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  1. Ooo! As someone who greatly enjoyed your adventure modules, this was a wonderful surprise. I've never said it before but: thank you! You do great work, I look forward to diving into this
  2. Ouch. I was looking forward to this but after that preview I'm going to pass. It's almost difficult to read it's that choppy. Also yeah that "cop" line? Very odd.
  3. I do think there will be some sort of tie-in, I'm just not sure what. All I can think of is some sort of beginner game type set, something that's a module, characters and (simplified) rules all rolled into one to sell as a standalone one-off "Force Awakens Role Playing game" box.
  4. I also like the idea of a new body. It also depends on if they like the story potential of being a head and having to get slapped on the nearest droid, or if they want to re-roll a more balanced character? If they just want a new droid ASAP but are attached to the old one, I'd hand wave that the group stuck them to a new body they found (maybe they came across a droid storage area or a maintence room?) which I'd let them create as if it was a new character, and then just get on with the action. Then what happened is a warning to be careful. Consider this a generous one time deal perhaps. Though I'd heavily encourage them not to take the min/max route again. Otherwise they're a head and as a GM you get to throw them other possibilities and see what they go for.
  5. Indeed, as others have said it's because unfortunately nerdy media is often pretty sexist due to it's history. It does seem to be getting better which is good- comics, video games and RPGs all seem to be getting more inclusive. But it means diversity in stuff like this is still noteworthy and actually stands out, in a good way! Inclusivity can mean a lot to people for different reasons, but I think it's also good as it attracts new people who might have felt unwelcome before. I mean let's be honest, there's a pretty nasty stereotype attached to RPG players and it's not like people are flocking to the hobby. It can help when the game makes that extra effort to show off diversity and prove that it's not actually all about white dudes.
  6. I'm also a fan of just tweaking the sessions to suit the group. For context, my normal group size is just 3 players. Recently that group has fallen apart so right now I'm GM'ing for a single player! But for a while it was just 2 players, which worked surprisingly well. I was worried at first but I quickly found that the system is very open to varied solutions. I tried to set up encounters that would be specifically solvable with the players' skills (being aware they were lacking in certain areas) but more often than not the players surprised me with their own creative solutions anyway. I've run pre-written adventures a few times and normally if I get the vibe that things are too tough I'll just dial back the strength of the opponents. I've modified the story before to make it more personal or interesting, but I've never had to entirely skip anything due to a lack of skills. I just trust that the players will find a solution and I make sure I'm open to suggestions, which keeps it fun for all of us. I don't use any special rules or anything to make it easier with regards to experience points. The only thing I have done is knowingly be a little bit generous in how much I give per session, just to speed up progression a little bit. But that was more about the group's desire for faster progression (my own fault for being accidentally stingy in the first story we played!). Basically I think you might be overthinking it. But that said, every group should do whatever they're comfortable with. If this is what you want to do, go for it! But if you're doing it purely out of apprehension that you'll be too weak, I'd just start playing and see how things go. It'll probably take a session or two for your GM to get a feel for what you can handle anyway. If you still feel a little weak I'd just negotiate a lump of extra exp to spend to get a bit of a boost.
  7. I imagine new FFG Star Wars content will pull from the new canon where appropriate, in the same way the new canon pulls from Legends where appropriate. For instance, assuming they still have the licence I'd be stunned if we don't see Episode VII+ content from FFG over the next few years. But yeah, I don't really care about what's canon and what isn't when it comes to RPGs. Did some variation of Jewel of Yavin happen in the new canon? Most likely not, but if it did, would it change anything about the adventure? Nah. I like that stuff like SWTOR isn't canon now as it presumably frees it up to do whatever it likes, regardless of what any new content says. Presumably it's the same deal for FFG stuff. It'd be really silly and pointless if, for instance, FFG pitched an adventure idea only to be told "No sorry you can't do that it would potentially conflict with a line of dialogue from Rebels Season 2. You have to change the story" Like, who would even benefit from that? Another example is Force and Destiny. If the beginner box and adventures had to be canon then would Disney just declare it unpublishable because it introduces Force users that don't gel with their overall plan? Trying to mix canon and RPGs just limits what can be published so I'm happy to just sweep the canon question under the rug and focus on the fun.
