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  1. 3 threads.. pressures on to make this good now bud lol
  2. Finished reading the second last week, not as good as I remember them from the first time around, but still worth it because it's STAR WARS
  3. Good thought hobo. Will make for a shorter game too allowing us to switch sides and play twice
  4. Frying pan, I like your list, but might have to agree with the hobo under you... So if making 2 balanced lists with what I have, what would you take? I really need help to convert my mate to the dark side
  5. I'm trying to set up a little demo game for a friend. On the rebel side I have: Gemmer Sojan chaardan refit, test pilot + push the limit Keylan farlander VI, HLC, adv. Sensors, b wing/e2 and Kyle katarn Luke Skywalker r2d2 and draw their fire I'm struggling to come up with a decent imperial build using the ship's I have in my signature and was hoping to ask for this awesome community's help. Cookies for any help you can provide
  6. Ahh cheers bud, proper facepalm moment lol
  7. Fair enough then.. for me personally life's too short to give a ****
  8. AAAND relax.... Take a deep breath.... And lets get back on topic please.
  9. Am I missing something obvious? How are you giving gemmer push the limit?
  10. Soooo ep7 has a title. What do we think? Do you like/hate it, did you get goosebumps reading it
  11. Yeah can't see myself ever running two either
  12. Their customer service gets a lot of praise on this site send them an email with a pic and see what they can do for you.
  13. Finding one for a fair price is more my issue. Not seen any at retail price anywhere I've looked.
  14. Screw patience I want a falcon lol
  15. I suppose so, but the lack of fair priced iconic ships from the movies (falcon slave) might put of the more casual gamer who isn't as big a star wars geek as some. After all if I didn't read the Eu I wouldn't recognise E wings as star wars neither would I know what film the hwk was from.
  16. Just wondering if you think it's hurting the game not having the full variety of ships on the shelf ready for late comers and new players alike I know a few people who are waiting to get involved because of the supply issues. Thoughts?
  17. It's financially cheaper if you do. Extra dice movement counters etc. But not as much fun as having lots of ship variety
  18. Seems about the right size to me.. I'm no expert at the Eu but I seem to remember it being smaller than the falcon
  19. Its the Falcon - not cos its uber hard in the game, but because..well, its the falcon.. need I say more?
  20. really nice model - I'm with you when it comes to the HWK.. I've never played a game with it and until this game had never even heard of it in the SW fluff
  21. charlarino

    base colouring

    So quick question what looks better in your opinion ? Clear bases or black? Or indeed any other colours you may have painted them (saw red bases on a thread today)
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