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  1. Cheers for that guys. Helped me a lot. Seems a fair bit was in the books, but It's hard to remember it all.
  2. I'll be GMing a Rogue Trader game not far in the future and I just know my players will be getting into all sorts of trouble, so I was wondering if some experienced GMs could help me out with a few things. How to you handle planetary events? Such as colonising, hostile take overs through war or buying and selling of planets and assets. Do you just do it through narrative? or do you have a detailed method requiring the players to gather up specialists, equipment etc. I think I remember a brief description for this in the core rulebook but would like to here your ideas. Personal Armies, I'm sure my players will be wanting to requisition a personal army to do some of the dirty work. The ship they have has something like 25,000 crew population. I know most of that would be required to run the ship, but does that number already include some form of fighting force? I would imagine so since they would be needed for boarding actions and such. If that number does already include an army, what sort of rolls would be required to upgrade their equipment? Say they have 5,000 Imperial Guard equivalents, all equipped with Flak armour and Lasguns, what would be involved in outfitting 1,000 of those guards with heavy weapons such as heavy stubbers, flamers etc. MY best guess would be just do an upkeep test with various modifiers and if they fail they lose profit factor. Same question for vehicles, I know there are rules in Into the Storm that have availability for vehicles. But what about getting a small armoured company of chimera's and Leman Russ? And if the 25,000 does not include a fighting force, is there room on the ship for one? without having to take out components to make more crew quarters? Last question for now. How do you handle the players having multiple ships. Do you write up an NPC for them to be the captain of the other ship and make the rolls for the players based off their commands? I know as GM I can do these things however I want, but I would like to here how other people handle it.
  3. I think this might have been the original post that I got it from but the link doesn't work http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/36122-mission-generator/
  4. Hey guys, I'm starting up my DH group again but i'm low on ideas for missions. But I remember I used to have an excel file that would generate basic mission plots for you. It would include the name of the planet it would take place on, the name of the main Antagonist and a brief summary of what they were trying to do. I don't suppose anyone can find this for me? Because I can't seem to find it anywhere.
  5. Alright, so i'm running a Dark Heresy (why else would I be here). and i'm just having a bit of trouble making things difficult for my players. Here's my players. They are all Rank 3 with 1200 spent exp. Cleric - Knows the most about 40K out of the players, has the most wounds, toughness and armour. I can't remember his wounds but he has 4 TB and Guard Flak armour for 4 armour, so 8 damage reduction all over. He uses an Autogun and mono sword, also has some grenades and fire bombs. Assassin - Has a general understanding of the 40K setting. Stays 51m behind the other 2 with his long las when he can (So he is out of effective weapon range for most things), when indoors or close quarter situations, he duel wields auto pistols. He is also is incredibly smart in real life, so he can usually find pretty clever ways to deal with any situation. Psyker - Knows next to nothing about 40K. Las Pistol and 5 minor psychic powers, generally spasms things and then takes pot shots at things. Usually doesn't take things too seriously. So i've run a few of my own missions and I can never seem to challenge my players in combat. When I think i've got things challenging enough they just breeze through it. Since I didn't have time to write my own mission, I decided to run the "Edge of Darkness" campaign and modify it to up the difficulty. So far they talked to Lili, they didn't really ask much, but did learn about Evard Zed. After talking to him they went to the workers union (The assassin got in a fight with someone) and the psyker managed to dig up the information on the Narcogangs. I decided to kick the night cycle into effect, so they headed into the hostel for the night. Taking turns keeping watch, the assassin managed to notice some body snatchers eyes in the darkness, so they decided to follow them, (not knowing what they were yet) using the Psykers sense presence to guide them through the dark. They followed them to the statue on the map, there were 5 of them. When they were 15 meters away they turned on there glow lamps and threw them over to get a better look at them (I thought it was quite smart), they all passed the fear test. The Cleric threw a fire bomb (plus a frag next round) that lit all 5 of them on fire, some shots fired by the assassin and a successful spasm. It was at this point I realised how slow the body snatchers are, plus the breath leech from Psychic Phenomena meant they could only move at 2m for the first turn. Long story short, only one body snatcher got an attack in, but the cleric dodged it. Could you guys give me some ideas on how to change up "Edge of Darkness" and make my players feel the pain of Dark Heresy while still being a fair GM. I was thinking of giving the body snatchers hallucinogen grenades or make their attacks cause the hallucinogen effect.
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