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  1. Bakura83

    Is it worth starting Armada?

    Completely agree. My “local” scene is the boardgamers I’ve gotten into Armada who I play other games with. Only one of them has actually gone out and bought his own collection, the others are very happy to enjoy it but would never buy it, but I love Armada and don’t mind having enough to loan. We’ve made a twice yearly event of it. So again, Matthew, if like me you think Armada looks like the coolest thing ever and you have peeps who would play it then yes imo the investment is worth it. Think of it as a really cheap GW alternative. Buy two “armies”, it’s already painted, and it may never be updated again so no new rules/expansions to buy. 😂 Oh and then use the rest of the time and money it would have cost to actually get and paint two GW armies and start a small local business: this will allow you to earn more money to spend on games and give you a place to store/play games with out disrupting your home life.
  2. Bakura83

    Is it worth starting Armada?

    Hi Matthew. The answer depends on what type of gamer you are. If you can only enjoy the game as a competitive sport and live to list build/strategise/compete and can only enjoy investing in a game that provides regular competitive play locally, don’t buy it. There are cheaper, better supported options. If you want to own an excellent Star Wars miniatures game that does a really good job of simulating space fleet combat, then absolutely get it but only (in my opinion) on two conditions: 1) There is a local scene and you don’t mind selling your stuff at a loss at some point when that folds. OR 2) Like me you can afford to buy at least two fleets worth of ships (1 of each faction) and treat it like a very expensive addition to your board game collection you can invite friends around to play. I store it under my bed in a giant box next to similar investments like Kingdom Death Monster, X-Wing 1.0, Imperial Assault, and Memoir 44. Each cost £200-£500 and I invite a group over a couple times a year to play them. FFG’s lack of support is irrelevant - I have a complete game and will enjoy it for years to come.
  3. Thank you. It felt like therapy. Like watching the Plinket Reviews.
  4. Ok I’ve read the new article and I’m either stupid or tired or both - what the heck is Hyperspace mode exactly, and why aren’t they making new modes for Armada? DOES FFG LIKE X-Wing MORE?
  5. Yeah that’s the one. I could only afford one at silly prices and even then there was only one of each so i went with Tigers in the Snow. Now they are gone gone. This is Asmodee as well as far as I know so maybe this is just the new normal. 😑 The £27 brand new unopened Rebels squadron I is still available - do you guys get hit with a heavy tax when you bring it over from the UK? I can’t believe £27 is that much in $ with our economy in pre-Brexit free fall.
  6. I searched on eBay for 15 seconds and found a complete one for under £30. Over priced, but affordable. Can you find me a Hedgerow **** expansion on eBay for under £30? Because I’d happily pay that for one.
  7. It’s not unheard of. Memoir 44 hasn’t had a release since April 18 and the last one wasn’t even a miniatures expansion, just cards and maps. Some of its expansions are so rare they sell on eBay for hundreds of dollars. At least Armada isn’t that bad yet.
  8. Bakura83

    Clan Descriptions

    I’ll go straight C, because I feel you were trying to make a positive contribution to the community, unlike some people who are only ever negative with their creative energy. But speaking as a pretty brand new player, I would have liked a more serious take. I don’t mind being educated on some of the humorous side of the community, like a “if you play x you might be (or might be accused of being)...” but I would have been much more interested in “this is your meta, this is your lore in a nutshell, these are some good splash ideas” etc. As a heavy lore lover, I would also be very interested in “here is a cool theme based on event X in the lore”.
  9. You didn’t open your [sarcasm] code so I didn’t realise you weren’t serious until the end.
  10. Dodged a bullet there mate... ...isn’t Legion basically the same system though?
  11. Well I wasn’t going to do anything out of the ordinary if I was right so it seems moot to do so if I’m wrong. ☺️ I’m quite enjoying the lull in IA/Armada and my retirement from X-Wing, it’s given me the excuse to finally get in too L5R, which is lots of fun. Our next local Armada-thon in August has a bunch of new things we’re adding in which I’ll share more about closer to the time...it’s our attempt to make a variant of Armada that’s much more fleshed out at the strategic level, and more narratively interesting.
  12. Not sure what you mean by that - I preordered (and prepaid for) the SSD months ago. Why the certainty? I dunno. Gut feeling. Past experience.
  13. Why on earth would they risk startling the herd before the release of such an expensive product as the SSD? They’ll have one more year of Organised Play and continue making vague statements regarding future X-Wing/Legion products for the clone wars era that many will assume means Armada will get a clone wars line too, then announce no more organised play this time next year.
  14. I am growing more and more certain that this is exactly what will happen to Armada. I fear the SSD might be the last product.