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    NorseJedi reacted to heychadwick in For what it is worth, everything is nerfed.   
    Oh, and the belief that a small minority of people on the forums that complained loud enough is the reason for these changes is hogwash.  The majority of players....not just tournament players...agrees with there being a problem with all 4 cards.  
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    NorseJedi reacted to Deroche in Dec 3rd Regional and more - Wixom, MI   
    I have the top 16 entered: http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/get_tourney_details?tourney_id=2384
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    NorseJedi reacted to Khyros in Time to eat my words... A review of the Wixom, MI regional   
    While I disagreed with some of your complaints for their first one, it's hard to debate that this past weekend's event was top notch.  From my recollection, the complaints (of a few) from the first event were:
    1) Dirty bathrooms
    2) Limited knowledge TOs
    3) Lack of table space
    Each of these issues were addressed by the store.  1)  They opened up the women's bathroom as a unisex, and cleaned them multiple times throughout the day.  As someone who likes to stop into the restroom before each round, I never saw them to be anything but clean.
    2)  In addition to the local store TO, they imported ParaGoombaSlayer to also be a TO.  While PGS may have polarizing views and opinions, it's hard to argue that he doesn't know the game and the rules very well.
    3)  This was the only issue I had last time, which was resolved as the day went on.  But this time they doubled up almost all of the tables to provide ~1ft of space in front of each player.  It would have been a bit tight on the last tables if they had the full 130 that they established the cap (last week) at, but by only needing 5 tables on each of the last two rows (instead of 7), it left plenty of space to the side of each play area.
    As you pointed out, EJ's hot dogs were great.  This needs to become the standard operating procedure for these regionals.  The only down side would be if you're someone who plays a TIE swarm, though I can't say that I saw any of those on the tables.  I say that because the lack of dedicated lunch time means that you have to get some food at the end of one of your games, preferably one that you finished with lots of time remaining.  The only thing I could say might be that you take a specific round (perhaps R3) and say that you're going to wait 20 min before posting the pairings again, perhaps with the plee to the gamers to let those who have a TIE swarm-esque list take priority at the food source during that time.  It would really only result in like a 10min delay to the overall tourney, but it would prevent anyone from having to go all day without a food break.  I don't know if this was actually an issue for anyone or not, but it seems like a simple solution that doesn't hurt anyone.
    And any review of the event would be incomplete without mentioning the stream they accommodated.  While the credit for the logistics of the stream (the secondary dice camera overlaid onto the main screen, commentation to keep the audience aware of what is going on, etc) belong to Phil who ran it, you have to give the store some credit for setting it up in the front of the store, separated from the gaming space in the rear.  This really helped keep the ambient noise to a minimum.
    Finally, just a comment on the timing and 1 day decision vs. 2 day decision.  I strongly advocate for a 1 day event in all scenarios.  I really don't like 2 day events.  Starting the event at 9am made a 6 round, cut to top 16 possible to contain within 1 day.  I've heard the arguments for early starts before, which primarily circle around folks not being able to drive in from a far distance that morning.  As far as I can tell, a 9am start is still late enough for about a 3hr drive (based off of when I have to get up to go to work) - much more than that and I can't say that I'd be up for driving before the tourney anyways.  The only thing worse than making sleeping arrangements for Saturday night and not making the cut, is making sleeping arrangements for Saturday night and getting eliminated first thing on Sunday.  At least when it is a single day, you can just head home and say "well, I made the cut!"  Meanwhile, with it being a 2 day event, one must have both days open, even though only ~10% of the participants actually need the second day.  It seems like a much friendlier method to have it be a 1 day event, with 10% of them being dead to the world on Sunday instead of 90% of them erronomously planning for a 2 day event.  And as to the rebuttal regarding side events on day 2 so that all may participate, until these become officially supported by FFG and have prizes worth winning, then I'll stick to my case that it's not worth it.  I realize most of this is FFG's OP decision, but I figured that if they're reading any reviews of the venues they select, they might read an opinion on 1 day vs. 2 day.
