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  1. Traditionally, they sell very well. With how many sets Wizard's was able to get this year, it might be the case that the market is more flooded this time around. Great to throw down with you on Friday! Going to fully revamp my contribution for the event on the 29th up here in Fort Collins. Going to focus on questing like a beast, hopefully keep space to retain the healing element and add a location control element.
  2. Hey community! Posting has begun again over at http://theendmaybedark.blogspot.com. While the post is dealing with my participation in the Fellowship Event this weekend, there is a segue in the deck section of the article on recent deck theory thoughts I have had. Enjoy!
  3. Gandalf/Sam/Aragorn (core) worked surprisingly well for me, despite reservations I had on the threat. It allows you to play mono-Leadership from the top of your deck (and I threw in a Song of King just in case...). Sam did have Noble Hero attached, but I think the combo would have been great even without that +1 willpower.
  4. After a long hiatus, a new post is up! Featuring a Gandalf/Sam/Aragorn deck I had a blast playing. The Ring Goes South
  5. Nice work! I'd totally use Lonely Mountain Watch. But I also use Outlands, Spirit Glorfindel, and Dain. So take my viewpoints on broken cards with salt...
  6. I think this is right. Also, the wording would be important if you're using Frodo or Gondorian Discipline (thus keeping that first character damaged alive).
  7. So where is the difference? Neutral is not a sphere and I think thats a logical ruling. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to play neutral cards with ressources from any spheres because you wouldn't have a ressource match and therefore you could only play neutral cards with ressources from the new Gandalf hero. I like this horse dead and well-kicked. Yes, now A Good Harvest and Hero Gandalf bring new light to the ruling, since they were created post-ruling. But, at the time, it is very hard to believe that Stand and Fight was created with that ruling in mind. Instead, it feels the ruling was made to counteract how powerful Gandalf (ally, core) was (and still is), since he was the only one the ruling pertained to early on (and Radahast during the Mirkwood Cycle...and no one was going to use Stand and Fight on him anyway).
  8. I would honestly recommend breaking that into pieces and selling it. I cannot imagine someone diving into the game for that much of an investment. Even if you break it into cycles, you'll probably get some interest.
  9. While it's a bit of a setup: Haldir + Nor Am I A Stranger + mount (pick of 4 for him, including Asfaloth), + Charge of the Rohirrim. Probably best paired with a Rohan deck, but still a combination I'd like to see happen.
  10. Never fear! You need to exhaust Heir of Mardil. 1 time use.
  11. The Hobbit saga & Heirs of Numenor are completed and The Black Riders has begun! 11 quests left out of 43.
  12. I find him useful when I don't need large questing all the time, but need an occasional push (combined with one or two 2+ willpower Tactics heroes). He's a good defender and attacker the rest of the time. I honestly just love using him and never really see him a hindrance.
  13. Different card than the OP, but Blocking Wargs from Into Ithilien is the shadow you're looking for.
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