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  1. I've been purchasing way more books than I should, and I've been contemplating running something like this. Using Only War as the base system and then bringing over elements of RT/DH. While I won't be going so far as to throw fighters at guys, I intended to run them as a IG regiment that gets lost and eventually supports a RT on some backwater and then gets involved in all sorts of OW style combat scenes and some DH style investigations. The RT aspects will largely be boarding actions and mutiny style incidents, though maybe comical "how does this thing work" space chase scene is in order. My experience with RT is limited, and I was trying to stick with purchasing systems that go really easy with OW, like DH2.0 and BC. I personally though see no reason why I have to take OW style characters and throw them at traditional combat, there are way too many Black Library books where guardsmen end up somewhere they aren't supposed to be.
  2. I refuse to believe that this is related to TT, the boltgun is in the Only War book and the mechanics for a weapon specialist to get one are pretty simple (Our guys play in a regiment where the preferred basic weapon is the Boltgun, so the weapon specialist took one). Add on top of that these rules have been bouncing around for awhile in Deathwatch and Black Crusade, seems a bit silly there isn't a mastery/expertise for them. My question becomes: Is there not a Expertise/Mastery for a good reason balance wise? Or is this just a oversight copy/paste error? I don't own Black crusade so I don't know if these mastery/expertise talents exist in those books or DH 2.0
  3. Is there seriously no Bolt Weapon Mastery/Expertise or am I missing something. It's late, and I may or may not be drunk, but the Weapon Specialist in our group tonight was saying there isn't a Bolt Weapon choice, and as he is without a doubt a mega-turbo-power gamer, I believe him, and then I went and thumbed through Hammer of the Emperor.....how on earth did they miss an entire type of weapon, and maybe the most iconic 40k weapon?
  4. The Space wolves only spawned one second founding chapter because their genetic material is not stable and they give exactly zero ducks about being codex complaint. Really though, there is no definitive list of second founding chapters, GW always leaves the fluff open because half the fun has always been making stuff up as you go, which makes it kind of hard to know exactly how many marines there were after all was said and done. Add to that, GW has never had a good grasp of scale when it comes to battles. You have single regiments of imperial guard taking planets in the the fluff, 100 space marines holding off millions of orks, then you turn around and small batches of tyranids will rip up terminators like they are paper. While the 1000 marines in a chapter works well because as a player you can make your own chapter and build parts of it, and eventually have a whole chapter, the idea that 100 space marines on a strike cruiser, roam the galaxy dropping into battlezones and actually making a difference is pretty silly. (Especially when the conflicts they drop into at times involve millions of Imperial guard and enemies). The original goal for all the primarchs was to have hundreds of thousands of marines in their Legions. Some were more successful in recruiting than others, and the loyalist chapters caught at Istavaan (Never spell that right, I don't think) were utterly devastated. As for Chaos forces, I don't think I've ever found a good explanation for how many there were after, but then it rubs me so many shades of wrong that after 10,000 years any of them are still combat effective. Constant warfare in the Eye, against the Imperium and against xenos, take the earlier statement about 100 marines being kind of a silly force multiplier, and suddenly a warband of 40 dudes is supposed to scare me?
  5. Sounds like you need to up the difficulty then. In our current campaign, we started facing a lot of grots and Runtherds, then more and more boys, now Kommandos and Nobs, with vehicles sprinkled in. Don't like your characters hitting everytime they pull the trigger? Have then fight in the rain and make all shots -20 to start. The mechanics of the game are what they are (and most groups have their own homebrew rules to smooth things out), but ultimately, the GM has to know his groups strength and try to keep them on the edge of being challenged. For me that means rolling in some harder xenos or Chaos stuff anytime my players fight regular guardsmen type enemies. As for shooting into Melee. I've been toying with a, hitting the player/comrade in combat on a doubles roll. 10% chance to dink your own guy, can't decide if that is too brutal....I'd like to force guys to decide "do I charge that guy and help" or "Take my chance and gib that thing he is fighting"
  6. I let everyone create a regiment, then after adjusting the mega-power gaming ones, I used the ole' imperial guard method of reconstituting a unit after massive losses, I merged players into a new regiment, let them keep their previous training and forced them to come together and form the identity of the new regiment. That is one way to accommodate the desire for everyone to make a regiment. However, most times we throw a game together, we prefer a group build based on fluffy ideas. Just too many places in regiment creation to get very "gamey" and its something we try to avoid. Weakness and weird options open up more potential in a game later than super power gamed synergized to the max units.