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    NorseJedi reacted to Hawkstrike in Dec 3rd Regional and more - Wixom, MI   
    Top Four:
    David Semons - Scum (Fenn/Asajj/Manaroo Mindlink)
    Marcos Leggett - Scum (Manaroo/Fenn/Palob Mindlink)
    Phillip Horny - Imperial (RAC/Ryad)
    Matt Ciaramitaro - Imperial (Palp Shuttle/Whisper/Delta)
    aka "Battle of the Hot-Shot Co-Pilots"
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    NorseJedi reacted to Sidsicky in Dec 3rd Regional and more - Wixom, MI   
    Outstanding Event. Went to my first regional and I could not have had a better experience. Well organized. Bud the owner, great. I'm really impressed by the whole community. Played some and lost to a couple in the top 10, but most fun I've had with X-Wing. See you again Flat Land Games.
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    NorseJedi got a reaction from R5Don4 in Dec 3rd Regional and more - Wixom, MI   
    Thanks for running another great regional tourney! Was impressed with the turnout from out of state and Canada.
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    NorseJedi reacted to Cervidal in Dec 3rd Regional and more - Wixom, MI   
    Doors open shortly, dice are rolling at 9.

    Let's have some fun!
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    NorseJedi reacted to shintaibane in Feed the Force Food Drive Event at Kelpies Games in DeKalb, IL   
    The holiday season is slowly creeping up on us as so once again Kelpies Games in DeKalb is happy to host its 4th annual Food Drive X-Wing Event. This year we are making our Feed the Force Open Play format better with more ways to earn raffle tickets and more great theme maps to play on. 

    How do you take part well come on our on Saturday, November 26th and bring at least 10 non-perishable or canned food items. This will get you entered to play and start you off with 10 raffle tickets.  

    For every additional food item you bring you wll earn another ticket for the raffle and to use to "feed the force" powers during your games.  If you have a Windy City Squadron Challenge Coin present it and earn 5 additional tickets!!

    Play as many games as you wish from 11:00 AM till 5:00 PM to earn more tickets. Raffle drawings to follow shortly after.

    Watch this posting for more details on the format, how to spend tickets, how to earn more tickets and what prizes will be raffled away.

    Please post any questions here and make sure to mark Saturday, November 26 on your calendar!
    -         When: Saturday, November 26th from 11:00 am till 5:00pm
    -         Where:      Kelpie Games:  811 W. Lincoln Highway, De Kalb, IL 60115
    -         Cost: 10 items of non-perishable food will get you registered to play.   Bring extra food items because you will get one raffle ticket for each extra non-perishable food item you bring!
    -         Details: Bring enough figures to play matches at 75, 100, or 125.  Lists can change after every match played.  See attached score sheet for details on how to gain tickets for every match played.  Use tickets to unlock force powers during your games.  The more food you donate the more games you play stronger in the force you will be!
    -         Prizes: To be posted but will be a mix of X-Wing figures, and Wargaming Industries tokens, templates, and display board.
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    NorseJedi reacted to MysteriousRacerX in 2016 Wisconsin Regional (Winter) : Why sometimes a hotel is a better choice   
    Freakin' Riley, costing me a Regionals Championship.
    Just kidding, of course. Clint you flew like a champ and deserved the win. See you in Minnesota!
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    NorseJedi reacted to Royoken in 2016 Wisconsin Regional (Winter) : Why sometimes a hotel is a better choice   
    Twitch Feed (My matches start around the 1:43:00 Mark) : https://www.twitch.tv/boardgamebarrister/v/100858135
    “I’m pretty sure that this place has no heat.”
    That was my wife around the 2am mark Saturday morning at our lovely (but cheap) Air-BnB rental that had a non-working furnace. Being that it was so cost efficient and just a few miles north of Board Game Barrister, host of the 2016 X-Wing Wisconsin regional; the decision was easy and we booked with a few clicks. However, a rough morning capped off with cold and grumpy children (2 and 4) was most likely not the best way to start a run for a regional championship.
