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  1. Haha, I like that idea. Some more context: They are still "at large" after killing the guards. I gave them an in-game day of unharassed time where they could still get along in public while the guards conducted their investigation (going over pict-feeds, questioning locals, and so on). In the next session however, they will be 'wanted' men. Also, as of the current time they have not identified themselves as working with the Inquisition at any point they have been on Scintilla. They have only used that particular Ace-in-the-hole once in the entire campaign and that was to hitch a ride aboard a Black Ship headed to Scintilla. The group's Adept was given a Rosette to use in emergencies. However, doing so will draw some very unwanted attention. On top of that, the Adept hasn't seemed too keen on bailing out the Arbiter in his schemes so far so who's telling what is going to happen. Our next session is scheduled for Wednesday.
  2. Again, thanks for all the ideas everyone. I'll keep this thread updated with what happens in the sessions ahead for those that are interested. Some people mentioning their inquisitor's feelings about the whole thing. She currently is unaware of the situation as she is currently on a different planet perusing different leads. Most assuredly she is monitoring her acolytes in some way, but news probably won't reach her for some time.
  3. It was convoluted and I really have no idea where they were going with it, but essentially they built up this false noble through various means with the Arbiter acting as his Champion; to the point where this "noble"'s name had become known. At that point, they produced some dubious quality "holy relics" and sold them off using this noble's name for a very minor profit (like 30 Thrones total in all). It was all very minor and relatively under the radar so I really didn't give them much in-game resistance to their plotting. However, the group as a whole inserted themselves into a rivalry between two noble houses and eventually angered some noble that had the ear of the local Magistratum office. And the rest I kind of explained before: After being taken in for questioning, a check was done on their backgrounds; indeed, this noble was no noble at all. Initially, they were just going to let the Arbiter go and keep this false noble, but he insisted on staying, He was then informed that in that case he would be charged as an accomplice to the crime. As they closed in to handcuff the pair, the Arbiter choose that moment to whip out his Arbites badge and a mighty speech about his authority, but a truly terrible fellowship role resulted in the enforcers slapping the badge out of his hands. Then came out the guns and the resulting bloodbath.
  4. Wow, thanks everyone. Really detailed stuff, I love it! For the record, much to the chagrin of the rest of their party, the whole impersonating a noble thing was an attempt to grift the lesser populace of the hive. Although they didn't make all that much money before they were discovered. If it comes to it, I would like to haul them before a judge and see how that plays out. Am I correct in assuming that the planet likely supports its own (probably quite corrupt) courts system that's separate from the Arbites courthouses?
  5. Looking for some advice for my campaign. One of my players is an Arbiter and he understands that his position gives him a large amount of authority -- flashing his Arbites badge is his favorite action. However, recently, he got himself into a jam by getting caught helping another party member impersonate a noble while inside one of the noble spires of Hive Sibellus on Scintilla. Due to some inconsistencies in their actions, I had the local enforcers (Magistratum) bring them in for questioning after they angered some of the local nobles. With some pretty bad rolls for their Adept friend at forging documents and a particularly bad fellowship role by the Arbiter, the Magistratum enforcers went to slap the manacles on the offending pair of party members when the Arbiter dual wielded his way to three dead enforcers while two others escaped the scene. Currently, they are laying low immediately after the incident but the Arbiter insists that his actions were justified as they wouldn't listen to his higher authority in the matter. The whole encounter wasn't exactly expected on my part, so I'm not sure where I go from here, so I was hoping that some of the experts could give me some advice. Obviously, the Magistratum and the Arbites of Scintilla don't exactly get along so I don't forsee getting them to drop the issue, but I am open to suggestions as how to proceed.
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