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  1. Ok, so joking aside.... If you don't care about competitive play, then there is no need to care about points. If you don't care about points, then who cares what you bring to the table, bring whatever. If one does care about competitive play, then the community of those who do care need a common standard across groups so that when they meet they are not all over the map about what they bring. Inside a group, 450 or 350 or 475 whatever is fine. Between groups, a standard makes sense. And this forum is a 'between groups' thing. List building is perceived to be a puzzle. There are good solutions to the puzzle and not so good and we like to talk about which. But a 450/20% squadron puzzle is unique to you while other players, in their limited time and on this 'between groups' forum, are rightly focused on the puzzle that is relevant to a group of 'between groups' people. Also, there is practice. If one is competitive, one wants to practice. And gaming time is limited. While a 450 or 500 pt game sounds fun, I'd personally rather get some more practice in. If we take a break and play a 450+ point game, that would be cool but a one off, and I'd throw the list together and get out there and pew-pew and not sweat the details. So, what you are doing is somewhat akin to berating Madden 15 players for not looking at your football team that has 14 players on offense instead of 11.
  2. Not as sad as how many threads you've posted this whine on... lol
  3. By my count, an ISD can get to 10 - with slaved turrets and conc fire. Kinda sucks as you want XI7 instead of slaved turrets and have to give up a second attack, which the ISD does NOT want to do. So, really 9. And the big advantage of going SPD 3 is negated over an MC80 due to the rebel getting engine techs. So, you *have* to stay to the front of the MC80, which means you have to work harder. I actually am ok with that as it changes the dynamic the Victory forced us to. I am also ok with the rebels continuing to have the best raw ship in the game (AFII, now MC80) as it makes it easier to talk smack to them.
  4. I am very into helping players get into this game more cost effectively. I scoop up a lot of Armada stuff and have access to a lot for sale, about half price, especially on the rebel side. Bigger discounts the more you buy. Even better if you are looking for everything to get you into at least wave 1 quickly. PM me if interested. Can't really help with wave 2 yet, but if someone is looking to get the core play aids and ships through wave 1, *that* I can help with. Jon
  5. lol. March? man, tomorrow is long range planning....
  6. Mike! Glad to see you making friends here as well.
  7. The first time I was in a conversation about rock-paper-scissors lists in a competitive miniatures game was in the 1980s. The idea that someone just thought it up is...well...silly. lol Jonathan won because of skill. He matched list to play style to plan to practice and then stayed mistake free. RPS is the least important thing in this conversation, he's just a cool humble dude.
  8. It turns out I am not able to go, but neither can I get my ticket to someone else. This is FFG's official final answer. Sorry, guys I would love to see one of you get to go in my place, but work intervenes and the tix are not transferable. J
  9. Versch They don't send us a physical ticket, they send us an email saying we are on their list. If you can verify with FFG officially that one can transfer a ticket, I might be able to help you for the original cost of the ticket - $60. But I am not sure that they allow this.
  10. Dude, you can call your fleet whatever you want...lol
  11. The larger issue is, simple records of tournaments don't really have statistical validity. That is because there is no real value given to the skill of the player, which far outweighs the importance of list choices in terms of producing victory, especially meaningful victory. I don't care how many times a '5M' wins. I care about who the regular tourney winners are and how they are winning - not with what they are winning, but how. So far, the 'motti scale' is a distraction to that end.
  12. It would be cool to see more theorycrafting about tactics. There is a lot of unsubstantiated list speculation on this forum, but very little in the way of real advice to a newer player that is useful.
  13. Mikael, if you are looking for someone to validate the idea that the 'motti scale' is actually pretty meaningless, I will step up for you. But it makes for an amusing read...
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