    After a hurried goodbye with a few awkward car seat hugs, I stepped through the door at the Barrister, dropped off my printed squad list at the check in area, and snagged up my range 1-2 rulers. Some the Minnesota crew was already there and seeing some familiar faces was a good way to calm my nerves and get my head in x-wing mode.
    My List :
                Dash (yt-2400) : PTL, Engine, HLC, Kanan, Outrider
                Poe (PS8) : Predator, Autothrusters, Sensor Cluster, R2-D2
    Swiss Rounds : Day 1
    Round 1 [Zach Bart] Jake/Kyle/Poe
                Due to excessive fatigue and lack of caffeine; to say I was barely paying attention at this point would be an understatement. I don’t remember much of the match other than I was flying on auto pilot and missed a number of opportunities. I put my Poe in the middle of the board and coasted in right in to a death trap of prockets and an Autoblaster. My Poe survived; his Kyle died and then his Poe bit it shortly there after. I cleaned up with Dash and shook hands. It wasn’t pretty, but a win is a good place to start for the day.
                Winner (100 to 29)
    Round 2 [Nick Ruivo] Asajj + 2 TLTs (no astromech)
                This was a variant on Heaver’s 2016 worlds list and one that I had played a few matches against on Squadron Benchmark. My plan was to not PTL with dash if I could avoid it so that Lats crew could only snag up one evade if he caught me at 1-2 with his mobile arc; but alas it never played out that way. I got both Poe and Dash in to the fight and Poe promptly fell over dead with all his ships still alive. Taking dash to the middle of the board and dumping in some calculated bumps and Range 1 doughnut’ing on his TLTs I was able to finish off Assaj and then take one TLT out at a time. I think I had just a handful of hull left of dash, but pulled it out with a few mins to spare.
    Winner (100 to 71)
    Two squeakers to start the day and I’m not really feeling very confident at this point.
    Round 3 [bobby Crawley] : Fel / Ryad / Palp Shuttle
                I had a tight setup for this one with my Dash middle right and Poe nestled in between Dash and the right corner. Bobby had a split setup with the shuttle in the middle, Ryad and Fel flanking far to either side. My standard plan on the setup is to kill the shuttle and then put hurt or kill the defender with dash before dash dies (and he will die). I was able to take the shuttle out, but due to some horrible green dice I lost dash after only 1 round of combat with Ryad. That left Poe to clean up with a defender and Fel on the board, which is never a good place to be. I chased a bunch and slowly got Ryad down to two hull going in to the last turn; He did a 5 green with Ryad and tokened up with time in the round being called. I chased with a 3 bank and then boosted in to range one for a last ditch effort.
                Poe : 3 hits and a focus, Predator’d the focus in to a hit.
                Ryad : (with an evade/focus token) Rolled one evade and 3 blanks.
                Winner (64 to 58)
    Once again squeaking out a win; I felt pretty bad about that one (and doubly so later on as Bobby lost in round 6 to another Minnesota flown Dash/Poe under a very similar last turn situation).
    Round 4 [Thomas Mann] Snap/Crack (5 Green Squad A-Wing with Snapshot and Crack Shot)
                This was a list that I had mentally prepared for but had no practical experience with. Tom setup on his left side and I did the same on my left side. Ships came in and he took some range 3s at Dash to no effect. The following turn he zipped forward and started trading shots on Poe, but not much incoming damage due to bad dice rolls on Tom’s part. Dash drops one a-wing down before it could use it’s crack shot and we reset for the next turn of combat. Dash goes wide; target lock and Focus on the next a-wing, poe comes in for a regen and takes 3 snap shots to the face. Poe survives and I drop another a-wing to 1 hull. Next round Tom perfectly sets up a kill box and Poe one green banks right in to it for a bump. Poe gets shredded with Snapshot and all the crack shots are all gone. Dash takes out the hurt a-wing and we reset again.
                With crackshots down and being a bit out of position, it’s going to be hard for three PS3 a-wings to survive a full health Dash. After another 4-5 rounds of combat, Dash was only a shield or two down and all the a-wings were dead.
