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  1. Interesting Challenge !!! But why not reccurs Hidden ways instead I prefer to not see any ennemy rather than handle defense/shadow effect
  2. The errata on Beravor and Zigil Miner wasn't done many years later. For Beravor, you can up the limit of her capacity to two time now ... With Erestor, Galdor & Co, she is ridiculously under powered. For Miner Zigil, it's a design issue quickly discover and fix. I'm ok with that. These new errata come five years after release. And for the two concerning the dwarves, it make no sense because some other tribal archetype was already better (by far) from dwarves. So why decrease their power after nerf on We are not idle ? Noldor is just crazy, they crush scenario before The battle master as any chance to be view as OP ... Same for Outlands. When i compare Noldor capacity draw to dwarf, i don't find old legacy of durin totally OP ... just ok and again Noldor continue to be better for this job. The comparison with encounter cards has no sense. Blocking wargs was a bug as many other encounter cards. I have no complain with these errata. But i think that nightmare is a better fix than errata (especially for cycle 3). And last, i don't find Ered Mithin cycle amazing. I found it bad for scenario and great for player card. And Haradrim just ok. Just a point of view not the truth for everybody. I would prefer that designer work on more new mechanics and player cards. I would prefer new release that this kind of useless errata. The lack of new content hurt a lot. I continue to think that Gandalf Hero is OP and Elrond + Vilya also. The best deck with an incredible ratio on NM are with these kind of heroes not the dwarf. And we see errata on dwarf. Outlands with Erestor literally destroyed most of the powerfull scenario. And we see Errata on burning brand. So you can find it good for the game. Great designer have done a good job for some people. They do a great job for new mechanich, new player cards (Radagast is a great hero). For errata, i think that the job isn't correctly done by far on player card since the last three FAQ on the game. I ignore player errata since the nerf of Horn of Gondor.
  3. Wow ... seems i arrived after the battle ! The last errata and the lack of new release have completely erode my entertainement for the game. And i am not the only one in my game circle. These errata is like the previous. Totally useless. If they make these errata due to competitive part introduce in last POD, it's a big mistake in my point of view. I hate competitive game. I came to LOTR for cooperative deck building card game playable in solo. So i have to accept some errata for competitive variant ... NO WAY. It's a cooperative game, it doesn't need this kind of errata ... Unless the designer have a competitive mind. These card are old and the most powerfull OP archetype or deck (like Elronds-deck, doomed deck, Outlands) continue to be untouched. So what's the meaning of touching to dwarf deck again ? Poor Erebor ally errated twice ... So like all previous errata, i will just ignore and now just use the text of the card. I like the discussion with the community ... But now, i feel like playing a different game because we don't have the same rules.
  4. Yes or like a constraint/advantage for deckbuilding.
  5. Same news in France but with different spoiler : http://www.fantasyflightgames.fr/jeux/article/le_seigneur_des_anneaux_lcg/une_ombre_a_lest A leadership Frodo to come : Traduction : When Frodon is engaged to quest, you can spend one resource from Frodo resource pool, to ready another unique characted engaged in quest. If you have a quest success, decrease your threat by one. And we can see a contract also.
  6. I have created a multiplayer deck on this line of heroes with Prince Imrahil Leadership. https://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/11108/thanduil-war-jump-1.0 We have recursive Jump with Elvenking which ready Prince Imrahil and good draw solution with lord of Morthond (which can be played on Prince Imrahil).
  7. I know that previous discussion exist on this topic. I have read the seastan document where he said that the door is closed can cancel when revealed effect which contain cannot be cancelled. Is it official ?
  8. Here, you can find my Ent deck which i have used on many Nightmare quest : http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/7909/ent-2.0 Enjoy !
  9. Wah ... Second big disappointment in few weeks ... Yeah i prefer to forgot this announcement ! Yesterday annoucement was a big news ... Now we have explanation for delay ... So disappointed ...
  10. If someone want to do the traduction http://sdajce.forumactif.org/t6314p50-cycle-7-haradrim-pack-5-the-dungeons-of-cirith-gurat#120392 Interesting cards !!!
