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  1. In on a bit of a long term errand. Will get back to this in more depth eventually. But as it's been on my mind for the past 10 hours of driving. I really don't think the "might makes right" applies to the Jedi. I could see some tangential connection, sure. But for that much I could see a tangential connection to the Knights Templar as well. With their duties being mostly to guard pilgrimage routes and set up patrols and temples and fortresses towards that goal before ultimately over inflating themselves and collapsing. If I were to give a more personally appt motto to the Jedi from real world context (ignoring a bit of their history to do so) I'd myself use "if you want peace, prepare for war". Today I had Google give me a bit of a lecture on it's origin and I think it suits a bit better. They're peacekeepers, diplomats, bit also ready too intervene militantly if not necessarily militarily. (Never thought I'd make that as a distinction.) That's what I really wanted to get off my chest for now. I personally never admitted the phrase Might makes Right because it's sick a slippery slope to... Well... Current events if I'm being honest.
  2. Done a lot of painting and modeling in my day, so we can cut straight to colors and methods. Bear in mind my paint collection is all citadel/gw. I've gotten a second GR75 for... Reasons. I've done touch ups to all my other ships but not really sure how I want to do this one. I know I want it to look like the one in the background at MosEisly (ep4 remastered version) that was red rust covered. I don't try to go to out of my way on my X-wing stuff since the factory paint is mostly great. So minimal effort here is the goal. I like to think in normal circumstances that all I do for my X-wing stuff is 'finish what the factory started'. My other transport all I did was put some shade running down the hull like rust run off and leakages from corners of protruding parts and some recess areas, whatever liked right. Brown stains as it is, it worked great just using Agrax Earth shade. Then I added some extra color to the cargo pods selectively and did the engines. Enough to bring it to life and give it just so slightly a different look to everyone else's. So my current thinking for the new one is heavy dry brush the wall panels with like a reddish brown going for almost total coverage, layer paint select panels back to some grays like they've been replaced recently and others with darker muddy brown. Then 'rust' effect it with sponged on dark/bright red and blackish-brown? Something like that? Then I'll do something similar to the other one I have and color the engines and some different cargo pods. If anyone is terribly familiar with rust scheme or for some ideas bounce em on me. I'm not confident in my path on this one yet.
  3. Alright guys, as the local black sheep and pariah of these forums, who is hated and reviled by all, I say we take a breath. You both have been great in this thread and we can bring it back together. Since the mods are gone, I know we're a lawless bunch, but let's take a minute to kinda hang out, cheers with some blue milk a bit. I'll even not post again till tomorrow about this Yoda character discussion. I would like to keep it going, but maybe after a bit of a recess eh? Friends? Blue milk cheers?
  4. I was always of the opinion that lightsabers were usable by non-sensitves and untrained as well. But only trained sensitive could bring out it's full potential. And on top of that average Joe's wouldn't have even bothered too use a sword anyway since it is a world where blasters exist, so it never needed pointed out. Side note, In a way I thought season 3 of Sword Art Online managed to actually convey essentially the same thing, as the main hero was the only one with enough 'instincts' and 'training/skill' to actually work a blade in a gun world... Despite the fact that anyone could use swords and buy them at stores, he was the only one that could do so successfully. But I never got the argument that Yoda 'shouldn't' have used a sabre, or by extension Leia as it's been mentioned. But only because the sabre is so reminiscent of samurai tradition and the katana. In it's later life the katana was a badge of office and mark of rank far more than it was for combat. Because you have to remember that the samurai caste moved towards diplomatic functions in the later stages of their time. They never used it except for a workout on occasion, but they still had one, and they carried it anyway. I imagine it was the same for the Jedi. Yoda still fills that role: diplomat and teacher first, also had a sword. Yes you had your "guardian/sentinel/consular" differences in an order of warrior monks who wield magic, and I dig that. But they do have uniform items. And part of your journey to become Jedi is building a sabre, so of course they have one. But wielding it in battle from time to time doesn't mean it's what they focus on though so for me at least it doesn't detract at all from their character. Like, it's only a small part of them. I don't really understand how it even could be a detractor? Just me though. One good thing to 7, maybe the only good fight scene in the whole sequel mess, was Finn with sabre versus trooper with stun tunfa. That's the only one I like to revisit.
  5. And that's fair. But every faction loses a bunch of options. Like Resistance can't even fly The main hero of their saga, Rey. Or the Falcon at all for that matter. YT-2400 is my Rebel jam and I can't fly that. I think it's just a matter of changing your perspective so you can enjoy the challenge. You might not have ALL your jank, but neither do they. Show your mastery when those limits are in play. Besides, as ex-Magic player I'm actually kinda glad there ISN'T a mandatory legacy format for the Blue effects to run wild and we can enjoy the Standard format instead.😅😂🤣
  6. They didn't like it at first locally because most of the crowd was first edition converters and had large collections. But as time has gone on they've caught on to it as a more balanced tournament format. Is say it's at least a majority by 70% here that prefer it. They still like the extended pool for fun though.
  7. TAKE TWO. I have no idea if this is going to work. Nope, still linked to a spread sheet for the answers but not too the survey 😕
  8. I have no idea if this is going to work. Let me know if you respond so I can check. Edit deleted bcuz nope.
  9. The XW squad designer mentioned above has a quick build cards function. I've never used it but if you're looking for one, figured I'd mention it
  10. They Probably will. But then I'll have to collect an alt art... Of an alt art. And that's just silly. And would also devalue the alt art I already possess. My binders that I organized cards in are set up so that the original cards are put in, and then if a promo comes out I put it doubled in to the same sleeve against the originals back, flip it, and stick it back in the binder promo facing up. It's just going to bug my organization if I get two promos, to fill one slot.
  11. I feel ya.😅😂 Sad that it's just a swap. Doesn't really look all that special.🤔
  12. Dope. Funny thing is I was looking at the box thinking 'man, would've been nice to get an extra copy of that Generic." Went to a tournament a few months ago and played a pure N-1 squad. There were enough alt arts of the generic Bravo's on the prize table I could have had a full set. But bizarrely folks snagged those as trade bait and I only got one. Long have I dreamed of living a full alt art cards squad dream. Dang, might have to open that box then 😅🙄😒 Edit: I found a picture online, does it have a landscape version on the back or is it just a picture swap?
  13. My best third party builder had been and is X-wing Squad Designer for Android by David Borque since first edition. Clean lay out, easy add delete sort and duplicates. Sortable saves. Card library. Dial charts. Great export to share function. Almost next day updates of any reveal. Game Format functions. And more besides that I never really mess with. Even had a neat archive box for saved squads. It's not on any of the stores though, you have to download it from their site.
  14. Wait wut? There's an alt art in the box? I haven't opened mine. Edit: pics or it never happened lol
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