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  1. Thanks for running another great regional tourney! Was impressed with the turnout from out of state and Canada.
  2. I've attended the last three Board Game Barrister regionals and always enjoy it. The staff and store are well organized, and the mix of players always provides good competition. The templates for everyone were nice, and the full template set for the top 25 was also appreciated. They should definitely get a regional again next year!
  3. http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/get_tourney_details?tourney_id=2246 Results from last weekend's tourney are up! Thanks skins1924 for posting.
  4. Their website says that they will take registration by phone. That's what I plan to do!248-773-7854 3 PM to 11 PM Monday through Friday, noon to 11 on the weekends. Last time 91 people showed up and I think they easily have room for 150 or more. Edit: Fixed the time. :-)
  5. Thanks for TOing Skins! We had another great turnout, generous prizes from Hollow Mountain, and lots of good competition. Congrats to Phil for taking 1st, the only undefeated, and good luck at Worlds! On a separate note, it sounds like there is still some effort to find a regular night in town for X-Wing. If a regular day and time emerge, please let folks know here.
  6. Great tourney at Summit last Friday. 15 players with strong competition and good prize support. Thanks for organizing!
  7. Enjoyed the tournament and will be back next year. Thanks for organizing!
  8. Very glad to see a regional come back to MI! December 3rd at Flatland. Definitely come up for that!
  9. Scum! I haven't touched the others in over a year and haven't looked back.
  10. Thanks for TOing skins! Great prize support and summer tourney tonight at Hollow Mountain!
  11. Working through the chart, his payback is in Step 9 though and is the use of a pilot ability, not his opportunity to attack. Step 10 is still where his opportunity to attack is resolved. Thus, the pilot ability is not considered the opportunity to attack under the simultaneous fire rule. That is consistent with the FFG email, new FAQ and ruling at Nationals.
  12. It is answered, though Frank could have used more words. To break it down a bit more: Step 8 is R5-P8. Step 9 is payback pilot ability. Step 10, second bullet is the normal attack as usual under simultaneous fire. To answer the other question, if it isn't simultaneous fire, then you don't get the Step 10, second bullet, simultaneous fire attack - instead, the ship is removed per the first bullet. We have a ruling at Nationals and an email from the designer confirming this as per the latest FAQ. Glad to have it answered!
  13. I just received an email from Frank per this question which I submitted quite a while back (i.e. an FAQ prior to the latest FAQ with the timing chart). Dengar gets both under the new FAQ and consistent with the U.S. Nationals ruling! "Hello Jeff, In response to your rules question: Rules Question: I have a question concerning X-Wing and Dengar during the simultaneous attack rule, when Dengar does not have initiative and will be destroyed after attacking. My question is, does Dengar get his pilot ability attack (payback) and his normal attack, assuming the opponent is in arc? Or, does Dengar just get one attack before being destroyed and removed from play? I have received rulings both ways from TO's and it is not in the latest FAQ. Thanks! Jeff As clarified in the latest FAQ in the Timing Chart for Performing an Attack, destroyed ships are not removed until the end of the attack (step 10), so his ability still triggers even if he is destroyed. Thanks for playing, Frank Brooks Associate Creative Content Developer Fantasy Flight Games fbrooks@fantasyflightgames.com"
  14. Could not agree more, but I had an opposite ruling previously, so it was good to see it put to rest.
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