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  1. The antenna is removable on the Gozanti, so I wouldn't be surprised if the top engine comes off also. Any repaints are going to look better than the Jabba's sailbarge look, but yeah the right Black Sun logo in blank on white, or even white on black, Slick.
  2. Well the list keeps growing. Maybe there will be another one that comes with the C-ROC that will be best of all. Illicit Upgrade Squad Points Restrictions Text "Hot Shot" Blaster 3 none ATTACK: Discard this card to attack 1 ship (even a ship outside your firing arc). 3 Dice, Range 1-2 Inertial Dampeners 1 none When you reveal your maneuver, you may discard this card to instead perform a white [Stop 0] maneuver. Then receive 1 stress token. Glitterstim 2 none At the start of the Combat phase, you may discard this card and receive 1 stress token. If you do, until the end of the round, when attacking or defending, you may change all of your focus results to hit or evaderesults. •Cloaking Device 2 Small ship only ACTION: Perform a free cloak action. At the end of each round, if you are cloaked, roll 1 attack die. On a focus result, discard this card, then decloak or discard your cloak token. Rigged Cargo Chute 1 Large ship only ACTION: Discard this card to drop one cargo token. Burnout SLAM 1 Large ship only. Your action bar gains the SLAM action icon. After you perform a SLAM action, discard this card. •EMP Device 2 none During the Combat phase, instead of performing any attacks, you may discard this card to assign 2 ion tokens to each ship at Range 1. Scavenger Crane 2 none After a ship at Range 1-2 is destroyed, you may choose a discarded Torpedo, Missile, Bomb, Cannon, Turret or Modification Upgrade card that was equipped to your ship and flip it faceup. Then roll 1 attack die. On a blank result, discard Scavenger Crane. Ships that can equip an Illicit Upgrade are: Firespray-31 (Scum pilots only.) HWK-290 (Scum pilots only.) Z-95 Headhunter (Scum pilots only.) Aggressor Kihraxz Fighter YV-666 StarViper (if equipped with Virago title) Jumpmaster 5000 YT-1300 (if equipped with Smuggling Compartment modification) YT-2400 (if equipped with Smuggling Compartment modification) Sabine's TIE Fighter (if equipped with Sabine's Masterpiece title) Lancer-Class Pursuit Craft
  3. The whole article is on Jabba, shame it wasn't more than a listing of illicit upgrades. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/3/27/jabba-the-hutt/
  4. I think this is going to be my favorite Epic ship, it looks like Jabba belongs on it more than the Star Jewel. Probably the resemblance to this:
  5. But they have toned it down for the current article. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/2/20/merchant-one/
  6. I may be going a bit overboard with the red stripping. Apparently you're not the only one liking this paint scheme.
  7. Nice! if you are one of the first to get there's perhaps you can post some photos
  8. I can just hear all the screaming now...
  9. Don't forget PS 1. The Empire will shoot first. But Scum will Ram First! Too bad the (official) scum ship can't carry illicits. I mean huge ship illicit only would have brought in so many interesting mechanics. Oh well there will be another Scum ship. Also in the meantime there is this set up. I can't believe you haven't redone that card in Strange Eons by now. I had thoughts about revisiting the old kit (putting backs on it, maybe giving a point limit on the bloody credit title). But now with the C-ROC being announced it seems more like a moot point. But I will say this card looks a lot better. I could send you the word document if you want to make changes to it (then just use a web based PDF converter). You tend to be better at card art design than me. Well I don't see how the C-ROC makes any difference considering the Hutts had GR-75s and many famous pirates had CR90s so as long as Fantasy Flight Games does not produce official conversion kits for the GR75 or CR90 I wouldn't worry about custom conversion kits being moot or obsolete. If they do it right Scum could still end up with four epic ships in one shot.
  10. I just checked and the lowest PS unique pilots I was able to find where "Chaser" and Tarn Mison both PS3. Also Jess Pava, Braylen Stramm, Zeb (twice^^), Heff Tobber, Eaden Vrill, Lt Colzet, Deathfire, Lt Dormitz, Torkil Mux, Unkar Plutt. Well your diligence is commendable, but those lists over at the wikia are getting less and less reliable.
  11. It'll be a unique pilot. The article says 4 new aces, and we get 6 pilot cards, 2 of which are the existing generics. Process of elimination means the other 4 (including the ps1) are all uniques, meaning the ps1 will probably be at least 14 points, possibly more, with the Pilot Ability making up for the cheaper PS as far as cost goes . And even if it was 11 points, as a unique it doesn't let you get an extra ship in your list (past 8). Ninja'd That's a really odd thing though, PS 1 uniques. A good trivia question that is, how many do we have in the game so far. zero I just checked and the lowest PS unique pilots I was able to find where "Chaser" and Tarn Mison both PS3. But this expansion is going to be a first for several things.
  12. So this is the newest swarm, Spacer x8. How many people can say they're glad the own 8 M3-As. There is a PS1 visible in the spread, so it may be 13-2 = 11 point ship for 9 Scyk in one list!
  13. Well there it is. Bargains, Bribes, and Battles - C-ROC Cruiser Expansion Pack
  14. Well for starters there are these. And I see that the CR90 has the right clamps for A-wings so I would guess M3-As shouldn't be a problem. HWK-290 Kihraxz Fighter M3-A Scyk Interceptor Mist Hunter Most Wanted Protectorate Starfighter Quadjumper StarViper Y-Wing Z-95 Headhunter so any of these that would fit I would guess.I did a lot of touch ups to the images for those upgrades and so I think my creative hat is a bit tilted today. The Gozanti can carry 4 TIE types that fit on the card of those ships that fit on the pegs together, but that seems like a thematic restriction. For the CR90 from Rebels they modified it for 3 A-wings, but the way they are dock they could just as easily be 3 Y-wing. The docking clamps upgrade says up to 4 ships, so I believe it could be any 1-4 scum ship that you can fit there. It also seems more thematic as scum to have it not be a set of the same ships. A combination of any ships even if they don't actually fit on the pegs of the carrier since it is not always practical to have TIE-whatevers hanging there during a game. I suppose a proviso would have to be made that it has to be possible for them to fit under the Gozanti together and perhaps a minimum of two when I think of which single large ship might fit.
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