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  1. Quick doubt: the document says the Soresu Defender gains improved parry, while the site says its Improved Reflect. Which one is it?
  2. I have to agree with kaosoe. Introducing yet another roll would slow combat to a crawl. One of the things I like the most about FFG's system is the way it pretty much solves it all up with a single roll of the dice. Also, while I think it would be important for Force Users to simulate the Jedi in the movies, we cannot forget that these characters are likely to interact with other ones from EotE or AoR. You could say that would be a reason why Reflect isn't a 100% thing. I believe that making it avoid the hit would have to make it more costly...
  3. I think the theme may be odd for a Jedi, but it makes perfect sense for a Force Sensitive living in the Galactic Empire mainly because of its Talents and ranged focus. Perhaps its flavor could be tuned down, idk. Also, while hunting may be a little off the curve in light of the tasks Jedi used to perform, you could say that such characters specialize in hunting Sithspawn, evil beasts or or maybe consider that some Jedi, such as Sylvar in Tales of the Jedi, could incorporate it to their lifestyles. I mean, just because they fall into the whole warrior monk stereotype, it doesn't mean that they didn't perform other tasks (: I like the spec and think Seeker is one of the finest additions to the game exactly because it shifts focus from Jedi-ish characters and delves into the whole Force Adept- Sensitive concept.
  4. 1) I think that careers do reflect an approach on the force. Guardians, for instance, use it to protect those in need, while Seekers have a focus in surviving harsh environments, so I don't think you could say that a career is more or less Jedi-ish. The book itself states that Consulars are not Jedi Consulars... 2) I'd consider exchanging Advisor and Sage in order to reflect that mysticism, but I'm not sure as I don't have the book with me and cannot read the Talents. 3) Unarmed combat seems more like a spec for a future book, rather than a career focus itself, as we don't see many force users who favor that form of combat. 4) You do have a point. 5) I think Artisan's fine there because a Sentinel isn't necessarily a rogue. If you look into KOTOR or KOTOR 2 stuff, you will find the Sentinel to be a Jedi who invests in other skills rather than combat (Guardian) or Force Powers (Consular). I think the spec's reflecting that. 6) I'd argue against it because I think players look for flavour and Talents, rather than a way to max their FR. Sure, there will be one powergamer, but you can just throw a Rancor at him (: Just kidding. A more solid argument would be to say that you will need a high FR if you consider that someday, after training your a** out, you will be on par with Vader and Obi-Wan
  5. That would definely solve it for the ones claiming desperately for a Force Push
  6. Juyo/Vaapad would be the obvious choice, but I do admit I see some logic in putting Shi-Cho's multiple opponent fighting techniques within the Warrior Career
  7. I'd think of playing a Hutt Ataru Striker Ooops wrong forum... Sorry, had to do it... I kind of thought it was coming (the Hutts as a playable species). I quite don't know what made me think of it, but every time I read the Hutt [Nemesis] entry in every Core Rulebook, something in my mind told me I'd see them as playable characters... I'm excited and think it'll provide a challenge for veterans and GM alike.
  8. Neti and Miraluka would be great aditions for future supplements. If I'm not mistaken, both species are force sensitive only and, while one could argue that playing a Neti would be difficult, FFG seems to be investing in different species as we can see by the new supplement which lets you play Hutt. I think that's awesome and like that sort of diversity in my game.
  9. Just ran it yesterday. It went pretty smooth. One of the PCs was a Sage and had the Foresee Power, which fit the adventure like a glove, both helping me give them information and set their motives, as well as giving the players a great resource. For the preparations phase, I've set the story so that the characters had been trained by Master Ondell, a Jedi Exile from the Clone Wars who had some conflicting views on the Force, thus helping justify two of my players starting with 70 as their Morality and one of them being on the brink of falling to the Darkside. Early on, Master Ondell had been captured by the empire, sacrificing himself to protect the PCs and letting them escape their home planet in a ship. The players then were trying to find more resources and a means to complete their training when the Sage had his vision, setting them en route for Athiss. Having left their ship at a space station, they boardeod the shuttle to the planet and disguised themselves as executives trying to forge a commercial partnership with the resort's owners for expanding their business. Early on, they Charmed the staff into sharing some of the local news and went on to speak with the Ithorian owner of the place, learning of the missing expedition and offering to look for them as a token of good faith. They got access to the maps with the owners' permission and decided to try to find a faster way of transporting themselves to the temple, since a three day hike was out of question. This was the part where I had to mod the adventure and let them steal a Landspeeder from the hotel. It went fine, but forced them to earn some conflict, as the group's Makashi Duelist had to disarm and incapacitate one guard, putting him in the speeder's luggage compartment. They went into the woods and I replaced the Survival Check for a Pilloting Check, which they failed and led me to spend some threat into poisoning the Sage with a bug's bite, which was hilarious, as he roleplayed having visions and hallucinations. They met the missing expedition and I made it so that the hunters had placed their speeders in a way that blocked the trail, forcing the PCs to make a decision or collide with their quarry. They tried to talk their way out, but failled badly, which forced the duelist to take on the leader with the Nautolan Shadow shooting the minions while the Sage tried to talk them out of helping the rival antagonist. The sage made it and both the Shadow and the Duelist managed to kill a minion group and the leader. Three more characters were bound and entered the speeder's luggage compartment. The shadow also stole the Hunter Leader's Hunting Blaster, acquiring a weapon to go with his handout Blaster and stun grenades. For the third episode, the players ran straight into the temple, the Sage having converted the Beasts using his Discipline and attuning to the Light Side. Each then rode a beast into the tomb, where they met three alphas and the Sith Lord's spirit. The last encounter was difficult, as only the duelist had combat skills and the Sage was incapacitated before he could meditate in the tomb and flip the last dark side influence point. The tide turned and the players almost lost it until, In a heroic effort, the Duelist healed his companion while the Shadow got to deal with the beasts, dealling some critical hits and placing himself between his companions and the evil ones. They beat the spirit and drove the darkside out.
