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  1. I would add accuracy and damage as separate sets on the roll. No reason you could do it with the same number of dice.
  2. No, it doesn’t. It feels like a popular game during a very hard time for games.
  3. Oh will there be a stream?
  4. Yea that doesn’t tell me if it’s like Rebel Assault or X-Wing:Alliance. One of those would be my primary game maybe for years, the other I wouldn’t purchase.
  5. Still no actual gameplay details??
  6. Because it’s like someone sticking you on a track instead of flying a ship in a genuine 3D environment. The 90’s X-Wing series is still unmatched for open, deep combat.
  7. If this ends up being track-based instead of free flying I might just pick a new IP for spaceship games.
  8. Neat. I hope a full campaign is on the way and this system is just a placeholder for until the virus is controlled.
  9. Because they are saying things that aren’t true and will kill people. Like I said, I work in public health. Disinfo kills people. We spend an insanely large amount of our time on education. It has a direct and tangible effect on par with good policy.
  10. Delusional. There’s no switch that turns the economy back on.
  11. The same place they got the money for the 2017 tax cuts and the first round of checks. They will borrow it. The economic recession is happening no matter what. There’s no way to policy our way out of it by sacrificing grandmas.
  12. Yes, they have excellent, universally-available healthcare and they are locking down vulnerable pops sort of halfway. Their deaths are still insanely higher than they needed to be, for which they received no tangible economic benefit. Zip. None. Their immediate neighbor is a good example of a similar system with lockdown instead of leaving school and restaurants open, Norway has a death rate ~8 times lower as of yesterday.
  13. When normalized for testing rates this is entirely false.
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