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  1. Hum at 3 players ... We decided to stop after 15 token because it was annoying
  2. Not surprised ! I am on ratio to 1 win for 4 looses with Caldara on this scenario. The main issue is multiple attack at beginning and after ressources from siege quest as said by Rouxxxor. But if survive 4 turns and put some token on siege quest, you can win. My best ratio on this quest (without treasure) is my Flash TE ! @Rouxxxor Caldara have the best defense against Bolg attack at setup : Elven Jeweler or Emery. you have an action before declaring defender I use this tip to survive and it help for the ratio
  3. A fun deck with Glorfindel Lore ! It works well and can quest/combat/Explore location ! http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/6195/in-your-honour-glorfindel-lore-1.0 I have mainly use it in Multiplayer games.
  4. Oh well ! An attachment which give ranger trait ! Hum how can i abused that ! Oh yes with Wingfoot and Eleanor or how to just ignore all when revealed effect of treachery card ... Wait ! With Spirit Merry or how can i send two willpoint to quest and decrease ly threat for all ennemy revealed ...
  5. The condition card said : "Treat attached hero’s text box as blank" If Imrahil become an ally, the text box is not blanked by the condition. So he become a hero, but now the condition blank the text. So he become an ally, but now the text is not blanked by condition. So he become a hero, but now the etc ...
  6. Arf the hated ruling on Horn of Gondor ... still angry ... :angry: :angry: :angry:
  7. That's a pretty reasonable rule...I sorta wish we received that ruling when we were all discussing the infinite willpower loop with Galadriel and that Baggins sphere event instead of distinguishing between player and encounter made lasting effects. Where is this ruling ?
  8. I agree Someone can forward the question to the developers ? The real question is : When facing to infinite loop what do we do ? I think that this situation can occurs on some other situations. If I remember in Magic, you can't initiate an effect if it generate a loop without an ending.
  9. Text : When Revealed: Attach to a hero you control and exhaust that hero. (Counts as a Condition attachment with the text: “Limit 1 per hero. Treat attached hero’s text box as blank, except for Traits. Attached hero cannot ready.”) Text : While there is a hero card in your discard pile, Prince Imrahil loses the ally card type and gains the hero card type. Imagine Caldara is in my discard pile ... Looks like an infinite loop ??? Ally then Hero then Ally then Hero then Ally etc ... So because i don't want to have a game blocked by this loop of passive effect : 1) Prince Imrahil stay ally 2) Prince Imrahil stay hero 3) Prince Imrahil isn't a valid target for this treachery due to generation of an infinite loop with no ending
  10. Thanks for the detailed answer
  11. Yes but from the rule reference guide Dealing Damage/Horror follow two steps : @ step 2 the horror is placed and only then we have to determine if the investigator is insane.
  12. So we have a 6- now
  13. The question is not easy, so i will try to be as clear as possible 1- Solo Game 2- Agnes have 7 horror and the Goule Priest have 4 damage 3- Agnes take an horror damage (from card ability etc ...) Agnes capacity : This reaction is triggered just after the horror is placed. In the Reference guide, we also determine if an investigator is defeated after the horror placement. So which one come first ? Did the first investigator decide ? If the Agnes capacity is first triggered, i deal the damage to the Goule priest which will die. Now new Questions The act 3a of the Gathering is : So What happen : 1- Agnes is insane first, end of scenario => bad conclusion happen 2- The goule priest is killed first but agnes is insane before the passive objective effect trigger, end of scenario => bad conclusion happen 3- The goule priest is killed first and the passive objective effect trigger, end of scenario => good conclusion happen 4- The goule priest is killed first, the passive objective effect trigger, end of scenario then Agnes become insane => good conclusion happen + a Trauma for Agnes 5- Please stop with your silly questions 6- As proposed by vilainn6 : Take the bad conclusion without adding the Ghoul Priest to further scenario the more thematic solution
  14. The Noldor archetype is based on lore and spirit mainly due to the Noldor Heroes. We need some other independent leadership and tactic Noldor heroes in order to create different archetype. I have used all lore and spirit Noldor and there are all good. But i have used only some of them in a Noldor swarm allies archetype : - Lore : Galdor and/or Erestor. Big draw capacity. - Spirit : Arwen Undomiel and/or Cirdan and/or Galadriel. Glorfindel ally is too strong in this kind of Archetype so exit Glorfindel Hero. I have to test Elrond in a Noldor deck. Elrond capacity to play leadership and tactic ally could be a good solution to play some other Noldor than the usual ones. The twins are fun but didn't fit to this kind of Archetype.