  8. I just wanted to say, with the characters now all revealed, how awesome I think it is that the gender divide is even. Growing up with nerdy media it always bugged me how imbalenced things would be with gender, there was a lot of "let's fight over the one girl character" when it came to various video games, for example. I mean it seems like a little thing but it helps me feel more welcome when the characters aren't a bunch of varied men and then Token Woman. FFG have been awesome with keeping the artwork and characters diverse with the whole line so this is just me saying I love that this is the case, as do the rest of my players
  9. Sounds like fun! We kind of did something similar. We played the Edge beginner box, loved it. So then we waited and bought the core book but quite a bit of time had passed by the time we sat down to play again. So we just played the beginner box again, except we used new characters created from the rule book and I swapped around some objectives to spice it up. We debated just phasing the new characters into the beginner box characters' position when we started playing again, so magic them into the Krayt Fang and pretend they took it all along, but everyone was a bit rusty so the beginner box worked as a nice rules refresh. We jokingly considered it an alternate timeline. We've since talked about using it yet again to launch another campaign with the addition of a couple of new players. It simply works really well to introduce people to the rules and get the characters into a nice starting position. Anyway, I'm rambling on. The point I was going to make is we also thought about converting the beginner characters to NPCs when we swapped to created characters, but honestly everyone just wanted to get on with playing and nobody minded looking the other way and pretending just for the sake of fun. So I suggest just do whatever feels most fun!
  10. My gut reaction would be no. Presumably the knowledge in the holocron is intended for a Force user and is delivered in that manner. If Han Solo overheard Yoda's teachings to Luke would he have benefitted? ...then again, I just thought of Theron Shan from SWTOR. For those unaware, he was raised as a Jedi when he was young but he turned out to not be Force sensitive. Some of the skills he learnt, like meditation and concentration exercises, he still uses despite not being a Jedi. So I suppose actually I would say it depends on the skill and what it is exactly that they're being taught by the holocron. Interesting question!
  11. Thanks to FFG, I can't stand any other system! Me and my friends had all never played RPGs before. The Edge beginner game was the first thing we played and we LOVED it. So then we tried Pathfinder and although we loved the lore we really, really struggled to get into the system. Eventually after just three games and a fully planned storyline and carefully created characters we binned the whole idea. We just couldn't stand how rules heavy it was. We tried again later with new characters and a new story, we lasted one session. Since then we've also tried the DC super hero role playing game and had the same problem. Nothing feels like FFG Star Wars. Nothing is as fun or as smooth an experience for us. It makes me wonder how many people are driven away from RPGs because they start with Pathfinder type stuff and just fall asleep like we did. If we started with Pathfinder and not Star Wars I don't know if we'd have ever even tried Edge. I really think FFG should try push their beginner games to people who don't have RPGs on their radar. I've had a couple of people say they love the game but are perplexed why they'd never heard of it until someone introduced them to it. Not that I'd know how they'd even start with that. Ah well.
  12. I think they're fun. I'd be disappointed if they're never added at all.
  13. Amazon is where I've gotten my books, since I don't have local shop, eBay is usually pretty good too actually from what I've seen. Are you dead set on getting Edge? I ask as Age of Rebellion is in stock on Amazon and at £29ish which is the cheaper end of what I normally see it for.
  14. I do something similar. I have two different iTunes playlists, one called "Steady" which is calm or suspenseful music and then one called "Action" which is pretty self explanatory. However I actually don't use movie music as I find it's very specific to certain scenes and quite jarring when tracks change. Instead I use a blend of Star Wars video game music as I find that's a bit more suited for unspecific actions, since obviously that's what it was composed to be. But my group are all fairly young and grew up on Star Wars video games (we're in our twenties) so the music is still fairly iconic and "Star Wars-ish" for us
  15. I'm really, really excited for this I loved the other adventures so I'm definitely picking this up!
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