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  1. Video's of the QLD Regionals Top Cut with commentary have been uploaded to YouTube, should be spot on for you as it has 3 games of K2 to review (run by two different players). Hope it helps. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKoMNtuYUAMDDIjEulK7CVA/videos
  2. Initially both Ben and I thought the roll would determine the winner with little recourse but after having played it - It was quite achievable thanks to ISYTDS and Harpoons overloading 3 greens. Depending on the skill of your opponent would determine the level of disadvantage yet I would say this about Kylo mirrors - Because Kylo is not as big a hitter as Fenn or a Dengar types - You can get away with a couple of exchanges and still live. Full context of the game - Neither Ben or I were really invested in who won as we were both 5-0 into last round of Swiss. We played more of a casual game night match with high risk moves on both sides and more than a bit of laughter. Once I lost the roll though I flew very aggressively and basically jousted his Boats with my Kylo. The reasoning was two-fold. 1: It gave me the Harpoon advantage where he fired 1 for no effective result against my Kylo and I had 2 in the tank to hunt his Boats or his Kylo if I could trap him. 2: It allowed ISYTDS to get on the board so I could draw his Kylo into shooting mine for PS0. Both of the above was achieved and due to Ben focusing on my Kylo I was able to trigger the PS0 on his. It was risky as I was down to 2 Hull but now I had 2 Boats with Harpoons in the tank and my Kylo all moving after his Kylo. Once I was in that position the game was mine to lose. And thats exactly what I did. Instead of playing the long game to arc dodge I wanted to end it quickly (back to the context of the game) and took a R1 in arc exchange with his Kylo. Both of ours were on 2 Hull and I was shooting at 9 with TL+Focus so I thought my chances of PS killing him were reasonable. He lived - I died (but took his Kylo down with my Harpoon condition!). Was an enjoyable joust finish for both of us and he was a fitting player to top Swiss 6-0 (and thus inheriting the Swiss winning curse...). Like any mirror where you lose the initiative - Smart and aggressive play can get you back in it because you have the luxury of dictating the board state with your blocks and traps.
  3. I thought about tweaking for the mirror but I had spent my time in targeted practice with the squad and was loath to change anything without getting the sufficient reps in. My general thinking is that Kylo has the ability to outfly the 9's with a bid and 10-11's. This is where his pilot ability actually shines as he can generally take a hit and tag them back to either PS0 or Blinded. Throughout the weekend, out of the 9 games, I played against PS9+: 97pt Fenn 100pt Dengar x 2 Mirror where I lost the initiate roll Double PS10+Bumper In each case Kylo was able to trigger his Dark Side ability to either PS0 or Blind them which was enough to give the squad a chance at winning.
  4. It's an interesting debate and I have heard/seen both sides of the interpretation. I think (and have always played) that the key to adjusting the BR template is to ensure you and your opponent have the absolute correct reference point and verbally declare (and allow time for your opponent to review) it when adjusting the Barrel Roll. As an example from the link at 1.02 (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/216189967) - I (and generally all tournament players) will always say - 'Rolling right Front to Front'. Once in position I will commentate what I'm doing - 'Adjusting Back to Back'. That way my opponent knows exactly what I am doing and as you see in the video - Adam leans over to confirm I am not playing silly buggers and ensuring that the template lines up perfectly with my base as I've declared. I will often look at people after commentating/adjusting a Barrel Rolls and ask them if they are happy before I adjust and/or remove the template. I think this (combined with doing it slowly and commentating/allowing opponent to review everything) is a good way of ensuring your opponent is satisfied you are not trying to do anything underhand. You can see Adam does a similar thing about 30 seconds earlier with Dengar but is happy with the revised template position and doesn't move it once Dengar had rolled. Perfectly fine (with both players and judge) if Adam wanted to shift the template as described above. I think issues could arise if you/opponent rush or gloss over a delicate Barrel Roll adjustment without commentary and allowing opponent time to review. The key to ensuring a good spirited yet highly competitive game is to communicate clearly and allow your opponents opportunity to follow and review everything you are doing. That way both players are engaged and understand what is occurring at all times.