  7. If I try the 2H route, what do people generally find more effective, Furious Assault or Swift Attack? As I read this, one is an all out attack, the other is like Semi-Auto for Melee weapons. I was thinking Swift attack because giving up my dodge (Can't parry with the big 2Her I aspire to), seems like a bad idea in the big scheme of things. I'd like Furious Assault a lot more if you could Charge + All out attack, that would be sick WS. Someone tried to tell me that was possible the other night, I got excited, then read charge and its a full action. Sadness ensued. Also trying to figure out, since a big 2Her can't parry (unwieldy) is there a reliable combo of talents to try and save yourself getting hit in melee? Seems to me juicing dodge is about my only hope and that is gonna be expensive as all get out. Our DM has outlawed the orders from SoH for now, he doesn't want to deal with the new mechanics since we've played a whopping two test sessions. Hoping he'll revisit that about the time guys are hitting advanced classes.
  8. My worry isn't the social aspect, when we aren't actively fighting, I am pretty clear how I'll play the guy. I guess, my issue is that in every system my group plays, I pick a character based on the RP potential, and as a I have been playing 40K most of my life, this is a system I really know and enjoy, and the concept of a Redeemer is going to be so fun, but I have a terrible feeling I am going to be in the combat guys way. At the end of the day, in a game about war, every class needs to have some mechanics that make it help, I was surprised there aren't more "prayer" type buffs for the priest to do, I think they missed a chance to make the Priest kind of like the SGT in that manner. Got the Shield of Humanity book, it has some fun looking advanced Priest classes, so I guess I'll focus on surviving to 2500 xp. We played a test game last night, as we are still learning the system and using Roll20.net, and boy did we learn melee with orks is bad (Our GMs big campaign we'll be playing for keeps is based off the one in the main rule book, with a bunch of tweaks). However, we learned that Flame throwers are 40k's version of CC. Orks running around on fire like candles are orks not shooting or chopping players in the face. So the priest has that going for him. Gonna sit down and put all the talents into a spread sheet, so I can sort them out and try to find a path to get some buffs in there or something to help the guys early on, when the going is bound to be tougher. Two weapon builds seem well represented, but 2 Handed seem to get the shorter stick.
  9. Hey guys, so I am playing in a campaign starting up soon, and I've had this idea in my mind of a Ministorum Priest, from and RP perspective, for years, but as I look at their aptitudes, what exactly are they supposed to bring to the team? I'm historically not a min/max kind of player, in the end, the way I want to play him is with rousing speeches, flamethrowers and one day, a Eviscerator, but I also would like to contribute to the team, and maybe not fall over the first time an Ork punches me in the face. So does anybody have any advice on building the combat side of the Ministorum Priest? If I was headed toward 2H Melee, what would you say are the MUST TAKE talents, so as to either avoid death or inflict it faster than the enemy? Should I abandon my dreams of 2H slaughter as impractical due to his fragility? (33 Toughness, rolled up 11 HP) Or is there a way to use the fellowship/leadership to meaningfully buff my team, similar to the way a SGT does? Sorry for all the questions, just trying to wrap my head around what a Priest really is. His aptitudes seem not really optimized towards combat, though he leans toward melee, but then lacks the ability to pick up any defensive or offensive talents easily, but in exchange his social buffs seem, bleh. (as I understand them, which isn't well) Cheers!
