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  1. Fellow greetings my fanboys, I am currently developing a capital ship One-shot where the PCs take the roles of various officers around the starship. I want to include a squadron officer who jumps into a fighter and simultaneously coordinates the fighter offence and defense of the ship. My first thought was to make this pregenerated character a Squaron leader because that makes sense like Gold Leader from episode IV, but since he will be flying with NPCs not fellow PCs I also saw the argument to make him an Ace Pilot who simply issues orders to about 6 or 7 NPC pilots like Luke in Rogue Squadron at the Battle of Hoth. So my question is as a player and as a GM, which would you have more fun playing?
  2. Well spark of rebellion was a team effort and I'm one dude so feel free to nitpick but I think I'm mostly looking for high level criticism of gm style and theme of the campaign rather than specific stat suggestions. I'm open to whatever you have to say but I also have a full time job and may not be able to edit in every suggestionight (at least in a timely manner.)
  3. I put out the latest version in word and PDF format and included EotE symbols and a few changes. Thanks for all the feedback, feel free to keep it coming!
  4. I am currently working on converting to open office and adding in the actual characters for FFG dice. I have made some changes based on PMs and highlighted them in cyan. In response to cimmerianthief: I would be interested in changing the tables to be more FFG friendly someday, at present I'm working on getting the nuts and bolts worked out and often update this on my lunch break which is why it is very crude at the moment. I am not currently working on any maps as I 1) rarely use them in my FFG games and play over Skype on most occasions and 2) have little artistic talent to speak of but I would not be opposed to adding in maps others may wish to contribute. It would be nice to have art for the NPCs and outsides of the locations but again, no real talent for it on my end. I would definitely take more suggestions for additional uses of skills and talents, I've already made the game more face friendly after some feedback and the more options I can write in the better. There is a smuggler/thief in the pregens and I definitely want to keep the module-as-written to Edge of the empire (although I have no problems with an age or force party running this it just makes for easier bookkeeping.) I'm definitely not that attached to any of the pregens and added them in for simplicity but of course if you want to run this for an all-jedi all-shadow party then go for it! I'll include a paragraph about this but the encounters are definitely salt to taste and I never had a problem with the difficulty for my beginning pc's in my first run-through, did you have different results? Thank you! Like I said FnD and AoR are definitely not off limits, I just thought this adventure fit EotE better since it has to do with smuggling, ship flying and barfights.
  5. This is my first crack at making a module and for the classic gamers out there, yes this is loosely based on the video game Crimson Skies: The High Road to Revenge. I had a ton of fun playing that game and thought it would make a great edge campaign. The module itself is 3 acts and 101 pages (including rules, table of contents, npc stats, etc.) It is designed to work with some pretty generated characters included but doesn't need to and is designed to fit in any Edge Game. I am looking for any and all feedback and appreciate any help you would be willing to provide to refine this game. Link below. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0By5dvwTNcgD6fnd0SFdSbExDWlpURW1BaFpTYWs2TXE1TFQ2em5yUldRRmp3Wlc4bTdJWmM&usp=sharing
  6. So I also made a Bounty Board mission generator and I also made a hired gun mission generator, both in an excel sheet. It's not super detailed it's just meant to give gms the bare skeleton of an adventure and then pay the pc's accordingly, I'd love any feedback you guys have. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By5dvwTNcgD6OW1lTmZSelFKdjg/view?usp=docslist_api The first 2 pages are the automatic mission generator front end for bounties and hired gun contracts respectively. They pull random numbers front the last 2 sheets to give you the outline of a mission, the setting and the reward.
  7. Well 40k already has a god-emperor facing off against the 4 devils plus some other stuff. What are you bringing over? Or are you saying you want to see how you and your friends would hold up against a tyranid invasion?
  8. Mother nature gets angry because Jurassic Park happens and "life finds a way" to destroy most humans! That's probably what I'm gonna do.
  9. Oh my goodness do I want to. I'm watching jurassic park and jumanji for inspiration.
  10. So I wasn't as excited about this scenario until it hit me: dinosaurs. If nature is taking back the earth I could see dinosaurs reemerging from the current lizard species or possibly after years of surviving. What does everyone else think?
  11. There aren't many movies or situations where doctors and medics do major surgery on themselves: Master and commander, Saving private Ryan, And that's all I can think of right now. In each of these instances the doctor still needed to be treated by someone else because you need to be able to see what you're doing. Sure the doc from master and commander pulled the bullet out but he needed help with everything up to that point and everyone was worried he might pass out or go into shock. It just makes sense to only do it on allies.
  12. I stand corrected on humans. Sorry about that. I meant as a bomber based out of some sort of base or maybe a capital ship since we are talking about bombing ground targets, otherwise most Homer craft have at least 2 seats don't they? (with exceptions of course)
  13. Really all you need is gunnery and piloting, any human character in any class without those skills can make them both trained skills ... Am I missing anything? Astrogation maybe ... [Edited for lack of book/stupidity humans don't get 2 more career skills ... That's silly]
  14. All it would take is a hard mechanics check for engineer to see "oh hey! Their maintenance shaft is open! That will lead right to engineering! I'll get my space suit on" This is a narrative dice system, let the dice and players decide how they get onto the ship
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