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  1. i had a similar question in the main group. was the news really that late last year? i feel like i had a bunch of reservations made for different regionals by august.
  2. how would it interact with extra munitions?
  3. ya i remember having things mapped out in august or september last yr for the ones i'd get to make it to. im in a bit of an xwing desert so i gotta travel, which requires planning ahead.
  4. Seems like we should have heard by now. Don't they officially start next month?
  5. R4B2

    Harpoon Missile!

    Along the lines of seismic torp, it could be action based ordinance. For scum theme, may be an illicit. It also may allow you to target a friendly ship. Put the condition on a Z 95 with deadmans switch then shove it into the enemy formation. Fun if not competitive.
  6. this pack is also a nice way to get more illicit slots out there for jabba to buff. 2 pt blasters, 1 pt glitterstims, free dampeners.
  7. i like that horton increases in cost with each iteration. 40 point y wing what could go wrong?
  8. without knowing the basis for this observation, i've been wary of running brobots because of: 1) high damage spikes; 2) high ps; 3) bombs; 4) re-emergence of stress.
  9. I'm glad this list has gotten traction. I like the simplicity of design. I also like the difficulty of cracking the puzzle. Rather than an "NPE" it presents a more interesting game to me than see ship fly at ship shoot at ship.
  10. R4B2

    Vizago sheanigans!

    ya BMST has pretty rare utility, but in the matchup when you need it then it's incredibly important. getting the chance to have either burnout slam or bmst on a yv, for example, is pretty nice.
  11. R4B2

    New Mats

    If you couldn't see stuff on the ground there would be a whole different type of complaining.
  12. YV is a decent fit. Still get your offensive action with dengar crew, so you can slam into someone at will, low enough ps that you can likely trigger boshek on anyone who matters (or your own ship). Gotta figure out the squad but i already got the name, BoShek horseman of the apocolypse.
  13. dont cloak unless you absolutely have to.
  14. This thing can really move.
  15. Curious if this will make its way to S&V breakdown. More creeping upwards on attack dice. Now your fave faction can also have a 7 dice attack!
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