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  1. 2017 Bought too much. Played too little.
  2. For me it was a mashup of ESB, ROTJ, Hunger Games and GOTG. It is just a bad film.
  3. This, the whole slow moving caravan of death was just badly written.
  4. I agree, it was like Poe was trying to channel Starlord. The humour in ESB was subtle and unforced. This was pie in the face humour, not suitable for Star Wars. The reviews saying this is as good as ESB baffle me.
  5. My son's and I all agreed the casino scenes looked like they were from the Hunger Games series. The one light in the darkness of this movie was Rose. I really liked her character.
  6. My son's and I just came back from the cinema and we haven't stopped talking about it. We can't believe how bad the movie was. This movie makes the prequels look better...slightly. We disagreed with Force Awakens, my boys loved it, I hated it, we all loved Rogue One. But the Last Jedi is poorly paced and the humour is forced. The whole slow race of death is just...there is no words to describe it.
  7. My son's and I just went and saw it. We all agree for us it is the worst of all the Star Wars movies. No trolling, not trying to be negative, it is just a bad movie. I'm incredibly disappointed.
  8. Waves 3 & 4, the Tie Bomber and Defender. So good.
  9. I bought one Gunboat, one B17 and one Phantom II for about $120. All gifts for my kids. A side note, most of the stock in store was almost gone except the Kimogila, plenty of those left.
  10. I have bought turrets and more X-wings than I really need to recreate the Battle of Yavin, just haven't got around to playing it. Also need to make a DeathStar trench board. I was considering when using Luke and Wedge I would reduce their PS to 6 and 7 respectively, just to reflect their experience level at Yavin when compared to say Hoth and Endor.
  11. Outlaw Tech when I use Lok Revenants. Mostly so that when I use the cards ability I yell out "loo-teen-ee". Annoys my sons immensely .
  12. Look at how much you have spent on the game, once you've recovered from the shock you'll realise that you have to keep playing just to keep buyers remorse at bay.
  13. 1. T65 X-wing 2. Tie Bomber 3. A-Wing 4. Scurrg Lok Revenant 5. Y-Wing
  14. I've toyed with this, taking four and giving two autoblaster turrets. I just like the list I already have.
  15. I really like the Scurrg and bought three as soon as they came out. Favourite list: Lok Revenant x2 with Outlaw Tech, Cruise Missiles, Extra Munitions, Deadeye and Guidance Chips Karthakk Pirate with Autoblaster Turret, Bomblet, Accuracy Corrector, Havoc and Genius. Lots of fun, great looking ship with so much potential for repaints, some absolutely great looking repaints out there.
  16. I'm all for FFG bringing us the Dehavilland Vampire in all of its glory. Looks more sci/fi than the upcoming Scum release.
  17. Yep, the gaming companies love to gouge the Australian gamer.
  18. Always liked the classic BSG Basestars and Raiders. Classic ships.
  19. My son has been flying VI Ryad and two Delta Ions since the release of Veterans with great success. Intensity should be a good fit for Ryad.
  20. While a little disappointed on the scale of the game, my five year old self from 1977 is jumping for joy. My sons and I level of anticipation is building. Looking forward to hopefully re-creating the Battle of Scarif from the ground, air and space.
  21. Yes, I was excited for large fleets of 20+ Imperial Star Destroyers plus supporting ships and fighters against a similar force of Rebels with the models on a smaller scale with a simplier gaming mechanic. I'm not saying Armada is a bad game, I quite like it and the models, but the forces in the game are in my mind don't constitute a "Armada".
  22. Not the first time that a FFG Star Wars game has had a mis leading name. Armada is not really what I envisage as huge fleets battling each other.
  23. I hope for some buildings at least. The rest trees, hills and such are already available.
  24. I was hoping for a 15-20mm scale game with stands of infantry supported by walkers, speeders, turrets and air support on a grand scale, making something like the Battle of Hoth achievable and playable. What we are getting looks more to the scale of a major commando raid in the vein of the Battle of Scarif. Not a bad thing, but a I said, not what I was hoping for.
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