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  1. I'd say list 1 honestly. Certainly not a Meta list but the 3 Thugs will be great at breaking up formations and once Guri gets behind someone she's incredibly hard to shake. Flown well it could be a great formation buster. The only problem I can see is if someone was doing a Fat Han, Outirder, etc build.
  2. This isn't necessarily a flaw only with the Defender but a lot of the more expensive ships. All of the generic pilots lack any EPT when other ships like the A Wing and Tie Fighter have generics with one. These 'newer' craft were supposed to be given to the elite but apparently Z 95 pilots know how to fly better than a Defender who yo quote FFG must have flown 20 successful combat missions. Hopefully thatlol be changed in an faq
  3. its been suggested to death but I'll repeat it. Timothy Zahn's Heir to the Empire trilogy sey the standard for decades and gave us several great characters. Also one I'd particularly recommend because it's hard to say it didn't happen as it made its own era in the Canon is the graphic novels of Star Wars Legends. Seeing the galaxy 100+ years after End or was a really interesting experience and it's does a good job of having the main characters play in a morally gray area for much of it.
  4. Echo w/ Vet Instincts, Advanced Cloaking Device, Fire Control System, Recon Specialist Fantastic arc dodger, great focus fire and with recon specialist even if you hoof and end up being shot at you can have a good chance of avoiding most if not all damage. I think they're a blast to fly but the Phantom is definitely under costed in my opinion for everything you get.
  5. I recently moved to Madison and finally have a day off where I can decompress. I've heard that I'm Board in Middleton has a pretty solid xwing group. Is that true or do people go to one of the other stores mostly? Also is there any game store on the east side of town?
  6. In a perfect worl I'd say a Victory Class or Interdictor Class star destroyer. The problem with th is if they had it to scale with the Corellian Corvette then the Victory would be almost he size of the table and the Interdictor wold mostl ikely not fit. I know there's atleast one EU destroyer sized ship for the Imperials but as of now there's nothing I can recall that is anything more than a gunboat really and frankly I'd rather have something that, lik the corvette, can be both a gun platform a buff/ debuffing ship.
  7. As for the Gravity Displacement Detector, I based it on the Outmaneuver card, which is 3 points for -1 agility to the target if your outside it's firing arc. I figure since it only works on a niche as you put it. It will not work most of the time and it just help nullify their ability a little, it doesn't give full nullification. That's why I went for 1 point. On your disrupter cells, it's way close to Corran horns ability, although you might take a damage. For +2 Attack dice that seems way over the top. Did you see the 4 point Ability listed before? Maybe you want to change it to roll an attack die on a hit result suffer a face up damage card, or something. I will agree there are similarities to Horn but there are a few things that make this consideraly different. 1: It's an action and as of now we have not seen any Scum/ Villainy pilots that provide any action economy so short of PTL you are giving up a mariad of options to roll more dice. 2: You do risk taking damage *I should have worded it to draw a damage card, similar to Porkins so shielded units aren't over protected. 3: I would probably up the cost by two points OR increase the risk by making the user roll two dice. Thanks for your critiques though I wasn't thinking of Horn when I made it but you are right on almost all of the cheap fighters for scum this is effectively a Corran Horn ability that should have more risk.
  8. I was going to say it seemed far too cheap BUT considering its a niche item I do think that it's fairly costed if it only applied to Stealth Device. If it also gets past Actively Cloaked as well I'd bump it up to 2 points. With phantoms being as popular as they are, and other cloaked ships coming in a year at most, I think this upgrade is a good idea to shift the meta from the Phantom being almost auto-include. Illicit Upgrade 2 Point Upgrade Disrupter Cells Action: Increase the Primary Weapon Value of your ship by 2. After the attack resolves roll a single attack die, take any hits (Not Crits) rolled. Skip your next Combat Phase.
  9. I froze your friend na na na na na
  10. Just wanted to say that while I don't agree with every list you put up I am glad to see that I'm not the only person who want to use A-Wings as flankers rather than a part of a swarm. And I know that you have stated that the next article won't be written as a mission briefing but I actually enjoyed that take on it. I dunno maybe it just appealed to my inner RP geekdom but it was a refreshing site to see someone who took a lighthearted in universe approach rather than 'if you wanna try something really crazy that your FLGS won't see kid than here's Dash Rendar in a B-Wing...BAM!'
  11. I'm looking to teach a few people at my college's game club the ropes for X-Wing mini as I don't own the YT-1300 though I made a slight reversal of Steven-O's list and am looking for feedback on it. NEWBS LIST Boba Fett (Thematic and forgiving with maneuvers for newbies) Determination (No need to let a bad crit ruin everything) Ion Cannon (Options never hurt) Seismic Charge (Just to give them that great feling of me 'accidentally' falling for a bomb bait) Gunner (Like the OP said they wanna hit something) Slave 1 (Thematic) It's a tough ship that's forgiving thanks to Boba and has plenty of options between the Ion, Bomb, and Gunner. TRAINER LIST (me) Wedge Antilles Rookie Pilot (X-Wing) With Wedge at PS9 the newb will learn about the turn order for moving/ shooting and with two very famous Star Wars characters it should attract anyone familiar with the lore. While it is 2v1 and the Firespray is not AS easy to fly a the Falcon with Boba at the helm and the bility to take one of the X-wings out temporarily with Ion I think that it seems pretty in favor of Boba in this matchup. Like Klecser said a few posts back, keep it simple and try to stack the odds in their favor without them realizing it.
  12. Wow thanks for the swift replies everyone. My panicy reaction has settled a bit now, still amazed that online retailers have hiked the price so much if FFG is good about getting the next shipment out ASAP but I suppose Soontir can wait a few more weeks,
  13. I haven't picked up any news ships in a few months or looked at any news concering X-Wing since the Scum announcement but when did Wave 1 and 2 ships become so hard to find and get the massve price hike online? I was thinking about grabbing an Interceptor and Y-Wing and it seems like they just disappeared from every vendor except amazon which is selling them for $30 as of present and almost every ship from the early waves has shot up similarly. Did FFG cease production on these waves or has the demand for this game suddenly sky rocketed to the point where production isn't keeping up? Becasue even checking the FFG site almost every ship from the first two waves is listed as unavailable. I apoligize if this is a little ranty but I would appreciate any clarity on the situation that you fine folks could give me. I was looking forward to picking up Soontir and starting my Scum collection.
  14. Nice to see someone else liked the Defender. Just some changes I'd make due to personal preference. Soontir Fel: Stealth Device instead of Hull. Same cost and it's incredibly hard to hit Agility 4, especially if you PTL for an evade. Now for the defenders there's two ways I'd go with this. 1: Ion Cannons Play this sort of as a bait and disable list. Use Soontir as enticing bait while your defenders get behind your opponent's important ship(s) and ionizes them. 2: Stealth Device Yes I am one of those guys. Stealth device is just to blamming awesome not to mention. Your list may only be 3 ships but short of letting them get into range 1 no player is going to have an easy time hitting Agility 4. Plus as mobile as your 3 ships are it should not be too har to avid firing arcs fairly often as well. Personally I'd opt for the Ion Cannons mainly because it's not something I see a lot in my local meta and it woud defintely make your opponent choose between 3 very deadly targets.
  15. Well after trading in a bunch of games that I hadn't touched in quite some time I ended up having enough to get started in both games along with plenty of sleeves. Thank you all for the great advice and y guys were right SW is a lot of fun and easy to ick up for my friends when they swing by and LotR is a great way to kill an hour or so when I don't feel like logging into League between classes.
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