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  1. Its gotta be another Sabine crew card with different coloured hair ...
  2. I tried it out. Had low expectations but was pleasantly surprise to see decent space sim mechanics. Takes me back to my old Wing commander, Tie fighter and SWG days where you can adjust your ships shields and pipe power to different systems. The game isn't really anything like No Mans Sky, it plays more like the ARMA games so if you like those its worth a look. Combat in your EVA zero gravity can be slow if your not building up your momentum and zipping around the place but for the most part combat is fast when your on your feet and you can die quickly if your not moving. All the movement is handled by the physics engine and your ship will side about depending on what way your thrusters are pointing. But if your good you can power slide around asteroids and turn off the flight assist so you can flip your ship around and shoot people chasing you. It nails its tone kinda a mix of Battle Star Galatica, Firefly and the Alien movies. The world is rich and super detailed walking into an airlock without a pressure suit on will kill you as your exposed to the vacuum of space. My last flight-stick died with SWG it plays fine with keyboard and mouse if your ship has guns on an aiming gimble you can aim independently of where the ship is pointing. Yes there are ships that cost hundreds of dollars and packages of ships for thousands but all of these ships are going to be available to buy in game so you can buy the $45 starter pack and that's really all you will need though the $60 pack has their single player game that's going to be bundled with it. You don't need to subscribe to monthly payments or anything like that. The cash shop just buys mostly basic things like decorations and skins. The game isn't done there are bugs but what is there fills the hole SWG left its a AAA super detail 90's revival space simulation game that no AAA publisher would dare to fund. Sign up its worth your time they have free fly events every so often you can try the game out for nothing. Here's my referral code STAR-HGLZ-RMKY put that in when you sign up and get yourself $5 of their space credits.
  3. Scum epic ship will be another 4 pilots Ig-88 E-H so you can have a wing of 8 ig-88's
  4. ldodt

    ARC 170s (again)

    Its got no generic pilots either...
  5. Old republic core set?
  6. You are going to see a push for the new stuff that's just the way this sort of marketing works. Rebels, the new movies and games are going to get the spotlight. But I do think FFG will slip in some old favorites in side like they have done with the hawk, outrider and others.
  7. I don't play in tournaments but I wouldn't proxy stuff there if I went to one. But I do enjoy making my own custom tokens and ships and at times playing with proxy cards. I think its more healthy for people to play and experiment with cards they don't have as that may influence future purchases. The idea of proxies killing the game is nonsense, unless your game store has everyone playing x-wing with paper stand ups instead of miniatures its not something to worry about.
  8. In a 3d fighter space game the pods hidden inside the panels would make the ship look too similar to a regular tie interceptor. As for ships in starwars being ugly most of them are its a tradition. Some people getting a negative reaction to a ship and just summing it up as ugly are just being too lazy and dismissive to understand why that ship provokes that negative reaction.
  9. On a 3d printer with made in china written on the side?
  10. My buying of Asmodee products has pretty much stopped all together. So no wave 8 for me. Maybe ill cherry pick a ship I like now and then but the past few months I've moved on to other miniature games I enjoy or just some well priced board games. Ship prices for me have pretty much doubled since I started playing so taking a year off or so see how I feel about the game.
  11. I don't see why it cant games workshop lifted elements of star wars when they were writing the 40k stuff its also backed up by the mouse house that pretty much wants to make sure were buying starwars stuff for the rest of our natural lives.
  12. Doesn't anyone miss Squats? .... no?
  13. Way I see it the more competition GW has the better. Rumor is that their going to be doing more board games but I don't see them doing all that well in that space unless they get some really good designers on board and price those games reasonably against whats already on the market. Most of their recent games seem to have dated rules systems and cost twice what FFG and the competition offers. Now I don't its going to be as dire for games workshop as some folks around here might predict, their brands are still popular and they most likely have a rainy day fund of profits they can dip into should they need to. But I don't see them luring me back to the games workshop hobby especially since I'm converting all my fantasy models over to kings of war/dungeon saga and my 40k models (that are mostly useless these days unless I re-base them) will most likely be use for diorama's to look at.
