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  1. Good job FFG. You’ve announced system open stuff, but no official announcement for international regionals
  2. duder

    Not enough notice.

    We didn’t get a store champs kit in at my store in New Brunswick because of a distributor screw up, but we are going to get 3 Q4 kits, so figure that one out.
  3. duder

    Not enough notice.

    This is insane. Applications had to be in months ago. How hard is this to figure out?
  4. duder

    Not enough notice.

    I find it absolutely ridiculous that there has been no official news from FFG regarding regionals outside of the US. They can start in 2 and a half weeks. Pick it up FFG!!!
  5. duder

    Force Friday

    I almost said the same thing to someone. Some serious ESP stuff going on!! ;-D
  6. duder


    I don't think the application for regionals has even gone out yet
  7. Should have, but I'm still hoping a year ban happens
  8. First, what's the point in having an official ban list if it is not going to be used? Second, I am I local TO, wish is why I want official floor rules. I'm even ok with a sliding scale depending on the type of event.
  9. I'll fully believe that when FFG issues a ban
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