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  1. You do realize that if it's not up by 12:01 (or, to put it another way, 78 minuets from now), I will be sorely disappointed. Hell, I'm on the Left Coast. It's already the 9th in New York! And very soon it'll be the 10th in Australia... Don't worry here in Spain it's now 12:22, and I'm waiting with patience...
  2. Published Articles, have very good looking. I hope to have my copy of the beginner box soon. I suppose that, all the rules about migrating characters appears on the core book But meanwhile ... Does anyone know where is "Jiran VII"?
  3. Thanks, It's look very interesting. I'm waiting the continuation
  4. You must keep in mind tha,t in the clone wars series, the droideka shields can not avoid slow motion objects or fixed objects. And, if I remembered correctly, they cannot move quickly when they are shielded and are firing
  5. If I remember correctly, when you play AoR beginner game; they ended the adventure with a base of operations and a ship. For this reason, maybe you can play an introductory adventure and give then both resources.
  6. Thank you so much. This will solve a lot of problems with my "munchkin" player.
  7. In F&D you start with FR1. If you want to adquire FR2 you need a lot of xp (from 60 to 75 xp) depende of the speciatization... My question is: Could a player chose a cheaper option? example: Could a player buy FS Exile (EotE) or FS emergent (AoR) to adquire FR2, spending only 30 Xp??
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