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  1. I think that new referee is silly. Played half a game with him. Just way too complicated and didn't add anything but randomness. He stays in the box from now on.
  2. I certainly play that the downed skill is used first. It interrupts the tackling player's turn. Then the tackling player resolves the rest of his skills. Makes sense to me.
  3. 1. If there is only one manager competing for the Goblin Tribal Leeg tournament, does that manager "win" the penalty as well as everything else on the card? 2. When there are only two managers playing, the rulebook says to draw four stadium cards. How does that work, considering there are only two highlights to compete for? Does the active manager just choose which stadium to place the highlights on? 3. If you make a tackle on a player with 0 star skill, do you still roll two dice? (and can a player with 0 make a 0-skill tackle?) 4. When vampires attack their own players, do they still roll tackle dice?
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