                Winner (100 to 42)
                As an aside, this is a pure murder list and I love it; Tom was a great sport and we talked a bit post-match about the setup.
      Round 5 [Johannes Steber] : Ryad+Carnor+Palp Shuttle (100)
                My first of two matches against Johnannes; he won the roll and gave me init. My thoughts are the same here as with Bobby’s list; Kill the shuttle, then then defender, then kill or survive Carnor with Poe. The shuttle went down quickly and Ryad soon thereafter, leaving just Carnor against Dash and Poe. Without Palp support, Carnor can’t take the hits and fell to combined fire.
                I had super-hot dice in this match up with Dash backed up with a target lock and focus each turn, I only had one HLC shot that was less than 4 hits.
                Winner (100 to 29)
    Round 6 [Riley Denu] : Nora / Biggs / Braylen [Gunner/r3-a2]
                Riley came in at 99 and correctly gave me Init; I setup across from his Braylen / Biggs placement and jumped out to get the hurt on. I got a shot or two in to Biggs and then started skirting back to my side of the board. I left focusless dash open for a Range 3 from Nora, but I figured at worst he’d dump 2 damage in and I’d be back safe out of range.
    Range 3…
    Nora (w/ Expose): Hit Hit Crit Focus, Added a focus result from the target lock and spends focus for 4 hits and a cit.
    Dash : Focus, Focus, Focus.
    5 shields down on the opening exchange is bad news. Dash danced a bit and Poe got in the mix to be equally murdered. I ended up killing Biggs, but Braylen and Nora are a bit much for Crippled dash to take down on his own when Dash has initiative.
    Loss (26-100)
    Riley was a great opponent and this match actually prepped me for the finals with engagement strategy for a Braylen/Biggs combo.
    So I made the cut to Top 16 and returned to our still mostly freezing Air BnB. We didn’t find the space heater until the following day, but the kids and my wife were buried in blankets for most of the night and stayed warm. Thankfully it only dropped in to the 40s so we were up in the 5am timeframe to a much happier crew and started the day correctly with some Dunk’in doughnuts and coffee.
    Top 16: Day 2
    Top 16 [Johannes Steber] : Ryad / Carnor / Palp (100)
                My second of two matches against Johannes; this time I won the roll and gave away init. We had a nice belt of asteroids diagonal across the middle and we setup in the open corners. Plan is still the same, kill the shuttle and then the defender. Johannes came in super-fast with 3 straights with the shuttle and nearly caught Poe in rage one of all three ships. I was able to boost out of arc with Poe due to Carnor moving first and I just took one shot from Ryad at range one losing a single shield which I regen’d on the following turn.
                Because the shuttle was moving so fast I was able to sneak in Dash behind and take it out. A double team from Poe and Dash took out Ryad, and Carnor soon followed.
                Huge kudos to Johannes, he was a great sport. Loosing init likely saved my Poe from death and ended up swinging the game in my favor.
                Winner (100 to 0)
    Top 8 [Anthony Anderson] : Dash [Kyle] + Lothal with Han/ABT/FCS/Hera
                This one is on the twitch feed, so I won’t bother to give the full recap [1:43:00-2:42:00]
                Plan here was to pressure his Dash away from Poe and My Dash so I could line shots up on the Lothal. The exchange was costly on Dash, but a 1 hull dash is still very deadly. This game again reinforced why I like R2-D2 over R5-P9; you can do green maneuver, bump, and still regen that shield.
                  Winner (100 to 29)
    Top 4 [Aaron Firnstahl] : 4x TLT Thugs
                This one is also on the twitch feed, so I won’t bother to give the full recap [3:11:00-4:21:00]
                The plan here is to string out the TLTs; if dash takes more than one TLT at a time (which I did at least once) he'll die. Lots of “Target Lock Abuse” here; I will measure for the target lock and then use that to guess if I’m in range of anything else. If I am, I’ll barrel out or boost to secure the single range 3 exchange. In this match up time in on my side and I’m more than happy to pick up a TL and barrel or boost out of range to setup the shot again next turn.