  10. Hello to all, I've run Lost Knowledge yesterday and one of the issues all my three players complained about was how some powers, such as Bind or Protect\Unleash required a Force Rating of 2+ and 3+. In their understanding, since force powers also cost a ton of XP, the FR rating would be "unfair" as it would restrict some powers for upper tier only. As I had overlooked this part of the rules, I felt a bit confused and, afterwards, decided to read the powers' descriptions. I seem to find it rather expensive to have a power such as Unleash, since it would take some characters a second spec and up to five talents to actually get to FR 3,.. I am considering house-ruling these requisites, as I think that, since the Force Dice's results also limit the Powers' uses, it wouldn't be so bad if players got access to these powers early on. Heck, a lightsaber can deal more damage than the Unleash basic power... What are your thoughts on this? Would it be too unbalancing? Have your players already purchased these powers meeting the requisites?
  11. So I've just run the adventure yesterday with a party of three players, one of them being a Makashi Duelist. The game went okay and players wanted to turn our one-shot into a small campaign. At the end, they gave me their sheets so I could type in some info and plan for the next game. That was when I noticed that the Makashi Duelist Tree allows you to buy Improved Parry without having the Parry Talent (from the Feint Talent). Okay, that would be fine if only the Improved Parry Talent would give us a brief description of the actual Parry mechanics. Considering that not all of us are going to have Talent Trees and that having to look up a Talent that you do not possess gives players some extra work, I'd suggest including Parry's description in Improved Parry or removing the direct link, only allowing a character who actually has Parry to purchase its Improved Form.
  12. Hi, Yesterday, as I was writing a comment on one of the threads about Pathfinder characters, I came across a small doubt and would like to ask you if you could give me some advice. The Pathfinder Animal Empathy Talent states that "When making checks to handle, tame or control animals, the character may add a number of Force Dice no greater than his Force rating to the check, spending Force Points to add successes or advantages to the result. My questions are: 1) Which skill would you use in this situation? I thought Survival, but am not sure if it could be Charm or Coerce. Maybe a custom Animal Handling Skill... 2) How would you set the difficulty? Would you use static or opposed checks?
  13. I really think the Pathfinder should be the first to get a supplement or the original book could come with some creatures just for the sake of making it easier for us players Just my 2 cents, but I think characters should aim a little higher. There are some examples in the EU (Legends content) where Jedi and Sith get some nice bonded animals, such as when Darth Nihl tames a Tukata (would be nice to get a write up for it) or when the Twi'Lek from Tales of the Jedi uses Beast Language to tame some Onderon beasts... Although I think the creatures can be improvised, I wished FFG would ellaborate as to how to actually tame these creatures prior to establishing a Bond. such as when using Animal Empathy. Do you use Survival? If so, what is the difficulty? Should it be opposed by the animal's Discipline (Will)?
  14. Was reading the press release for the F&D Beta and noticed that some Gen Con people mentioned that the adventure which was run there was called Lost Legacies and involved a Jedi derelict ship. I really felt curious about this adventure. Can anyone elaborate as to how it played? I'm only asking this because it might provide some inspiration as I am trying to replicate the Essles flashpoint from TOR in my campaign, setting it during the Rebellion. Because of that, I felt really interested in it... So... Was there combat? Were there artifacts? How did it play?
  15. Yes, but while C'Baoth's scream can be described this way, don't we have other examples in the EU where a Force Scream could shatter into machinery and even hurt people? I think Darth Malgus' scream in "Book of the Sith" was so intense it caused some starship destruction. Also, Ulic Qel Droma's scream caused a lot of property damage in Tales of the Jedi (: I would go with Unleash as of now, but I think it would be better suited as a Talent within the Agressor Tree, since its involuntary and such.... Maybe it could be triggered by suffering damage or being frustrated, I don't know....
  16. Having played a Pathfinder, I couldn't agree more... Silhouettes would be handy
  17. They did in Age of Rebellion, at least for those of us who got the book from retailers... I seem to recall that both copies I ordered in Miniature Market were shipped along with 6 pregens, although I can't remember if their sheets were made available via PDF
  18. I've watched the Day 4 video FFG posted on Gen Con and have noticed that players who got to test the game at the convention used some pre-generated characters, most notably a human Guardian and a Cerean Artist... Apparently, theses characters were not at Knight-Level play. My question regards the fact that at least two of these characters had lightsabers in them (the Guardian and a Kel Dor, which had a double bladed saber). According to the Character Creation rules, however, starting characters start with 500 credits with the option of gaining up to 2500 extra credits... So, Did any of you play these characters? If so, how could they start with restricted items that cost 9000 credits as per the books? Were their sabers training lightsabers? I am inquiring as to these matters because I'm afraid I have missed some rule or aspect that allows starting PCs to have lightsabers and, as my copy has just arrived, I have plans to run the adventure within it this weekend....
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