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  1. A while back I made my own version of ESB Luke and I gave him: Astrogation 1, Athletics 2, Cool 2, Discipline 3, Gunnery 3, Leadership 1, Lightsaber 3, Mechanics 1, Perception 2, Piloting (Planetary) 3, Piloting (Space) 3, Ranged (Light) 1, Survival 2, Vigilance 1. ... Pretty close, huh? I should work for FFG! 😄
  2. I love doing stuff like this too! Based on your research, I’d say FFG did quite alright in nailing Luke’s ESB power level. What are his skill ranks?
  3. Back in the old WEG days, Luke’s stats from Empire were also labled “as of the battle of Hoth,” but represented him by the end of the film, post-training with Yoda 😊
  4. That’s amazing. I ordered the book on friday, but they still haven’t shipped it 😕 Any chance on gering some previews? I’m really interested in Luke & Han. Arne Leia’s the same as the ones in Dawn of Rebellion?
  5. Are there stats for any other named characters from the films or comics?
  6. Hmm... I would say the level of accuraccy in the first statement is less than complete. He does about the same amount of jumping, throwing etc. as Sidious and Vader. In addition, stats from FFG heavily favour simplicity and the stat updates the OP did are much more in line with the officially published material. The second statement really doesn’t add anything productive, and only serves to undermine the effort and great product of the OP. As a word of advice, I would reconsider including statements like that in the future.
  7. You are so right. Too used to lightsabers having crit 1 and thanks to both of you.
  8. Quick question regarding this particular talent. When making the Lightsaber (Cunning) roll and spending Force points to add failures to opponents next check... ... does this ALSO count as an attack (capable to deadline damage etc. as normal)? Someone wielding a standard (un-modded) lightsaber rolling and generating 3 successes, 2 advantages and four Force points, would he deal 9 damage and cause a +10 critical injury to his opponent in addition to applaying 4 failures tomhed next combat check, or just the latter?
  9. This all makes good sense, and if it works for your game it’s all the better :) However, please consider the fact that Vader Rolls 5 yellow for lightsaber, and possesses many talents and abiltities to make him formidable beyond just this. In addition, he rolls 6 force dice. From the looks of the Rise of the Seperatists previews, Dooku seems to be somewhat simmilarly built and ranked. Your builds (with the current commit force Dice being a part of the stats) effectively makes Yoda and Palpatine weaker than Vader and Dooku, as they would first have to spend an action to commit the dice, and would then roll with either 5 yellows and a green for combat, and 4 force dice—or 5 yellow (like vader), and 5 force dice. The lightsaber Masters talent exists not only to enhance the simplicity, but in this case also serves to build a character more “correctly” to their abilties in the source materiale, and line up better with the official stat blocks for other characters. However, these are just my two cents :) your builds are VERY good. BTW, the beta version had the descriptions for what each force rank meant (which I’m told the developers still use for their official builds). 3-5 is various degrees of knighthood and 6 is a master, while 7 is legendary (technically also a master).
  10. For simplicity's sake I would give them each Force Rating 7 (legendary Force user), and give them the Lightsaber Mastery ability from FaD. This would allow them to use their best characteristic for the Lightsaber skill. This would certainly fit more in line with the published versions of iconic characters. EDIT: Oh, and this would also do away with the commit aspects of the Enhance power. This would also make them a step above characters like Vader (DoR) and Dooku (RotS; upcoming book), instead of a step below, in both Force ability and fighting prowess. In addition, Palpatine's Unleash power really should have critical rating of 1 (as in the mastery upgrade), as this is specifically mentioned in the book as being Force Lightning. This will be the changes I make when I steal these really well-made builds
  11. Really well made! Great work. I might steal these (with some minor adjustments).
  12. Wow, thanks for the great advice, Ferret, Morningfire, and Ghost! Really useful stuff and good points. I think the idea of allowing the committed dice to still be available in the force pool is exceptionally good. I’m thinking of using this MAYBE in combination with the “no DP for using dark side points” idea. I feel this will accurately simulate the awakening/unleashing of the Force in the campaign. Thanks again, guys!
  13. That could work, but the relatively high failure rate of a FR1 is not really in the spirit of the campaign we’re trying to make. I’m really looking for alternatives to the RAW here :)
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