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  1. Did they mention anything about wave 5 release? Still September?
  2. It is not very good if you are not very good. (like me)
  3. This is the movement mechanic for the BSG minis game. I like it quite a bit for exactly the reasons you mentioned. But in that game all movement is simultaneous so there’s no convenient spot for a proper skill-based action choice.
  4. I enjoyed his cat POV is Aeronaut’s Windlass. I’ll check this out, thanks!
  5. If you bring tractor beams and gas clouds you should prolly just be coloring instead.
  6. I’ve finally decided why I liked the Vong so much. I always love the idea of taking a rich, complex, spaceborn political system and slamming it with a completely novel threat that even the original authors didn’t plan for. I want an alien landing in ASOIAF. I want a wizards war to slam into Independence Day 3. I love that whole idea, even if lots of people hate it. DO IT, MOUSE! Add the Vong!
  7. Imagine if you will a fight between tugboats and nantex’s. No dice. No shots. Only slamming each other into rocks and tractoring themselves so that the others can’t do it to them.
  8. I think 2.0 regen is so small that it’s not an NPE.
  9. Color the edge in a unique way. Like a red/blue/red slash in the most interior corner. Hard to see on the table but easy to sort out after the game.
  10. This is my real issue with them. I think bad tokens have to be balanced around retention to next rounds otherwise every new bad token does this.
  11. Technically fine, ethically questionable and likely to cause more harm than good.
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