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  1. L5R love letter needs an update, I believe it’s tied to the old lore, not the new one. Battle for Rokugan is an excellent war game. It takes many excellent mechanics from Game of Thrones and streamlines it down to a 2 hour game. I wish it could go up to 7 players but it really needs to be on the shelf of any serious L5R fan. Lastly, if FFG brought out a Battlelore/Battles of Westeros game in the L5R setting I would buy it in a heartbeat. You wouldn’t even be able to see the money coming out of my wallet it would be so fast. I get excited just thinking about it - a Crane/Lion core set with expansions for each faction and neutrals.
  2. I doubt they will - otherwise people who would have bought it may play it and start thinking the fun isn’t worth the price...
  3. Glad I’m not the only one then! 😂 I tell people why I’m running my deck and they just look at me with confused pity and say “but...it’s not competitive.” I’m cathching up on the lore though and now I feel like I need a Crab/Mantis deck too.
  4. Ok, so a small amount of hope then. 😑
  5. There are videos online if people proxying it, check them out. Yes, people are excited and will use it. Large centre-piece models have been a part of miniatures since at least the 90’s. See Ganes Workshop for more details.
  6. It’s odd that playing a card in a language you don’t speak is fine, but playing the art only version isn’t. I suppose the foreign one at least has the numbers...
  7. What months span Q3 of 2019 for FFG? I have a big Armada event in mid-August and I’ll be pretty annoyed if the SSD isn’t our by then.
  8. You know FFG, it’s bad enough waiting a year for wave release news, now my preorders are taking 12 months too...I’m almost wondering if I should cancel and re-order later, I don’t need to risk the store I preordered from going bust and me losing my deposit...they will have had my money for 12 months by September...
  9. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Where is that rules nugget hidden?
  10. The idea, being, I assume, the Phoenix devote their whole life and soul to knowing the kami better than anyone else and hiding away what they know so others can’t share in the power, hence why meishodo bothers them so much because it has given the Unicorn a way to bypass all the hard work Phoenix has put in?
  11. Excuse my ignorance, I’ve seen “maho” as a keyword I believe, but what exactly is it? Is it some shady school of magic like meishudo that good boys and girls shouldn’t learn about? In fact, I think it’s mentioned in the crab rat-man Scout card, who I’ve only just learned recently is apparently a “good” race... ...I was wondering why crab have orc and ratpeople characters.
  12. So I was discussing the L5R lore with some new players and I got to thinking: It appears that there were some pretty bonkers events in the CCG lore. As I’ve gotten more invested in the game I’m finding I have a strong desire to reflect my ckan’s outlook in my deck building. I’ve been drawn to Support of the Scorpion for my crab deck, even though it’s not as competitive because I feel like building bridges with Scorpion is the best chance Crab currently has to get the jade/court influence they need to defend the wall. I also think that if there were ever any “Dark Alliance” shenanigans between the Crab and the Shadowlands I would feel morally compelled to denounce my clan and embrace another (apparently this happened in the old Lore? WTF crab???). My question is, do most of you - Mr & Ms L5R player - feel the same, where if your clan did some extreme thing you would switch your main clan, or are most L5R players happy to support their clan no matter what they pull? The other example I thought of is would any Scorpion players revolt if their clan straight up murdered the emperor to get the throne for their clan?
  13. In an official tournament, is it legal to have cards in a foreign language in your deck as long as they are official L5R cards?
  14. Am I right in assuming the crane vs lion “war” over Toshi Ranbo was allowed to get to the level it did because “technically” the two clans hadn’t declared war and they were being careful to limit the sizes of the forces involved and the geographical scope of the conflict?
  15. Which current main character? I’m intrigued. Is it the Prince who just got passed up for the throne?
  16. This is such a good and desperately needed idea. I hope the other clans quickly follow. Fantastic job.
  17. I don’t get the whole shadowlands faction thing. I think I’ve gathered that somehow Spider was both a great clan and a shadowlands army? That seems really...odd. Maybe I don’t understand the shadowlands enough but isn’t it all demons, skeletons, zombies and furries? Or is it like the east in LotR where there are human tribes that just embraced evil? Also, good god the wiki needs to get a Canon/legends function like Wookiepedia has...it’s really hard to figure out what’s going on.
  18. Yasuki Broker really annoys me. She’s very expensive and her ability is way too narrow. Getting her, Taka, AND a sacrifice mechanic AND a bunch of fodder to sacrifice is almost impossible. ☹️ AND she has Glory, so no dishonour effects. 😒
  19. I like it! I would need to wait until I get Children of the Empire to access Procurer and Hantei XXXVIII, but I am definitely excited to get to experiment with them. I did notice no “The Mountain does not fall”, wouldn’t that be very useful for this deck? What would adding it leave out that you think is better? I’ll try and get my deck up on the DB...I’m still learning all the tools/sights people use, I only just started using Imperial Adviser regularly.
  20. I’m trying to make him work at the moment - I’m my worst enemy, I like my deck to feel like every card fits the theme and makes sense lore wise, and that I think hinders my decks. I loved the idea of a Yasuki-based deck with some scorpion shenanigans to represent Taka trying to infiltrate/influence the court to send more aid to crab, and stuff like tainted Koku, calling in favours, deceitful offer all fit exactly with what I was going for but they just don’t make a efficient deck - you don’t really want to dishonour your crab couriers, and trying to get an engine running off of Taka’s Ability doesn’t seem worth the energy. I’ve been told that a Scorpion splashing crab can be way more competitive, but I really want to stay loyal to crab. Is it worth honing a deck that will never be competitive in the blind hope new cards come out that fit into what I’m trying to do or am I just going to burn out and instead I should be focusing on known/accepted strategic strengths of crab and getting better at using them? Honestly I’m not sure that Support of the Scorpion is that great. At first I was quite excited by the prospect of 18 influence...but it really doesn’t go as far as I had imagined. 😒 I suppose in one sense it doesn’t matter too much at the moment because most of my games are against new people and it’s probably helping their enjoyment to consistently beat me convincingly at a game I’ve only recently taught them...but I think at any sort of higher level I’d just get crushed. I’ll stop rambling now...
  21. Oh? I’m new, and don’t know anything. Was it lore or game mechanics that was dividing Phoenix fans?
  22. I feel the same Grampa. I downloaded discord and felt like I had been simultaneously slapped in the face with a pair of salmon. I’m sure it’s me.
  23. So I see/here people talk about their clan in terms of “we did, we decided, they cheated us, they betrayed us” etc, as if there is a larger community meta going on beyond the literal events stores run. As a very new player, I’m curious, is there an social “hub” beyond these forums that crab (for example) players come together on and discuss/decide the story direction of a clan, or is it literally just random Joe Bloggs wins tournament X and gets to make story decisions as part of their prize, or is there a semi-pro “elite” who always end up at the top level tournaments and are their own sort of community unto themselves? Has anyone ever tried to organise on a clan level and actually take a general concensus on things like elemental role, story etc? Is there a whole other level of this game you only get to experience if you are willing to go to the big tournaments all throughout the year? If there is, it sound amazing, but sadly I doubt I’d ever have the time/energy and financial resources to participate... ...still loving the game at a more local level though. EDIT I guess what I’m saying is that I wish there was some way to officially “pledge” to a clan and get to take part in decisions through a poll or something without it being open to infiltration by other clans just voting to troll. Like linking in your official tournament record to it or something.
  24. Well, unless I missed something still no mention of turning. Nice to see the big boys though, having those in a 800-1200 game would be great fun.
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