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  1. You’re right. I was thinking r5 Astro to get hull back. Haven’t had much luck with vet tail gunner and haven’t tried magva crew yet. I’ve had luck with Norra with just hull upgrade lately. No one really wants to shoot at her in my area, so astros are kinda wasted on her, and torps are situational. It has allows for me to add upgrades to my other ships which forces my opponent to pick their poison. YMMV though.
  2. My first thought is that there’s too many points in Norra, or at least in the wrong things. Slap a hull upgrade, r4 Astro and she’s fine there. Adv proton torps is fine but hard to get off, and when you do you have a 4 dice primary anyway. Hull upgrade and r4 make her a tank. Blount is underrated and if you put cluster missiles on him becomes super annoying. I wish shield upgrade wasn’t so expensive on them as they are glass cannons like you say. Sabine is a pain like that. wedge can be good or bad depending what you fly against. He wants proton torps though since he takes away a defense die. Those are my thoughts. If you pare down Norra that frees up points for torps on wedge. Norra is tough, still hits hard, Sabine does her thing, and wedge with torps is tough.
  3. True but if your opponent is only taking target locks and can’t get that focus Magva still helps. And she is cheaper than Fenn even of expected damage is higher for using Magva over Fenn. Frees up some points elsewhere and still helps lessen attacks. granted over the course of a game Fenn would be better, Magva still isn’t a bad choice if you don’t have the points for Fenn, and she has more health on her.
  4. Magva is a cheaper imitation of fenn and less points. Granted you can still use focus tokens against ships, but only being able to reroll one attack die helps neuter alpha strike fully modded shots. And he has a bigger base to help block, more health and 1 more attack die with the same coordinate ability. Food for thought.
  5. Honestly I don’t think you need to be worried about another i4 pilot. If you go against aces you’re out of luck anyway, and most imps are going to be i5ish maybe 4 with initiative. I think downgrading and adding veteran turret gunners or torps is the way to go. But that’s my opinion.
  6. I’m glad you thought of the multiple turns of 0 stops too. I don’t think it will be too viable to constantly do 0 stops but it would be a **** of a lot of fun and worth it to see my opponents face when I just park a u wing and turn as needed.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I like the second list a lot as it actually allows you to spread focused wand use them. And I know the hawk is getting a lot of love from both rebels and scum, but does it hold up very well with its health?
  8. Have you thought about dropping upgrades on this to make room for a z with clusters or sheathipeade? It would give you a fourth ship that can help strip tokens or give one of your arcs another action.
  9. Most of my losses in 2.0 have been against 4 b wings or 4 x wings our local rebel swarm player flies. 4 b wings with hull upgrade is horrible to try and chew through. And he’s had ridiculous good dice at range 2/3 with his 3 dice attacks so much that he’s taken out a u wing, a z, and a sheathipeade all at range 3. ive beaten his list once so I feel your pain.
  10. I have found so far that Braylen is amazing when stressed, u wings are much better, Norra in the arc even naked is a beast ( so much that my opponents refuse to shoot at her), and the y wings from generic and up are worth it. Ap-5 in the sheathipeade is a cheap ship that most people ignore, Blount is good but does easily, and a low ps z with missiles is aggravating. Having said all that, trying to fit 4 ships when their are a lot of good individual ships in a 200 point list is where I’m struggling. My current list has 2 u wings, Norra and a evaan with bombs.
  11. Looks good. I’d drop fire control system off of the B’s and out hull upgrade instead. Makes them even more of a pain to kill with an extra hull. And Braylen stressed is getting rerolls already. And ten stressed does his thing which is like FCS anyway.
  12. The idea is to make several ships initiative 5 to either get in attacks early, or not get initiative killed. Also, Leia is there to have the U wings be able to sit for two rounds, and avoid stress the first time and let Norra K turn in behind someone. I have flown Norra and Bandit in various lists, and usually fly Cassian and Braylen but flew against several opponents with multiple U-Wings and got lit up. With their base 2 agility they are slightly better than B's if they haven't closed their wings. Norra in Arc Swarm Tactics Hull Upgrade Magva Swarm Tactics Pivot Wing Tac Officer Heff Leia Pivot Wing Tac Officer Bandit Z Cluster Missiles What do you guys think of this? I'm open to any suggestions and comments. I am trying to stick with a 4 ship list though
  13. That could be way useful, if my dice rolls are any indication.
  14. uscsmurf

    Braylen Stramm

    ****. Ok, that changes some things.
  15. uscsmurf

    Braylen Stramm

    Did they resolve the trick shot collision detector combo? I thought if you were ignoring the effects of the obstacle you couldn’t then get the extra die of the trick shot? Am I wrong? i know that I’d still get the extra die defensively but I can’t remember about the other way.
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