                Winner (100-58)
    Top 2: Andrew Burgoni : Miranda, Braylen, Biggs
                This one is also on the twitch feed, so I won’t bother to give the full recap [4:30:00-End]
                Plan here was to keep just Braylen at Range 3 and Biggs skirting out to Range 4. First turn I boosted in for a Range 3 of Braylen and Hoped that while I was in his Arc, it would be out of range 3 (Which it ended up being).
                The big mistake in this one was forgetting that I had a PS0 crit on Dash and not taking a focus against the shot from Biggs. Having just Poe against Miranda is ok, but combining that with taking out Biggs as well made me nervous.
                 Not to give away the final turn (You should watch it), but we were both heavily fatigued and our banter after two hours and 9 previous games was rather comical. The previous turn he mentioned that a particular slam move wouldn’t have gotten him out of Poe’s Arc. When I was setting my dial I remembered that and figured that if he did that move, I could catch him with a Range 1 shot. So I dialed it in and hoped.
                Winner (100-58)
                Huge thanks to Andrew for playing a hell of a match. I’ve said this a few times, but he was by far the best sport I played against all weekend; we traded forgotten shield regens and action misses for most of the two hours.  
                It was an awesome weekend and with only one major judging mistake for the event, I think it was a good trip out to Milwaukee. Gordon from Board Game Barrister organized a great tournament and the swag combined with pairings being posted online made for a wonderful tournament experience.
    Please post pairings online if you are TO'ing a premier tournament, its awesome and we'll love you for it.
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    NorseJedi got a reaction from catachanninja in Wisconsin Regionals- Lets not throw the baby out with the bathwater   
    I've attended the last three Board Game Barrister regionals and always enjoy it. The staff and store are well organized, and the mix of players always provides good competition. The templates for everyone were nice, and the full template set for the top 25 was also appreciated. They should definitely get a regional again next year!
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    NorseJedi reacted to MysteriousRacerX in Wisconsin Regionals- Lets not throw the baby out with the bathwater   
    Really well said, the team at Board Game Barrister did an awesome job with everything. That really shouldn't be overlooked. Really fun event. And having to make the drive back and forth from Chicago Saturday night and Sunday, I definitely appreciated that the rounds were completed on time.  
    Haha, that was the first thing I did when I got to the store. I think that was just a protective layer to prevent scratching during shipping.  
    The table space was tight, for sure, but it was manageable.
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    NorseJedi reacted to testobviouslyfalse in Wisconsin Regionals- Lets not throw the baby out with the bathwater   
    So the WI regionals have been getting bombed on really hard. Whether they screwed up a call or not is not the purpose of this review, so lets get it out of the way at the start. Yes they probably were on the harshest end of the disipline spectrum. Yes, they probably could have been more thourough. Yes the player didnt do all that he was responsible to do. Yes this is all we will remember from this event. Moving on. 

    ​I had a great time at this event, the play space is amazing, there was plenty of room for all the players, and even though there were a ton of players there throughout the day, I never felt crowded. The side table was adequate, the play mat was reasonable, a little slick for some players, but in the games I played, it never affected ship positioning. The food truck was great, had a brisket grilled cheese, yum.
    Now what did these guys do great that every regional should learn from and implement if they can? 
    ​1. Front door swag- range 1 and 2 templates. yeah it isn't much but I love them, and I will be using them from here on out. A prize that everyone gets at the beginning of the day is a good way to fly.
    ​2.  Web based pairings- when the round started I could see the pairing sheet from my smartphone. Literally the best thing I have ever heard of, no more standing around sweaty guys trying to figure out where I need to be.
    ​3. On Time- Pairings were quick, and rounds went by without a hitch (one repairing in round 3, oh well it happens). Waiting for rounds to generate is sometimes the biggest time waster in a 6 round tournament.
    ​4. Top 25 templates - everyone at any tournament has a chance to be in the top 1/4. Realistically we wont all make it to the cut. Good prizes for the top 25 is something that is stand out.
