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  1. TasteTheRainbow

    Avengers 4 Endgame

    Thanos snapped him, but the beard kept him safe.
  2. TasteTheRainbow

    FFG have ***** up x-wing 2.0

    “This miniatures game isn’t perfect. I’m going to play ___________, which is perfect.”
  3. TasteTheRainbow

    Uh, soooo... I thoroughly enjoyed Solo

    Yea I thought it was great.
  4. TasteTheRainbow

    Resistance stuff in need of translation

    Happy to see Nien’s ability stay. It’s so cool.
  5. TasteTheRainbow

    Deadly Speed - Resistance A-Wing article

    That’s a real paint use on B-2’s. Caused all kinds of health issues for the guys who worked with it. Odd choice by ffg.
  6. TasteTheRainbow

    Clone Wars!

    Is that a new obstacle type?
  7. TasteTheRainbow

    I'm contemplating having an affair...

    Me too! Even if that 3D/inertia system is a bit clunky I really want to see the attempt. And those minis are worth the price.
  8. TasteTheRainbow

    Top 5 Tips To Defeat Boba Fett. Click Here To Find Out More!

    1.) Intimidate spam For real. You can just walk all over him if you can get even one bump.
  9. I don’t care for the whole sequence with the salvage ship and Han. Felt unnecessary. fin
  10. TasteTheRainbow

    Happy Friday- What ship is surprising you in 2.0?

    It is truly, truly awful.
  11. TasteTheRainbow

    Happy Friday- What ship is surprising you in 2.0?

  12. TasteTheRainbow

    T-70 article.

    I really hope we see Nein’s ability again
  13. TasteTheRainbow

    T-70 article.

    I love how contradictory they are. “Poe is too good, stupid Disney!” ”Poe made a mistake, Disney can’t let a man do anything right.”
  14. TasteTheRainbow

    Upgrades superfluous?

    Still training my brain to be okay with naked aces.
  15. TasteTheRainbow

    The secret of data crunching

    I’m kind of hoping point, upgrade and format changes constantly make the data kind of useless.