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    I am not sure the size/scale of the upcoming armada ISD (does anyone have insight into the real length of the wave 2 capital ships?). The diecast ISD model from the disney store is 9 inches almost exactly 1/7000. The FFG VSD is about 1/6400 scale so technically about 1/2 inch too long for 1/7000 but close enough for my taste for in scale gaming. You can see both in the pic below. Yes, I'll be working on a Winged MC80 model next year. Hopefully FFG will release one close to 1/7000 in the meantime
  2. Utar


    How can we get them (and you tiny fighters)? All those in that list I have in limited numbers in resin, just shot me a pm. I will also try to get them updated on shapeways as soon as I have time. A friend of mine is updating his 1/2256 fighters to fit onto tiny fighter trees so you can have a 9 fighter squad on an armada stand. I will post some pics when they are done. They look good with 1/7000 scale capital ships and 8mm shuttles. I need to update the shuttle file.
  3. Utar


    Thanks Mel! I also have the following 1/7000 scale stuff in resin: Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser, Consular cruiser, MC30c Mon Calamari Frigate, Imperial Escort Carrier, Carrack-class Light Cruiser, Lancer-class Frigate, Tartan-class Patrol Frigate, Marauder-class Corvette, Interceptor-class Frigate, Imperial Patrol Vessel IPV-1, Corellian Corvette CR 90, Corellian Corvertte CR 70, Assassin-class Corvette, Corellian Gunship DP20a, Corellian Gunship DP20c, Republic Light Assault Cruiser, Action VI Transport, Bulk Freighter, GR-75 medium transport (Rebel Transport), Bayonet-class cruiser, Broadside-class Star Destroyer, Bulk Cruiser, Strike cruiser, Quasar Fire-class bulk cruiser, Star Galleon-class Frigate.
  4. Those are just the landed version by request for someone building a 1/2256 scale venator SD model. He wanted to add some detail to the landing bay.
  5. The smaller ships don't have integrated pegs for the stands but I have pegs you can glue on. If you need me to send you some just send me a PM.
  6. Cool mod on that Mark II !
  7. It was painted by a buddy of mine, but I have used similar decals in the past. They are super easy to make if you have access to a color laser printer. Just buy some printable waterslide decal paper off ebay for $4, here is an example listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/CLEAR-LASER-Waterslide-Decal-Paper-1-Sheet-8-5-x-11-/321423091777?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4ad64f2841 then download some high-res imperial and rebel symbols (and pirate and other factions) and print them out in various sizes to fit the different capital ships.
  8. Those space rocks look cool; I'll have to save up for some... If you are just looking for stations and platforms I have ordered these before and they are pretty nice: https://www.ravenstarstudio.com/store/c17/Space_Stations%2C_Platforms_and_Civilian_Vessels.html
  9. Here are some painted corvettes/light cruisers. Awesome paint jobs by James from Science Fiction Modeler: Assassin Corvette Carrack: Gunship: CR70 Corvette: CR90 Corvette: Marauder Corvette:
  10. Sorry No, I am focused on capital ships for the rest of the year.
  11. Here are some initial shots of the resin dreadnaught, assault frigate mark I, and imperial escort carrier. I will get some more pics over the next week or so including parts break out and comparison with the FFG ships.
  12. I thought I had put them on shapeways but I guess not if you like I can put them up.
  13. Utar


    Here is a quick shot of how the 8mm shuttles look with 1/2256 scale fighters and a 1/7000 scale rebel transport...
  14. Utar


    Here is my idea for shuttles (in the generic sense including shuttles, light freighters, troop ships, etc) to work with 1/7000 fleets. These are all scaled to be about 8mm in size, That way the look somewhat realistic between 1/2256 scale fighters (around 4mm) and the smallest 1/7000 scale capital ships (around 13mm). I'll try to get some pics of the actual ships tonight...
  15. Utar


    Wow!, great job painting those small ships.
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