    ​5. Good Judges- Yes, the judges made a harsh call, but over the course of the day they were knowledgeable and did what was expected of them.
    ​I wish every tournament I went to was like this one and I hate that one bad moment will be all anyone remembers or talks about.
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    NorseJedi reacted to mightyspacepope in A Friendly Reminder about TOs   
    Folks, I've been noticing a tendency lately for the online X-Wing community to raise their torches and pitchforks over various issues.  Recently, this ire seems to be directed toward a call a TO made at a Regional.  In listening to reports from a few other TOs around the community, it seems like there are more and more reports of players acting in a hostile manner toward the people running the events.  A few things to remember:
    1.  Most TOs are serving as unpaid volunteers.  We sacrifice one of our weekend days (or in some cases an entire weekend for larger events) to allow other players to have the chance to play the game we all love.  We usually don't get any special compensation from the store and infrequently get special compensation from the tournament kits (which we really only get if we're running a Store Championship event or higher).  Even then, a lot of us take those prizes and give them out to players instead.  Often, our only payment is the satisfaction of running an event and (hopefully) the appreciation of the players participating in it.
    2.  We have to wear a lot of hats.  Despite whether or not there are various level of judges available, pretty much everyone is needed to run logistics, input results, double check player information, makes rules calls, etc.
    3.  We're often under some form of time pressure.  Stores usually can't stay open forever, so we need to keep things moving in a timely fashion.
    4.  There will be occasions where a TO needs to look something up or double check information.  As that's happening, there's a relatively decent chance that their attention will be needed elsewhere.  Sometimes we need to make the best call we can in a given situation.  Sometimes that's the "right" call.  Sometimes it could be a better call.  Sometimes it's an unpopular call.  Sometimes it's the wrong call, but it's the call that gets made because a call needs to get made.
    5.  If we make the wrong call and you're trying to advocate for yourself (or someone else), do so in a calm manner.  Your attention is likely on your game and your performance.  Our attention is on the event as a whole, the other dozens of games going on, and what we need to do at that moment to keep it all going smoothly.  If you find out a call was wrong and nothing can be done about it, talk to us after the event.
    6.  For every little mistake we might make, players make a dozen more.  I can't tell you how many times I've gotten score sheets from players where the numbers don't match each other, or where a player has accidentally flipped their score with their opponent.  In addition to doing our job, we often have to double or triple check the jobs that everyone else are doing at that moment.
    7.  Let us do our job and keep things going smoothly.  If you're in a venue where pairings need to be announced verbally and can't be printed or displayed on a screen, please quietly listen as table pairings are announced.
    8.  Imagine how fried you are after playing 6 rounds of X-Wing during the day.  Triple that and it's how your TO feels at the end of the day.
    It's a little bit disappointing just how venomous some of the reactions are to what happened at the WI regional.  TOs are human too.  Next time you see your local event organizer, clap them on the back, thank them, and offer to buy them a beer.  It's hard work, long work, and often goes unappreciated and unrecognized.
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    NorseJedi reacted to MysteriousRacerX in 2016/2017 Regionals Season Results   
    I was the Miranda, Braylen, Biggs guy. I've gone back and forth on Extra Munitions or Rey crew. Ultimately, I like Rey better. It allows me to bank a focus turn one, and take the TL turn two or three, after the opponent has tipped their hand a little more and I know what target I can get in arc. Speaking of arc, it's a little more difficult to get the opponent in arc a 2nd time to get the other missile off. And having banked focuses really help make the TLT dominate late game, when you can modify both shots.  
    It would have been really nice to have another missile shot in that last game, but I think the real deciding factor in that game was Braylen going down so quickly. The first three rounds of combat, he managed to get Braylen in Arc at range 3, and Biggs out of range. If Biggs went down before Braylen, and could have stress out Poe, I think Miranda could have closed it out.
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    NorseJedi reacted to Velvetelvis in Milwaukee Regional today, updates as mood permits.   
    Here's your cut after Swiss.