  11. Sorry but they wrote an entire news for that. They explain for each card why they errated them. For Boromir, this hero exist since beginning of the game. I think that the initial intent is let Boromir defend and attack until you die (Threat or Destroy). This fit with the book and the last fight of Boromir. Now the news explain to us that Boromir design was good initialy due to the lack of threat reduction ... Hum the majority of Boromir deck use : Galadrim's Greeting, Elrond Counsel, Dwarven Tomb, Arargorn Lore and Gandalf ... Wait all this card are nearly as older as Boromir. I don't think that Galadriel change anything about that. My Boromir decks don't use Galadriel, don't use Aragorn Lore and don't use Gandalf, just the other and my final threat is always fewer than the beginning. So this issue exist since the beginning, it isn't new. The only thing that transform Boromir into an insane character is Blood of Numenor/Gondorian Fire/Stewart of Gondor. I don't think that it's an intent from the designer to let a character attack/defend or quest (with Grappling Hook) at 50+. But ok, let's nerf Boromir and don't change a combo which hurts a lot the game. For Caldara, see Dalestephenson and pocketwraith. Outlands and Vylia decks damage the coop game. I know player that were totally disguted by these deck because they can hold the table. Caldara is discarded not destroyed by this effect. This difference is important for me. I don't think that Rohan discard mechanic with Gamling is about being a necromancer ... But we can chump blocked with Eomund which is an unique characted, gain a resource with Horn of Gondor, untap all Rohan character, bring back in hand with Guthwine and then play it for one less ressource with Theoden ... Well ... Ok, let's say that Caldara power is insane due to an insane and unthematic ressurection mechanic. They have increase the power Caldara deck by their own willpower. They have created Sword thain and then make a ruling on Prince Imrahil. Sword thain is often played with Emery. So they have created a powerfull archetype and they can't say : "We don't konw". And then after the archetype become emblematic and appreciate by the community, they kill it. No i don't understand. 15 allies on turn 4 with Caldara deck ... Well we don't play the same deck Caldara is not an easy deck to play and each party is different. The deck can put 15 allies on turn 4 but it is quite rare. Caldara can't hold the table on his own. My experience show that the deck decrease on power with the number of player. Outlands deck is always powerfull and can play for two or more player. I don't play outland on multi because my mate hate this kind of deck but the like Caldara because she is versatile and let space for the other. I am not in mind of developer but i can give you a lot of counter example. For Horn of Gondor, it's unthematic to use it for silvan. Well ok, and with Stewart, it is more thematic ? My feeling is each time i play Caldara with new players, they smile and want to learn how to play this deck and each time i play my outland deck, they say it's a way too much powerfull ... It's kill the game and is uncooperative. I like the idea of challenge instead of errata. It's a good way to increase creativity without restrictions. Once again, the developer do a good job on scenario and new mechanic for player but for errata ...
  12. Well Seastan, yesterday i have read all your description of your deck. In this description, you write change to do depending on quest like Ethir swordsman and quest with Direct damage's treachery. Ok, your deck works without that. So ok, i am wrong and Caldara continue to be strong ... But this feedback make me more disappointed and angry against these errata. So developers want to nerf Caldara power but you show that it change nothing. More you beat some quest easiler than my old one. Is it really a nerf ?This errata have just killed two gameplay but change nothing on what is powerfull or not. So they killed the fun of player who love to play these gameplay. Sorry but i can't be enjoyed with that, i have all the collection. I spend a lot of money for this game and developer produce errata that killed my favourites gameplays. So the errata show you, How can we use Caldara differently ? I would like to say that i respect you deckbuilding skills (i have watched all your videos). But the gameplay of Caldara 2.0 wasn't new for me. I have already make decks which bring quickly some heavy allies and then use Narya on it. These deck rely in heavy willpower hero too and can turtle. The idea i like in your deck is the tribes man. But for me, it's an improvement of a gameplay which already exist and Caldara isn't needed for that. I have seen other player use differently Caldara with only one other spirit hero and one from another sphere. These decks rely on only one use of Caldara on Combo Prince Imrahil. These player didn't need an errata to build differently around a hero. So these errata bring no new gameplay, but killed an existing one ... I didn't like the gameplay of Caldara 2.0 and i like the old one. The first has been untouched by the errata and the second one have just disappear. Conclusion, my fun was killed. I eagerly wait new release for many reason. First one, new mechanic, new idea for new deck and second one, new cards for tuning my deck i love to play.I eagerly wait for new spirit cards, for new tactic event, for new Noldor, for New dwarves etc ... And then tune my deck and play again and again Nightmares. Now i will be disappointed when a card will be released that will fit with my favourite killed decks. It kills my fun again. I hate to disappoint someone. I play many event in France and Belgium and it is so bad to tell a player that his deck didn't work due to an errata. The player is frustrated and some of them didn't understand why developers do errata on a coop game. And last point, where is the upgrade POD pack ? Because, play with non errated cards could be frustating when explaining game to new player. I want just to say another time that i agree with Yepesnopes. Now, i think, it is my last post in this thread. Maybe, i represent a minority or not. And i think that developer didn't read this thread. My personnel feeling is : "Some of these errata were wrong. They don't bring fun to me but instead killed it. I can't understand that for a coop game." After - Horn of Gondor and many other errata that killed some fun deck (really not abused) - Some nerfed cards definitively put into binder - missing errata on powerless card which could bring a lot of fun It's time to me to not follow errata like other member said. And just to finish by : Zigil Miner + Lord of Eldar when deck is empty is quite fun
  13. As explain on the other forum, i already know this kind of Gameplay. It works fine but not my cup of tea I have to like Yepesnopes, i agree with you. It's complicated for me to not play with errata, but i think i will do that because these errata hurts to much. It's the second errata which killed some of my deck, i love to play. So no new challenges for me, just new cards which stay in binder.
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