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  1. Amazing, thank you! I've placed an order with them hopefully they have those in stock still. I've found another shop in Dublin but it turned out they had a bug on the site that was displaying incorrect stock values...
  2. Are there any chances for reprints of the accessories before the end of license? I'm particularly hung up on System Breach Playmat as you can't get it from any of the online stores anymore.
  3. Hello This is my first post on this forum so welcome all and apologies for the nooby question that pops out straight after. I just bought in to the game with all the expansions and cycle packs, having purchased them from a person that was obviously feeling disappointed with the game continuity coming to an end. For me obviously it makes no difference, however since i never been exposed to this game the amount of available cards per faction and new mechanics are making it a bit overwhelming experience hence I would like to reach out for help. My local community of friends consists of 4 people willing to spend their time with this game and we would like to build one deck for each faction that would be more or less balanced against each other. Any help with the card list per deck would be greatly appreciated as we can go through couple of weeks of playing to get used to the game before we go through the cards and tweak the builds to suit our game styles. I did try to look for any posts already on this and other boards but a lot threads are just noise to me and I would need to have it in plain simple english for dummies format If i have offended any of the forum laws I deeply apologise for the transgression.
  4. I just joined the forum so first of all i would like to bid greetings to all the forum users and heretics. and secondly i have a question regarding 2nd ed, will there be a collectors edition of it like with the first edition? I would be very, very, very much interested in getting my hands on this sacred tome and will go to any lengths to acquire it.
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