  10. I too am facing a similar issue. We have about 5 core guys though, with some others coming in and out as they make sessions, and I think our first 4 guys went Operator, Ratling, Medic, Stormtrooper. This left me waffling between a Pysker, a command character like a SGT or my two preferred RP choices, the Ogryn or the Priest. I've always loved Klovis the Redeemer, so I decided to make a crazy redeemer character even though the Regiment the guys created is 100% useless to him for talents and skills. However, we don't start the main campaign for like another week, and I just can't shake the feeling everyone else is going to be kicking ass and taking names and I am going to die horribly the first encounter. I looked long and hard at the SGT and the Commissar (Because no one had stepped up to command the squad yet), but just couldn't get a feel for how you build them. However, looking at every class, I feel like the Heavy Gunner, Weapon Specialist, Ratling and Stormtrooper synergize out well, The Ogryn to a lesser extent though limited by 4 weapons choices and talking like a brick. Operator and Medic seem like decent combat guys with useful side jobs, the TechPriest seems like a walking death machine if your GM gives you access to all the cybernetics and stuffs. Pyskers, I am not sure how they don't kill themselves the 4th time they cast an unfettered power. Priest I haven't figured out at all, no real synergy in his aptitudes and Melee seems like a bad place to be about 85% of the time. Just looking at an Ork, an ork hits you twice, you are rolling a new character, and the XP you need to get "decent" seems a bit high. Flame weapons can crutch him a bit, but he just seems odd to me, like they had a great idea, then made a melee character with access to two aptitudes for social skills. Don't know where I was going, started rambling....anyway, I feel you, game system seems built well enough that most classes are a good option. I guess I haven't played enough to fully understand the power of the "Leader" type classes or the Ministorum Priest. My 2 cents, if you want to kick ass go Heavy gunner? As a straight butt kicker it seems like a great choice.
  11. We made that call pretty early. Orks with true grit, soak ammo, are hard to kill and just generally are a challenge. Seems to me that is the spirit of fighting Orks. If I want to one shot blast things, I'll just throw some traitor guardsmen at them.
  12. Sounds good! We are stuck in OW for a couple cycles, but I am notorious game system/book junky. I'll have to order me a DH and give it a look. I am a bit scared if DH characters start with less skill than the OW ones though. These guys are wearing socks, armed with big laser pointers. We have done a couple OW test scenarios to iron out the rules and basically have a pool on who will die each time.
  13. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't insane. Thanks for the feedback!
  14. Hey guys, my gaming group recently got into Only War and so far we really like the system and we were already 40k-heads so the setting it great. I saw DH 2.0 and was wondering, how does the system stack up vs something like OW? Can you move things easily between the two? Is there a power creep difference? Just curious. Cheers!
  15. Hey guys, my group just picked up Only War to try out the FF 40k series and are just in the process of doing small play test and messing with the rules before our big play test in a week. That being said, had a question in regards to TB and Semi/Full Auto shots: Semi auto shots generate an additional hit per 2 DoS up to the number in the profile and full auto generate an additional hit per 1 DoS up to the number in the profile. Are these hits generated, resolved just like a normal hit ie. say the attack does 1D10, and the semi auto generates 3 hits. The first one hits the chest for 1D10, the second hits the chest for 1D10, the third hits the arm for 1D10. Does each hit get reduced by AP/TB then damage applied? Or do you stack it out at 3D10, then apply AP/TB? Or Do you stack the two that hit the chest, but not the arm? The question came up because the PCs are fighting Orks in our test campaign and they have true grit, giving them extreme durability once they hit 0 wounds. So the thought was jam more rounds into them, and several of the players assumed 3 x hits = 3D10. Reading the rules, it seems to me, it goes out of the way to explain that it generates additional hits, which would seem to me to mean AP/TB soaks each hit, especially given armor varies based on zone hit. Just curious if anyone out there is able to clarify this for us. We really appreciate it. So far looks like a decent system. Can't wait to get into our full test campaign next week.
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