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  1. Ten days after my order is placed for the expansions I need and no update on whether it's shipped. Normal?
  2. I would have liked a fourth faction but I am relieved that we finally have some strong indications that FFG is no longer supporting/developing the game. I love the game and I am glad I was finally able to get all the purple guys pretty cheap so that I can finally say I own all the expansions for an FFG game. Truthfully, there was only two directions for this game: a slow death or the release of way too many expansions way too fast, b/c that's FFG's business model now. The slow death is here. We now only have the five stages to work through, and I'm all the way through them already. I'll be spending my very limited gaming budget on stand alone games w/o too many expansions from now on. I will definitely be staying away from product lines that just coax you into coughing over money every three months for a new reiteration of the same old game play. I already fell for that trap with X-Wing and that took me back to my teenage years trying to collect a certain CCG. Selling off my entire X-Wing collection for way too cheap a few weeks ago was very liberating (in an ironic twist, FFG's release of Rebellion giving me my Star Wars fix let me start crawling out of the X-Wing K-hole).
  3. Scummy

    @Frank Brooks

    I did, with a shuttle and 4 ties. AFTER wave 8 was out. JM5Ks aren't that scary. uWhat four ties were you running? Academy, wampa, howlrunner, omega leader. Only upgrades were juke and comms on omega, and palp on the shuttle. Omaha last weekend. JM5Ks and Ghosts everywhere. Final match was me Vs Soontir, inqusitor (yorr)palp shuttle Congrats. Good to know. I'm taking Palpshuttle, Wampa, Omega Leader and the Inquiz to a tourney this weekend and was figuring it'd do alright against triple jumps.
  4. Scummy

    @Frank Brooks

    I did, with a shuttle and 4 ties. AFTER wave 8 was out. JM5Ks aren't that scary. uWhat four ties were you running?
  5. Scummy

    @Frank Brooks

    I got my bye, and the guy that ran the tournament didn't have to address a 3 page list of questions about rules that are confusing or contradictory. Did you win though?
  6. Scummy

    @Frank Brooks

    Somebody in this thread needs to finally win a store championship so that they can stop bring so whiny
  7. I would hope a lot. I still believe there are good people out there in the world.
  8. Scummy

    Make Deadeye unique

    This thread is Zzzzwing
  9. Two lothals + FCS leaves 26 pts for Biggs, your choice of Y-wing or lots of other options
  10. You're not Scummy. I read the full text of cards.
  11. What's more pathetic than all the Wave 8 waiting threads? This thread. And what's more pathetic than this thread? The REPORTERS!!!! Oh noes
  12. This seems relevant: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/198561-2016-store-championship-results/
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