendance was low last year, but only because of the timing of the announcement of second ed, they didn't schedule much for is this year. Bummer day and missed opportunity. Oh well I guess. Maybe I can make it to Gencon?
  11. Yes. And officially established that human Shields ate usable as a substitute for plot armor. Also I'm stealing that plan name. Also save your time, 8 is worse every time I watch it. Don't join. Don't start.
  12. Were they really on gunboats? That would be an obscure enough of a reference I would have never seen it. As for the rest, that's exactly what I'm saying. The tractor beam in this game doesn't work like a tractor beam. It works like a knock back gun on steroids. I ain't ever seen any of the movies or the shows smack a fighter out of control before. Maybe it's in a book? But if it can do that, then every. Major. Battle. In. Canon. Makes. No. Sense. Tractors drag on it like a ball and chain but that's it. Which would have been just fine as a mechanic. Like for me a neat interpretation could be: When you perform a tractor attack, if you hit, place a tractor lock token assigned to that ship matching your ship ID token. When a ship performing a maneuver, reduce it's speed by one for each tractor lock token assigned to it. When a ship defends, reduce it's agility by the number of tractor locks assigned to it. After a ship activates, remove all tractor lock tokens assigned to it. If you are destroyed remove all your matching tractor lock tokens from ships they are assigned to. This variant uses the familiar mechanics of Target locks and gives them a function that has play and counter play. When a tractored ship goes to perform it's planning phase, his dial is completely back set one speed. B-wings realize they can do a speed zero talon roll. Tie Interceptors suddenly can curve into a blue 1-turn. But every ship affected completely loses their highest moves. Resistance A-wings that were trying to blue 3-bank out of the fight are stuck at two. The koigran that was going to clear at speed four might not make it at three. And this plays to the tractor home faction of scum to a 'T'. They just mess with stuff. They make it weird and challenge you to make sense of it.
  13. It's a probably tariff thing I bet. The product is probably stuck at a dock waiting to pay to be off loaded.
  14. For all my posts on this thread, I haven't actually given my one thing. Which is a really hard decision. I also want to have a new attack AND DEFENSE DICE (😉) system, but not get rid of either. I can't give that as my one though for the reason that FFG would never do it anyway: they can't invalidate any product previously produced that is labeled compatible, including old prize material like prize dice. Which is the same reason why I can't give the other one I'd really like: add the 4-bank maneuver template. Since they've given away complete sets of acrylics that wouldn't have them. So my top two are kinda shot, since the other like 20 actually all made their way into second ed so I'm sitting pretty. But if I Force myself to choose ONE thing...hmm. that's tough... I guess Remove tractor beams from the game. They don't thematically fit since theirs no canonical source of them being used in combat let alone functioning the way they do in game even outside of combat, and I've never seen anything but salt come from them. To wit,I don't think I've ever seen a player on either side of the table approach them from anything other than the perspectives 'I don't like the way they work but their effective so I play them because I want to win' or 'they're in the game and theirs nothing I can do about it now so I'll do the best I can and just muddle through.' There are of course the folks who are all gleeful about them and giddy whenever they use them. But real talk every single time it's the TFG in the group who has that attitude about them. So if you love Tractor Beams and think their great, and the people around you don't and grumble and moan about them, I've got bad news for you: you're TFG. Which isn't a good thing for any game to cater too. Remember the old internet adage "don't feed the trolls". I could live with them if they were completely reworked to be sensible to the lore and the games enjoyment for all sides. But you'd still be missing a canonical reference for them used in fighter scale combat successfully. I think that would be more healthful to the game than my other choice which is get rid of conditions, which I saw someone else mentioned.
  15. Daaaayum. @JJ48 and @Subhntr, with the big guns 😂. Also there's a fairly often used mechanic that does give a d20 roll to the defender and you add your AC modifiers to that, and considers the base 10AC core mechanic to have been a shortcut for the player 'taking ten' just like any other skill check. This is widely known of and published by the game designers in books like 'Unearthed Arcana' and other book expansions as a way to add drama and depth to your games and provide more cinematic tension at times when success would be otherwise impossible. Like at high levels when Fighters have base +20 to hit and total modifier can be exceed any AC in the game. We did that once in X-wing, in first edition many combats had stagnated to unstoppable damage. And that doesn't work it turns out for the health of a game like this.
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