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  1. Yes, regarding crits. How do you interpret them over time when the effect of them are really short? Am I supposed to come up with something like a broken arm or serious wound that hampers the player in some way untill it is fixed? Just to expand upon this: In real life, in some cases, a damage to a leg/feet muscle that causes you to limp for a few days still persist for months after the pain/limping stops. And while it persists it makes you more susceptible to more damages on the region.
  2. 10xp per session. Plus +2XP for good advantage/threat calls, good roleplaying or "good behavior" (Once one player had trouble with hangouts and couldn't see the roll20 screen. Another player started taking prints and emailing to the first one. He receive +2xp for that)
  3. I usually use them for "dark moments" when i want to communicate the feeling of destiny conspiring against them. For instance, once the events of a previous sessions culminated in the assassination of a PC sister. At the beginning of the session where the NPC died i just flipped a dark side point and said "you feel a grim disturbance in the force".
  4. Already downloaded and put to use! I'll let you know the results!
  5. I liked the theory where the knowledge to make top notch lightsabers is lost and we see more "crude" ones
  6. Lots of good answers. Just throwing my 2 galactic creds: For the peoples saying 2G > 1Y, remember: 2G only allow you to "Succeed!", while the Y allows you to "**** yeah Succeed!". What i mean is: Without the triumph the only thing* you can do is to go faster on that hyperspace lane. But WITH a triumph you can find your own hyperspace lane! This system cannot and should not be measured by numeric statistics only. * simplification for the sake of the argument.
  7. One house rule* i once saw about firing arc and liked is: The ship with Gain the Advantage choose where she is relative to the target ship. So, if the "GtA" ship choose to be on the left of another ship with only front-facing canons, the second ship cannot return fire until she actually wins a GtA check. *At last i think this is a house rule and not RAW.
  8. I'm a lazy person and assembling the ships is the most boring part of the game for me. Find the ship, find the base, find the peg*...Anyway, I'm buying a foam board (i think this is the name) to use to store my ships for transport. I want to cut the shapes in the formated of the assembled ship (and store them facing upwards). Any risk of damaging the miniature or its components this way? * i'm really lazy.
  9. If you group is used to co-creation (and if they are not this system can help them be) ask them how to join the two adventures. Do a "meta-session" where you guys discuss what happens between the two campaigns, but do that OUT OF CHARACTER. Then, just start UaBS in media res as usual but with the players now knowing why they are here and stuff. (Just look at Return of the Jedi. Leia is already as the bounty hunter and in Jabba place. The connection "happened out of character"... or out of the movie in this case)
  10. AFAIK the setback die comes from the +1 defense. Because if everyone talked at same time it would be caos. It is just to keep things more simple. Also, forum tip: Avoid multiples sequencial posts. If you want to add a extra question and nobody replied to the thread yet just use the edit button.
  11. If you are using chrome (and i understood your problem correctly), use ctrl+shift+V instead of ctrl+v. If you are not using chrome go use chrome and re-read the line above.
  12. As already pointed here, Yoda teaches the basic philosophy, martial arts and force uses to younglings. That is what Luke needed to learn, so Ben was correct: Yoda was the jedi master who instructed the basic to him. The padawan stage (when he was with Qui-Gon) is more like a trainee job to gain experience and more advanced skills not to teach basic things. ps.: sorry for any grammar mistake. very sleepy.
  13. As someone that actually use this sentence i feel compelled to say that she is not used only by lazy writers. It is usually used as a warning and a reminder that improvisation will be required sooner or later. (On other words: Don't try to control everything) P.S.: laziness and trying to create smaller answers are also reasons to no paraphrase one order 66 episode.
  14. That's how i do it: I do session 0 with my players to define the overarching story line and how they got togather (they always start togather. I hate to those "you meet in a tavern" scenes) For the plot i follow this questions with my players: http://www.burningwheel.org/forum/archive/index.php/t-13070.html. After that, i ask each player at last 3 questions ranging from "Can i use heavy languague?" to "how do you meet each other?" or "Character X did something shameful in the past. What was it?". This helps to create a lot of flavor. After this you'll have a storyline, someplot hooks and flavor to work it. The next step is to define a finite number of "episodes" (session) for your "season", with the last "episode" being the end of the overarching story line. After that, the only prep i do before each session is to think on the concept of 4 or 5 encounters. If you can improvise, flesh they out with the dice results and your player creativity. I usually let my players decide a lot of things on the fly (i even created a thread here as i was afraid of doing something wrong). To create the encounters i recommend reading this article: http://angrydm.com/2013/05/four-things-youve-never-heard-of-that-make-encounters-not-suck/ And listening to the new Order 66 podcast episode 21 "Ins't it Episodic (Don't you think)?" Oh, and of course. The "Yes, and..." rule is on all time. TL;DR: Ask a lot to your players and share the creative burden with they. Read the article and listen to the order 66 episode.
  15. Bingo! I had do deal with something similiar with a droid player of mine. He complained (out of character) why his character missed the shots as he was a computer and made perfect calculations. I've got that guy in my main group at home. Players a stealthy hacker in every RPG campagin we ever run, always wants to establish massive tech superiority, and tries to bring in things from other settings to do so (to be fair, he's not too big on the background fluff, so he doesn't know what fits and what doesn't). He means well, but it gets a little repetitive. I deal with him by applying what I have termed the Corollary to the Golden Rule. If the Golden Rule is; "do unto others as you would have done unto you", then the implied Corollary to the Golden Rule is; "anything you can do unto others, they can do unto you". Most of the players who have uber-slicers probably still want this to be a Star Wars game, not a Cyberpunk game. If they're pushing a little too hard with the EW, don't be afraid to push back. There's plenty you can do within the realm of Star Wars; Lambda Shuttles projecting ECM fields, Probe Droids tracking their signal and vectoring in Stormtrooper squads, other slicers having a go at their systems for a change, etc. The trick is to not target it all on the slicer, spread it around the PCs to keep everyone involved. That way it's presented and perceived as the consequences of the group's actions, rather than the GM getting into an arms race with a single player. If the whole group likes the new direction, then cool, you've got a new campaign theme! But if not they can always drop off the radar to lose their trail, and pick up again somewhere else without going all slice-happy. And once you've established the Corollary in your game, it's much easier to bring in bounty hunters or Imperial troops if the PC doesn't cover his or her tracks, since interested parties will be on the lookout for such a dangerous slicer. Another factor is that even when it is possible to accomplish something remotely, the equipment requirements will be very high, and it will be far more easily detectable. For example This is definitely possible, but you'd need a good amount of gear to pull it off. Multiple sensor suites at different locations, either separately manned or with a very strong and secure remote connection. Or access to someone else's sensors with a similar setup. The major planets (or at least their major cities) probably do have a GPS equivalent, if only for basic navigation and traffic control with airspeeders and such (think of all the Coruscant airspeeder scenes). Most of them will also have at least basic sensor satellites in orbit, especially if there's a military presence. Star Wars sensors usually aren't depicted as being able to reach past the atmosphere with any detail in either direction, so having remote arrays in low orbit covers the major blind spots. If he's not trying to determinate the exact position of the target (just want to know in which city he, is for instance) and Star Wars telecom works similary to us, you could just trace back the call with a computer check and use a local streetwise check for the pinpoint location! I think civilian starships constantly broadcast their position with the BOSS' transponder. Don't know if it applies to speeders.
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