  5. Not bad! I quite like that but the squad has been dubbed 'K2' for simplicity
  6. QLD, Australia Regionals 06-07 Jan 18 46 Players 6 Swiss into Top 8 Cut Winner (5-1): Kylo+2 Rho Runner up (Adam Sherman, 5-1): Dengar+Ventress Top 4 (Damian Celindano 5-1) - Lost to winner: Kannan+Low Top 4 (Akhter Khan 4-2) - Lost to runner up: Bossk+Ventress Top 8 (Ben Doyle 6-0) - Lost to Bossk+Ventress Kylo+2 Rho Top 8 (Chris Hobman 5-1) - Lost to Dengar+Ventress Poe, Wes, Fenn Top 8 (Julian Hood 5-1) - Lost to winner Nym, Torani, Scout Top 8 (Lachlan Moore 4-2) - Lost to Kannan+Low Ketsu+Bossk Link to Top Cut games: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKoMNtuYUAMDDIjEulK7CVA/videos
  7. Jan 6-7 - QLD Regionals, Australia. Live stream on Saturday (no commentary), Top Cut Sunday with commentary. Link toTwitch Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/fearlessgundarks *Credit to Isaac Englart and the Fearless Gundarks for setting up the stream - Thank you!
  8. MorganR

    2014 worlds finals

    I agree on both accounts! 2013 went down to the wire and was a sensational match. In 2014 I remember thinking the exact same thing when Paul landed the 4 - The game is over but it will now just take awhile.. After that - I accepted my fate and enjoyed the spectacle. Good times and an unexpected honour to play in a worlds final
  9. 2014 Imperial squad that Paul's Fat Han beat at Worlds: 42 Whisper, VI, FCS, Reb Cap, ACD 20 Howl, Swarm Tactics 36 3 x APs -98-
  10. I remember the general TLT vs Autos battle for supremacy at the time and also that exact game - I don't have the file anymore but I do remember watching the game and thinking that Aaron got very fortune on a number of naked green rolls against the Quad TLTs to keep his ships alive longer than they should have. For mine - Matt should have won that match more often than not. Point to note on that match was Matt was rolling the Rebel Control version of Quad TLTs - Stresshog and an Ion Bomb.
  11. A good start at Team Commonwealth! We felt pretty good post the draft that 4/6 of our squads were high quality. If we can convert that into 10-12 wins out of 18 I will be happy. AlexW makes a good point though that our early wins are in the 'expected' category so the real test starts with the upset chances now!
  12. I just watched the game. It was flown very well by both players. Morgan didn't make any mistakes and Theorist perhaps made one or two. It goes to show that X-wing is a game of skill, because the better flying was rewarded with the victory Having said that, I think Solo was incredibly lucky to survive at 7 hull. It seemed EVERY time he got hit by an HLC, it ended up being 1 damage going through. The IG gunner effects did not proc once all game and that was mainly due to dice luck. Although there were one or two opportunities for Morgan to make a mistake with his choices, and then a gunner could've come into play, and there was one time Theorist used predator to get 1 hit on 4 dice when he probably would've been better off just using gunner, but these were relatively minor and probably would not have changed the outcome. Thank you for the kind words Blade and it was a great game to play in - Games against Jeff are always a positional arm wrestle and this was no exception. It is interesting your comment about lucky Han though - as I think he should actually only ever be taking 1 or 2 damage from a HLC every time. With 3P0+Evade the HLC needs to roll 4 hits and usually against Han the roll is 2-3 considering Han+Luke normally strips the offensive Focus. So with that, 3P0+Evade can mitigate 2 (if HLC rolls 3) and usually ends up taking 1 (if HLC rolls 2). Having said that - Han needed to ensure only 1 HLC was shooting at him at a time or else he would have been toast!
  13. Who did you play (in addition to Theorist)? He played Imperial Rebel. Thanks, but now I need to know if that is Joe or Frans as their handles aren't in the predictions page (which I'm updating with actual records as they are reported). I'm sure we'll figure it out either way. Imperial Rebel is Joe. Sorry - That was some poor reporting by me! 2 great games today: First was a Team Commonwealth win, 100-0 vs Joe (Imperial Rebel) from Mynocks Second was a Team Commonwealth win, 100-0 vs Jeff (Theorist) from S&V
  14. Managed a couple of games today - great opponents (as usual) and some good early results for Team Commonwealth with 5-0 so far! Keep it up lads
  15. Bad luck mate - winning 2 years running (14+15) was a remarkable feat with the swarm!
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