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  1. I like it! I would need to wait until I get Children of the Empire to access Procurer and Hantei XXXVIII, but I am definitely excited to get to experiment with them. I did notice no “The Mountain does not fall”, wouldn’t that be very useful for this deck? What would adding it leave out that you think is better? I’ll try and get my deck up on the DB...I’m still learning all the tools/sights people use, I only just started using Imperial Adviser regularly.
  2. I’m trying to make him work at the moment - I’m my worst enemy, I like my deck to feel like every card fits the theme and makes sense lore wise, and that I think hinders my decks. I loved the idea of a Yasuki-based deck with some scorpion shenanigans to represent Taka trying to infiltrate/influence the court to send more aid to crab, and stuff like tainted Koku, calling in favours, deceitful offer all fit exactly with what I was going for but they just don’t make a efficient deck - you don’t really want to dishonour your crab couriers, and trying to get an engine running off of Taka’s Ability doesn’t seem worth the energy. I’ve been told that a Scorpion splashing crab can be way more competitive, but I really want to stay loyal to crab. Is it worth honing a deck that will never be competitive in the blind hope new cards come out that fit into what I’m trying to do or am I just going to burn out and instead I should be focusing on known/accepted strategic strengths of crab and getting better at using them? Honestly I’m not sure that Support of the Scorpion is that great. At first I was quite excited by the prospect of 18 influence...but it really doesn’t go as far as I had imagined. 😒 I suppose in one sense it doesn’t matter too much at the moment because most of my games are against new people and it’s probably helping their enjoyment to consistently beat me convincingly at a game I’ve only recently taught them...but I think at any sort of higher level I’d just get crushed. I’ll stop rambling now...
  3. Bakura83

    Clan Spirit in L5R...

    Oh? I’m new, and don’t know anything. Was it lore or game mechanics that was dividing Phoenix fans?
  4. Bakura83

    Clan Spirit in L5R...

    I feel the same Grampa. I downloaded discord and felt like I had been simultaneously slapped in the face with a pair of salmon. I’m sure it’s me.
  5. So I see/here people talk about their clan in terms of “we did, we decided, they cheated us, they betrayed us” etc, as if there is a larger community meta going on beyond the literal events stores run. As a very new player, I’m curious, is there an social “hub” beyond these forums that crab (for example) players come together on and discuss/decide the story direction of a clan, or is it literally just random Joe Bloggs wins tournament X and gets to make story decisions as part of their prize, or is there a semi-pro “elite” who always end up at the top level tournaments and are their own sort of community unto themselves? Has anyone ever tried to organise on a clan level and actually take a general concensus on things like elemental role, story etc? Is there a whole other level of this game you only get to experience if you are willing to go to the big tournaments all throughout the year? If there is, it sound amazing, but sadly I doubt I’d ever have the time/energy and financial resources to participate... ...still loving the game at a more local level though. EDIT I guess what I’m saying is that I wish there was some way to officially “pledge” to a clan and get to take part in decisions through a poll or something without it being open to infiltration by other clans just voting to troll. Like linking in your official tournament record to it or something.
  6. Well, unless I missed something still no mention of turning. Nice to see the big boys though, having those in a 800-1200 game would be great fun.
  7. I got off easy then...I knew Lord Hida was merciful.
  8. You know...that makes perfect sense, I just realised the back of my Imperial Palace participation prize is a province back, not a dynasty back. Ok it all makes sense now!
  9. Wrong fandom, I know...but it’s wildly accurate. My wife and I survived our first tournament in Sheffield, it was great fun and the crowd was very welcoming and gave us both lots of great help/tips/and grace when we made little mistakes. It was a great advertisement for the L5R community that a non-gamer a universe away from her comfort zone now can’t wait for the next event to attend. She even got a trophy for being voted most honourable player. Her husband, meanwhile... ...first off, I actually thought about posting a thread asking for a last minute check-list of noob mistakes to avoid in a tournament. Instead I can just write my own now. I showed up with both our decks neatly packed and sleeved...only to be told clear sleeves were not tournament legal. 😳. Here I thought I was maintaining the beautiful original art... ...even worse, my first opponent mentioned near the end of our game (a hard-won Victory) I needed to check with the judge because he was sure Iron Mine and Charge were an illegal combo. Even more embarrassed, I sheepishly approached the judge and felt a huge sigh of relief when he handed me a list and Iron Mine was nowhere to be found! Sadly, I happened to glance at the list briefly and see Rebuild was, I just by pure chance hadn’t drawn it in our first game. Twice a cheater. I was stripped of my victory (and quite right too) and allowed to continue only if I removed either all three Rebuild or all three Charge (and quite right too - generous, in fact). Thankfully (in hindsight) I lost all the rest of my games soundly, because today when I took out my deck to rework it and try to learn from some of my mistakes the first thing I did was get a copy of the restricted list to have in front of me at all times and realised that Pathfinder’s Blade is on there too. So I confess all my crimes, and await the communities judgement. Quite possibly death by beheading. Dear new L5R players...read the restricted list carefully and buy coloured sleeves. One thing I didn’t get was that apparently clear sleeves aren’t allowed because the intricate designs on the cards can be marked to allow cheating...but can’t intricately designed cardsleeves also be marked? There were lots of people using sleeves that weren’t monochrome.
  10. I’d like to recreate the battle from Last Jedi. The Rebel player would get one mon calamari ship that couldn’t turn and was locked at speed two. The Empire would have 1000-10000pts of Large Ships (their choice) but they can’t turn either, and are locked at speed 2. The mon cal ship starts just inside long range of the lead Imperial ship, but the Imp is only allowed to fire a maximum of 1 red dice. On turn 2, the Imperial player is allowed to initiate one round of fighter combat against the Rebel ship. On turn 6, a third person needs to shove the Rebel player on to the floor, then hold them gently and tell them it’s all about love. In all seriousness though, I’m really looking forward to doing Scarif this summer.
  11. Bakura83

    What I’d Love to See Released for ARMADA

    What I’d love to see released for Armada: Anything at all.
  12. Bakura83

    Challenge coin question.

    It’s a metal medal they gave away as prizes at events. It’s about as big as the bottom of a coke can.
  13. Bakura83

    Limited Edition Ships

    The plot thickens...now we have two different games with event only limited editions.