    Couldn't get lists ,sorry fellas..

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    NorseJedi reacted to TasteTheRainbow in 2016 Worlds Results   
    Either a stress cap for self-inflicted stress or damage for every stress over a certain number would really go a long way.
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    NorseJedi reacted to TrenchRunner in Sooo...is this going to be the standard Poe?   
    I am a huge fan of PTL/PA/R5-P9 Poe. I added autothrusters to him and he was really useful. I had him and "Snap" Wexley together with Ezra shuttle. I really enjoyed both and I feel like the tech does make a difference. I have not tried the BB-8 Poe, but I don't trust the X-Wing without regen. They melt pretty fast. I had taken AT off of Snap in favor of IA and while I would have to make points available, I was really missing the AT.
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    NorseJedi reacted to skins1924 in Sooo...is this going to be the standard Poe?   
    Pattern analyser, PTL and R2D2
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    NorseJedi got a reaction from phild0 in Lansing, Michigan Regular X-Wing Gathering   
    Thanks for TOing Skins! We had another great turnout, generous prizes from Hollow Mountain, and lots of good competition. Congrats to Phil for taking 1st, the only undefeated, and good luck at Worlds!
    On a separate note, it sounds like there is still some effort to find a regular night in town for X-Wing. If a regular day and time emerge, please let folks know here.
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    NorseJedi reacted to skins1924 in Lansing, Michigan Regular X-Wing Gathering   
    See above just a reminder that this Sunday is the tourney.
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    NorseJedi reacted to skins1924 in Lansing, Michigan Regular X-Wing Gathering   
    Hollow Mointain Comics and Games.
    Sunday, October 30th 11:00 am
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    NorseJedi reacted to poke450 in Lansing, Michigan Regular X-Wing Gathering   
    100 point tournament this Friday, October 7th at Summit in downtown Lansing. 7pm start time, 3 rounds. $10 buy in, with prizes including the Summer kit and Wave 9 ships! Thanks to Hollow Mountain for the idea, and hope to see you all there!
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    NorseJedi reacted to skins1924 in X-Wing events at the MichiganGT! Event Registration is open!   
    I'm already signed up I'm just trying to recruit some more players.
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    NorseJedi reacted to Viper39 in Helping Families In Need Charity Casual Tournament   
    Jersey Shore X-Wing Community Charity Tournament
    Helping Families in Need
     October 15th, 2016
    Greetings, Pilots!  Jersey Shore X-Wing Community and East Coast Gamers are proud to host a casual tournament to help benefit a local charity organization. Helping Families In Need is a non-profit organization that focuses on helping the less fortunate and homeless in and around the Ocean County area. For more information on the charity please visit http://www.helpingfamiliesinneedocnj.org. All proceeds from this event will go directly to the charity. You’ll be helping a great cause, enjoy playing X-Wing, and receiving a special gift.  Every participant will receive a starter set of Sling Paint tokens, a 25% off coupon for a future purchase from Sling Paint, a 3- piece set of acrylic range rulers from Curled Paw Creations, and a special event only alt art pilot card by a local designer. All you have to do is make a $20 donation toward the charity by going to the charity home page and making a donation (please print a copy of your receipt for proof of payment and bring it with you the day of the event), cash and Pay-pal payments may be made the day of the event as well.
    This event is CAPPED at 32 spots. The top 8 players will receive a full set of maneuver templates from Curled Paw Creations. There will be special trophies for the top 4 players, and a special trophy for the bottom player because East Coast Gamers never allows the bottom player to walk away empty handed. Register as soon as you can for this event. Help support a great cause in the process of playing some great games of X- Wing Miniatures.
    Doors open at 10 A.M. Event kick- off by 11:30 A.M.  Rounds will be 75 minute regulation time. Number of rounds to be determined by attendance. Please bring 2 copies of your flight list for the day (one for the TO, and one for personal reference). This will be a great day with your participation.
    East Coast Gamers
    43 Main Street (Directly across the street from Chase Bank)
    Toms River, NJ 08753    732.349.1300
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