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  1. Torg, did you watch the vid? they showed a d60 also.
  2. http://nerdist.com/this-d120-is-the-largest-mathematically-fair-die-possible/
  3. You could download oggdudes chargen and make some up pretty fast.
  4. Go to any of the FFG products page and go to any of the beginner sets, player resources and there will be pregens on each of them.
  5. If you go to the products page for each of the Star Wars FFG RPG lines (all lines are compatible also) and look for player resources you will find pregened players for each of the products and can print them from there. The only problem I see is if you don't have the beginner's box for Force and Destiny or any of the core rule books you won't have the rules to run any sort of force user. The Edge beginner set doesn't have force users, but the core book from Edge will have the Force Sensitive Exile. The Age beginner set is the same as Edge, but the core book has Force Sensitive Emergent. The Force and Destiny beginner box will have the force rules for beginners and the core book will have more in depth rules for force users. What books do you have? I am assuming you don't have any of the core rule books.
  6. There were threads on this very question when I started with the game a few years back and so are buried deep with the forum, but the general consensus was to match the price of the for the suggested ships that the rules stated, so in the case of Edge with the YT1300 a ship of similar cost or lower would be fine. RAW in AoR states Y-Wings for each PC as starting ship (keeping to the subject of the OP's question as there are other options of a base instead of the ships) that a ship that is of comparable price or lower would be just fine for your party. Don't let the PCs go to over powered with more expensive ships. What I have seen done is the Y-Wing at 80K be swapped for a cheaper ship at 60K and the extra 20K going towards mods of the cheaper ship. Is it right to do that? Is it overpowered? That depends on you as the GM.
  7. What gets me is the line in ANH "Many Bothans died". Haven't seen any Bothans in the previews yet.
  8. You came up with what to me is a hard question to answer as it the situation isn't exactly cut and dry, heroic, but almost killed a team member. During peace time I would say a lengthy stay in the brig would be the way to go, but that's because the heroism wouldn't be there. During a fight, well that would be different, what would reasons be that the character pulled the crystal? Could questioning during during a tribunal/court martial justify the removal? There are a lot of questions about why the main protagonist in the Rouge 1 trailer would be brought into the rebellion if she kept breaking laws, well my view of her is that she broke those laws after she joined, and Monmotha and the powers that be decide that she is just right for a Suicide Squad/Dirty Dozen type thing to redeem herself, and this type of scenario would be perfect for a campaign hook for your PCs. For his/her punishment have her become the goto person for impossible missions, and his friends are going to be punished for allowing him to do what he wasn't supposed to. The possibilities would be endless. Now if he doesn't like said character, then by all means, lock him up and roll another character.
  9. Seeing as no one was left alive at the outpost the imps will think rebs or someone hired by the rebs did it. Retribution should happen once the imps figure it out.
  10. Guess Disney ain't cannon and Ezra's weapon won't make it into a FFG book, then again, not adding everything in the series is your choice, the OP wants to and you ain't his GM. You evidently didn't bother to read my original post. I gave him tips on how to create a blaster/lightsaber, or at least how I'd manage it as a GM. So you're comment seems rather silly at the moment. EDIT: When I said I wouldn't include all of disney's little changes, I was thinking more along the lines of things like the B-Wing's superlaser that can 1-shot a light cruiser. I'm not about to alter a B-Wing for this silliness. Even as a prototype, that was kinda lame. I'm all for the power of plot, but theirs only so far you can stretch believe-ability. It'ts the rant during that post and the second post that got me, why complain? Plus, it seemed like you didn't even describ Ezra's saber. So maybe less rant and more description would be a better way to go when helping someone.
  11. Guess Disney ain't cannon and Ezra's weapon won't make it into a FFG book, then again, not adding everything in the series is your choice, the OP wants to and you ain't his GM.
  12. Exactly what would they put in the book? Write it all up please. I think you are putting too much faith in J.J. and Disney having told FFG what is in the movie, or for that matter have seen the movie. Like I and others have said before, SW is notorious on keeping things secret and not telling even the closest to the films anything about what has happens until the last minute. FFG has nothing to do with the new movie, so why would they know what is in it to do a new book?
  13. That's not true. Precisely 4 people knew the Vader reveal before it hit theaters. George Lucas, who had written it in however long ago, Irvin Kershner who directed Episode V, and Mark Hammil, whom Irvin told shortly before shooting that scene. That's why his delivery of the reaction seems to fit so well. David Prowse delivered the "Obi-Wan killed your father" line and was genuinely confused about Mark's reaction, thinking it was a horrible over-reaction to the line. Then James Earl Jones was told before a private recording session. Because it would be weird if the voice of Vader didn't deliver the line, right? lol The Point I was making is still there, Hammil was told right before shooting and was the last to know.
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