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  1. Bakura83

    Battledroids. How many, how much?

    Glad to see people favouring the horde idea. I like the programming idea, but I think it should be a double sided card and give them two different “modes” possibly one that favours cover and one that favours open spaces, as people have pointed out they do act differently in different situational terrain, and they are all being controlled remotely - If FFG REALLY wants to push the envelop and make the factions unique perhaps make the droids the first army who don’t NEED a commander on the battlefield...just a little command node you can shut down maybe? Have them start to shut down the way the old Necrons use to start phasing out? 10+ in a squad would make me very happy. That and one or two droid tanks and a few droid dekas.
  2. Bakura83

    Future Admirals

    I guess because there’s only so many times you can copy paste the same list of characters who have appeared in some leadership role who might be an Armada Admiral.
  3. Bakura83

    Future Admirals

    I agree there is no justification. I disagree that that automatically means that the North was right to militarily invade individual states that no longer wanted to be a part of the Union of States, or right to impose greater federalisation on the country. Separate the issue from slavery (like in Star Wars where neither side seems particularly concerned with the realities or existence of slavery in one form or the other beyond lip-service legislation) and does the Republic really have the right to Militarily conquer worlds that no longer want to be part of the old order? I know it’s not a perfect example because the CIS are so obviously coded as “the bad guys” and are always attacking the Republic, but that’s the writers fault.
  4. Bakura83

    Future Admirals

    I just meant that for today’s general audience “the confederacy” = pure evil because of slavery, so you can’t really explore the idea of liberty and states rights and the whole “maybe on this issue the confederacy had the moral high ground” without slavery instantly making the whole Conflict very black-and-white, no pun intended. The Empire vs Rebellion worked thematically because the Empire could be coded Nazi’s and therefore perfectly suited as the one-dimensional villains of a morality play. Lucas seemed to want to do a much more grey look at how democracy can be eroded from the inside in the prequel’s which would have benefited from having more sympathetic villains and both sides thinking they were fighting for good ideals but at the same time allowing themselves to be manipulated by evil machinations. He failed spectacularly, but I think I like what I think he was going for.
  5. Bakura83

    Future Admirals

    Well Lucas seemed to have a very muddled vision. On the one had the separatists are portrayed as literal cartoon villains, then we hear in the front crawl of RotS that there are heroes on both sides. It would have been really cool to have the US Civil War in space (without slavery) and made it about living in a society with personal liberty but corruption and dangerous criminals VS strong central control but lack of freedom and the everpresent danger of space facism. I don’t think Lucas knew how to say what he wanted to say with the Prequels. Unfortunate, but I’m over it. I can appreciate the great things about the prequels now and ignore the crap much better in hindsight. That said, I really don’t have any interest in watching the PT ever again, while I’ll watch the OT every one/two years for the rest of my life.
  6. How many battle droids max are you expecting in one squad? How expensive in points do you think they’ll be? Should the be roughly equivalent to existing squads or do you think they should be in greater numbers but less reliable? I’d prefer the later - the Legion Equivalent of Skaven.
  7. Bakura83

    Clone Wars for X-wing...A Sign of Things to Come?

    I wonder how many points of battle droids will be the equivalent of one Jedi Knight...if it’s less than 10, lol.
  8. Bakura83

    Future Admirals

    🙄 Here, have one of mine.
  9. Bakura83

    Future Admirals

    Yeah that was always one of their coolest traits, it seems that for whatever reason the vast majority of human-majority worlds leaned Republic, which would certainly explain how human-centric the Empire was - easy to imagine human worlds overlooking the Empire’s evil if they think it’s all that’s keeping the alien hordes away with the clone wars still fresh in everyone’s memory. I didn’t really read or watch the cone war era stuff outside the prequels, did any human worlds play a major role in the separatist faction?
  10. Ok I see what you mean. See above post.
  11. Cool. Where can I get my brand new 400pt Armada fleet for less than £30?
  12. Back in the heady days of wave 4 I got no less than three people into x-Wing buy selling them the same list - 3 TIE defenders. £30, just under 100pts, limitless fun Can’t get a 400pt fleet brand new for £30.
  13. X-Wing is faster and cheaper. Armada is better.
  14. I don’t think he was a bad character idea, and I don’t think he had a bad actor. I think the movie suffered a bit from Studio meddling. We’ll see. I’d definitely rather live in a world where Mandalorian and Cassian: The Show might be good than in a world where neither is being made at all.