  14. I kinda like the Gonzanti best as far as stand alone epic ships. But maybe wait to see if we hear about any scum epic ships at the con's?
  15. There is most likely some concept art already floating about somewhere of how these ships would look in the not lego universe. If the show's popular there will defiantly be fan art at least. And FFG has a good art team so yeah Star scavenger and Eclipse fighter confirmed for wave 9.
  16. For these id just use Blue/yellow Kneadatite or "green stuff" its a two part resin you mash together. There are other options you could use Miliput or even plaster of pairs but you'ed wanna reinforce that one with something to make it stronger. You could buy a two part casting resin Smooth On is the company that makes the good stuff but its more expensive and then things get more technical. Don't be scared of it every miniature gamer should have this stuff.
  17. Look up some instant mold or "Oyumaru" if you don't want to destroy ships for tokens guys. Its a rubber you heat up in hot water and slap it on the model you want to copy, wait for it to cool and peal off. Its reusable too if you just heat it up in water again.
  18. Once scum catches up? ..... forth faction. I doubt we'll see a set formula for waves if they just keep with the same thing every wave people will get bored. I wouldn't be surprised if we see some episode 1-3 ships sneaking into the mix. Scum huge ships are pretty likely will we see more huge ships after them though? Anything new Disney is pushing they will have to make otherwise the great mouse house might get upset. I would love to see a campaign book or something like that to replace all the slips of mission paper at least. But I think there might be reasons that make them want to keep x-wing from becoming a narrative game like imperial assault. Get those co-op guys on board and do a co-op book for each faction and make some AI dials or software apps for the enemy ships? Oh and they should make up some new ships I wanna see whole wave of completely original FFG x-wing miniatures game designed ships.
  19. Ive had issues with my raider as well with one of the peg holes breaking after its first game i was able to repair it with some green stuff and glue but if it happens again its magnet town for it. My friends has also had both clear peg receivers come off the bottom of his ship but they still both slot back into the holes fine.
  20. Yoda: At the start of the combat phase discard any swamp tokens.
  21. I think it only seems under costed and folks are overreacting. I bet it ends up being closer to a rebel Scyk or something like that. A cheep Scyk with a mango cannon comes in at 20 points has one more agility and a much better dial. Yet we don't see the tables swarming with those.
  22. I think new players should try out a variety of ships or buy the ones they like the look of. It only takes a handful of games to get the feel of the ships you might want. As more scum ships come out you can bet the bro-bots hotness will cool off.
  23. I'm going to assume by "No more ships" he means that there has already been a few new editions and were in the crazy future world of 2036 where we all play augmented reality versions of x-wing on our smart tables that are connected to the internet with people all over the world and everyone is so sick of Disney starwars its been run into the ground. Digital recreations of the game, other companies copying the game and making their own similar versions, 3d printed home brewed ships, community developed content and eventually reprinting when a company wants to make more money. Its pretty much the cycle of these sorts of games and X-wing's way better then most of the ones that have come, gone and come back again over the years.
  24. There are a few ships I cant help myself from putting in lists mostly X-wings, Z-95's, Tie and Tie interceptors. But I also love to take ships people consider terrible and make them work for me Hawk's, Lambda and if I had more Scyk's id try and make a list based around them. Ships looks wise I tend towards the EU ships, I know a lot of them look terrible but they make me feel the starwars universe is bigger then rebels and empire.
  25. I think you should buy whatever ships you like but if you wanna go for bang for your buck this is mostly likely your best bet. Both core sets gives you plenty of dice, two sets of movement templates so both players don't have to share the one set and all the space rocks. I wouldn't worry too much about upgrade cards because these can be just proxies when your just starting out and learning. Rebel player gets a good mix of an A-wing, B-wing and the new and old X-wings. Imperial player gets a heap of ties 2x old, 2x new and 2x interceptors. Amazon prices. X-wing core set $30.45 TFA core set $24.28 Rebel Aces $22.99 Imperial Aces $22.18 $99.90
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