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  1. Star Wars LEGION or REBELLION.....reskinned for Middle Earth?
  2. I know, but this one has a unique name......just like Gulgotar (an orc in the base set but got his own mini in the Eriador set)
  3. Could *spoiler, see this pic* be one of the minis in this expansion?
  4. arrived here an hour ago. Now where's the app update?
  5. sent an email today to the store I always buy my games. Turned out they already had the game (for days?). Immediately bought a copy which was sent earlier today.
  6. The mat is afaik sold out everywhere. (except at the FFG site but shipping is more than the mat itself!) Any idea if it will become available again on stores, Amazon etc?
  7. Or they'll pull a 'Boba Fett'. Putting him on the box but not inside. Imperial Assault players will remember this.
  8. Interview with one of the designers: https://starwarsinterviews.com/various/henning-ludvigsen-game-art-designer/
  9. Last saturday there was a whole stash at DutchComicCon for € 30 ($ 33). It was the german version. I threw away the cards and replaced them with the 2.0 cards. On the German Amazon there's one for € 53 now: amazon.de/dp/1616616741 (1 in stock) and for € 56.
  10. amazon.com/gp/product/1616619678/ Price has increased with $3 as it is now $ 53
  11. The Raider is $ 50 on Amazon.com. I ordered it 3 days ago. Shipping to Europe was $ 28. Also, this weekend I bought the Imperial Assault Cruiser and the Rebel Transport for € 30 ($ 33) at a convention and a conversion kit for € 31 ($34) So, for 50 + 28 + 33 + 33 + 34 = 178 I have 3 huge ships, ready for 2.0. That's $ 59 per ship, which is pretty cheap if you ask me. (I already had the Corvette and the C-Roc for which I paid RRP) Just keep looking for good deals.
  12. I was on the fence about getting this game for months. Until 4 weeks ago when I also discovered the expansion was sold out almost everywhere. Luckily Tolkienshop.com still had them so I pulled the trigger and got both the game and expansion.
  13. I ordered one for $ 50 there yesterday. This saturday I bought a 1.0 Rebels Transport and Imperial Assault Cruiser for € 30 each (+-$ 33). Getting 1.0 stuff with a conversion kit is often cheaper than getting the 2.0 sets.
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