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  1. As mentioned, I do not have defenders, bombers, shuttle. But I should be able to get it done with the ties, interceptors, firespray. I will definitely use some of the advice in the thread!
  2. I have firespray, 2 core sets, tie expansion and imperial aces on the empire side, so my options are limited to those for now. He has yt1300, xwing expansion, b-wing, e-wing available to him. I want to beat him a few times with his list so that we can try some other builds. We have only begun playing and I thank you for your ideas. We have not begun to use asteroids, just a blank playmat. I hit the falcon hard on my first pass last night, but then when I tried to turn my ships for another pass, I got spread out and seemed to be "jousting" like one poster said not to do. He then took out one of my ties and was able to have an xwing/falcon focus on firespray and take that down before I could him. (They hit firespray hard on first strike as well). I think most of my problem is learning to maneuver better. I keep getting too spread out. He was using target locks and offensive cards and I was just trying to stay alive. Edited to add: I am happy he is doing well, but as someone mentioned above, he is losing interest because the games are not competitive. I think if I beat his list a few times, it will be good for both of us.
  3. Thanks. I need to try something because I am definitely doing it wrong.
  4. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. My son always wants to play as the rebels and just beats me every game. He rolls out with an xwing and r2d2, yt1300, and b wing. So I have 26 hits I have to burn through and that is not counting the shield regen with r2d2. I have tried interceptors and ties. I tried firespray and just am not good and new to the game. It is just to the point of 6 straight losses and I am not sure what to do. I am not good enough to really fly a swarm without running into ships and losing actions, but is that the counter? If you were brand new, how would you counter those 26 hitpoints? My last game, i had 19 hitpoints to his 26. I know that his low agility should counter things, but I just got blown out. I almost had the yt1300 last game before I lost my 4th ship! I probably just need to learn to fly better.
  5. I am not sure if there is a "correct" way but was just looking for ideas. My set is just large enough to have the rebels versus empire 100 point game with a few ships left over. When my son and I play, we just flip a coin and say if it is heads, he is the rebels. Then we pick our ships privately. There is a little problem with us both wanting to use some of the same upgrades, but I usually just let him pick first. Of course, then when I pick I can see what upgrades he took, so that is not entirely. I guess I could always print some extras just for casual play? I thnk I might have some friends over soon and was just looking for ideas of how you work it out in your games if you only have one set. I am the only one with a set right now, though I hope some of my friends eventually pock up their own. Maybe with new people, I just setup two equal teams and flip a coin to see who has which side or let the guest pick? Kind of like when mom tells you to share a piece of cake with your sister and you cut the cake and she picks which piece she want. All ideas are welcome. I am even thinking 50 point games might be better to start?
  6. That is why I was questioning myself. When I read Night Beast, I thought he would maneuver, remove stress, get free focus. When I saw I was wrong, I thought maybe I was doing something wrong with Howlrunner. Thanks for the quick replies!
  7. Thanks. I had an evade and focus constantly and started at full heatlth to his 5, so I only had to make up two damage. That 1 agility really hurt him. I tried to stay at range two so that his 3 die and focus were against my 3 die with focus and evade. I know it felt OP to him but it probably should not have been had I not had some hot attack die.
  8. My son and I just started and played our first "real" game last night (not the quickplay). We messed up all kinds of things like forgetting to take our actions and running off of the board. We did have a few situations that I was not able to understand clearly. I looked on forums and FAQ and still am somewhat confused. He told me that what I was doing was overpowered. What I want to know is if I was doing it right. If not, please tell me. If I was, how does he counter more effectively? Down to him having Han Solo and my Howlrunner. Solo has no upgrades and Howlrunner has Push the limit. I would move and evade, then push the limit and get focus and stress. The next move, I would use green maneuver to remove stress, perform evade>ptl>focus. I kept repeating until I whittled down the Falcon and he was not happy. I looked at FAQ and thought I was doing it right but then saw a Night Beast situation that she would not receive his free action with PTL but when I read the card I thought she would. In other words, I do not believe I have a firm grasp on the rules. We are gong to keep playing and try to get the rules down. One more question: can my template go off of the game board as long as my ship ends up on the board? Can you barrel roll or boost if you make a move with your base off of the playing area to get yourself back in? I said "no" because the maneuver would take you off and you would not get to perform the barrel rol action to bring you back on. We bought the core set last weekend and played quick rules and loved the game so I bought lots of more stuff these last few days. My wife is beside herself but my son and daugter and I are loving it.
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