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    Yeah thought that was the case. Cheers for the timely reply
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    Cheers for the reply Chaos Pirate - Red Threat Deck At the start of this battle each enemy in your tier with a Strength attribute immediately moves to your space and joins this battle Evading Some Special abilities allow players to evade enemies. Players trigger such abilities during the Engagement phase before the start of a battle with the enemy. So am I correct in assuming that if he chooses to engage the Pirate (or Cunning or Willpower equivalent) that he loses his chance to evade additional enemies that are brought to the fight?
  3. TangKK


    Hello All. New to the forum and will no doubt have lots of possible obscure questions regarding the game. Something cropped up in a game I had the other night that caused some issues. My friend was playing as the Callidus Assassin and landed on a space that ended up drawing a weak enemy threat card that summons other threats to help it when engaged. My friend decided that his characters rule allowed him to evade any enemy so engaged the original threat. Another friend brought up an interesting question about the timing of the evade saying that because he (the assassin) had committed to the fight, that he could not evade the additional threats that would join that fight. I suspect that for most people it is open to interpretation but I would assume that once committing to a fight (choosing not to evade) you cannot evade opponents that automatically join the fight because of the conditions of the fight. If a Game Dev could clarify what would happen in this situation that would be very helpful as my friend (the Assassin player) is that pedantic Thanks for your time.
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