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  1. 4 overall, but the last scene with Han almost ruined the movie for me on a prequels-level. Having watched it more closely the second time, I feel slightly better about it (noticed a few more details), but I still feel that it was done solely for the sake of doing it.
  2. The center pylon looks like it could use some re-enforcement, but otherwise looks awesome!
  3. Yeah, people have been talking about that for the last week. Kanan is just flat-out amazing. I'm talking ship Kanan not crew Canan Oh, holy crap! I had missed that. Dang. Hmm, Kanan + Garven + Kyle (HWK) only comes out to 85 points. Crow and 2x Rec.Spec.s bump it to 94...
  4. That preview was worth gnawing on my knee all week waiting for. (Reconstructive surgery costs notwithstanding...) Nice job with this one, FFG. I really like the crew and pilots, and that dial is going to be fun! I may have to start running bombs on my Warthogs... Also, I really want to put Hera and Sabine crew on Lando's Falcon, just because I know it would aggravate Kanan and Ezra...
  5. Another good alternate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgNPdJsGugU
  6. HOLYCRAPAWESOME!!!! Can the Raider and CR-90 take a mod on each half of the ship card? Really? The first thing I'm going to do with it is run around the house making engine and laser noises!
  7. Still don't have, and no plans to buy: Syck, Star Viper, Hounds Tooth, Firespray, Mist Hunter, Punishing One, TFA Core Set, or T-70.
  8. Y-Wings, if I'm not flying Imperial. Squints or Advanced if I am.
  9. I usually alternate which side does dial planning first, and try to force myself not to think about the moves planned for the other team. Usually 80% successful.
  10. I absolutely love Arkham Horror. I've played it several times, and the expansions are great. I think it's one of the more engaging board games I've played. Replay value is high, since events are randomized. Rules are many, but, I find, easy to learn. Also, I like the Cards of Cthulhu. It's a semi-co-op game for 1-4 players (I think, it might go to 6). You have to use die rolls to slay eldritch horrors and cultists and to seal gates. the objective is to get through the deck and not have any gates or critters left on the board at the end of the last turn. Fun, but really challenging!
  11. Meh. You still have ZOIDS. Are those the Takara/ TOMY ones from back in the 80's? I wish i still had mine. Used to have this (He was my fave.) Most of my Zoids are newer releases, but I do have an original release Deadboarder and Bigasauru, and a few Robostrux releases in varying conditions (e-bay grabs). Gojulas was love at first sight for me. I've got three, including an HMM, plus two Gigas and a King.
  12. My main hobby is model building. I've got nearly three hundred in my room (which is slightly on the crowded side...). 145 Zoids, 63 mobile suits, a dozen ships on display, and a couple dozen kits patiently waiting to be assembled. I blame Parravon for getting me hooked on Naval Wargaming this spring (not that it was terribly hard to do... ). I've got most of the IJN WWII surface fleet and a few Brits. Used to have 48 Magic decks, and three 40k armies, but I sold most of those years ago. Also, most of my Legos seem to have disappeared...
  13. Question: Would maneuver difficulty modifications (such as Unhinged or R2 Astros) affect the new assigned maneuver? BTL Hired Guns pulling Green S-Loops? Sign me up!
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