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  1. I'm attempting to add the Ewok from the Allies and Adversaries book to the data editor, but I cannot completely add all of the special abilities. The species data editor seems to max out at 3 "Option Choices" (I'm trying to add a fourth). Anyone know if this is a glitch or another reason why another can't be added even though other species do have more than 3 (such as droids.).
  2. I enjoy all of the above, thanks. Plenty of things to enjoy more than anything bad. So it's all good.
  3. Perhaps the group learns that there is a map but it is being held by a collector of artifacts in a personal collection. The collector does not know the value of the map (which requires the figurine to be able to decipher the runes on the map) but is unwilling to part with it. The PCs can either travel off-world to steal the map from the collection, or they can attempt to negotiate with the collector for use of the map. However the collector will want something in return, perhaps obligation or something in particular from the tomb. Something that may actually be very dangerous in the collector's hands.
  4. I presented the players with the situation and offered some hints on some possible solutions based on some suggestions here. The army intends to occupy the village and take the citizens prisoner to be used as a bargaining chip to negotiate transportation off-world to join, what they believe, is the rest of the Separatist army. The problem here is that the Empire is likely not going to negotiate for mere civilians on a wild-space world, and the droids are likely not going to keep the prisoners alive if they are not useful. Assuming the Empire doesn't just bomb the **** out of the planet. The last non-droid crew member who has survived all these years was sent to the town to negotiate the surrender but is doing so against her will. She was able to provide the PCs with an override code that could be used on the tactical droid commander. Once the code is implanted the droid will take commands from the user, and who therefore will have control over the army. The problem is that the tactical droid needs to be disabled long enough to interface with the droid to implement the command code. Currently only the Separatist and one NPC have that cybernetic, and the droid is at the center of the army within a mobile command center. The NPCs are planning to sneak out of the town while the NPC confirms the surrender. They will later attempt to infiltrate the army by stealth and make their way to the command center. The group will have a few suppressor mods and an ion weapon or two to use between them. I'm also stating that due to there not being a way to recharge the droid's systems on the planet that the General is shutting down various teams of droids at a time in a rotation to conserve energy. I'm hoping for some intense and thrilling sneaking with a final epic confrontation with the droid general and his guards.
  5. Going to be starting a campaign tomorrow with 4 players. Usually I run with 5 or 6, but whenever someone is missing and we have fewer people I always feel the game goes a lot smoother and players have more opportunities to stand out individually.
  6. Doesn't seem like you have a very accommodating or nice GM if that's the case.
  7. An EMP isn't a bad idea. Might be an option available to them. The PCs vs an Army is a plot I settled on primarily because it's NOT a plot you typically should settle on. I wanted the odds so out of the favor of the PCs that they would have to come up with something clever to avoid themselves and the townsfolk meeting a quick demise. Obviously running in and fighting it head on would be suicide. But, in the flavor of underdogs vs crushing odds I wanted to see what would come of it. Some great ideas so far.
  8. Great thoughts. I definitely don’t want the party just defending against waves. The army is basically just going to sit back and wait for a surrender, maybe peppering a building or two with cannon fire to make a point. But I would like the PCsto have to infiltrate the army stealthily in some way. Getting to the downed ship for de-activation or command codes is a good goal but will require transportation the PCs do not have (they only have a single speeder bike between all of them). This could be resolved by them stealing staps from the droids or a townsfolk pulling out an old speeder they have been working on. great ideas so far.
  9. Unfortunately not established. The town is within some peaceful and hilly grassy plains with a river and forested areas nearby.
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