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  1. The main issue I had was the Defenders poor-ish dial the white 4k can be blocked when the opponent is aware of this trick, could never get consecutive hits to get in behind a miniature a escort it off the board. Also poor pilot skill doesn't help low PS is good for blocking but not really how I want to fly these ships. I've played the list against z-swarms, 3 E's and B-wing builds. I've given up on running 3 defenders and now generally use Rexlar with HLC and other imp ships.
  2. I've run 3 Deltas with Ions several times before and each time they have been ripped apart by my opponent not had any luck but the potential fun if it works sounds great just like the OP's game.
  3. BAGGY

    defender help

    I have been using defenders for a while with mixed results. I have however found that Rexler with a Heavy Laser Canon to have a great damage output.
  4. Now you've really got my attention. That Silhouette Portrait machine seems like something I would like myself. Could you perhaps describe more in detail how it works? Absolutely. Think of it as a small desktop printer (plotter, actually) that has a cutting blade instead of a print head. It comes with a very decent piece of software that you can use to draw patterns that it will then cut. You can even import images and have it trace them which is how I made this mask. The thing is marketed to arts and crafts people who like to do things like scrapbooking but I think it is a fantastic tool for our hobby. For a more detailed look at it, check out this video - I so want one of these I can think of so many things I could use it for
  5. Me too however with my painting skills it'll probably take a lot longer to paint than to build.
  6. It came from between the front prongs where the new cockpit is located and was removed to make room so was win-win.
  7. Below is an step by step photo guide so far of my YT-1300 conversion There may be some time between photos as this is the first time I am using plasticard or carry out any significant alteration to a miniature. The above photo shows about 4hours of progress which should probably have taken me a lot less time Modification Part 2 I am happy with progress so far Modification Part 3 Slow but steady progress Modification Part 4 A little modelling putty to infill the gaps
  8. 1st post updated with current photographs. This step is very uninspiring simply infilling gaps with some modelling putty. Now I can move onto the interesting part adding detailing.
  9. Maybe I have the rules wrong but the card does not read another ship at 1-3range so Chewie is in range 1-3 of himself
  10. This is m This is the main problem I have with the list its a few points short to be exactly what I want If I take the turrets of the HWK my damage out put would be neligible
  11. p.s. any comments on fine tuning this list or a reality check on 2 HWK's appreciated
  12. I am preparing a list for an upcoming local tournament. I have an idea for the Unexpected a double HWK-290 list, Sun-Tsu's art of war says do what you enemy least expects and as thier is no Spanish Inquisition in Star Wars perhaps a list with double HWKs will do the trick. Chewbaca (48) C-3PO Jan Ors MF Title Kyle Katran (31) Blaster Turret Recon Specialist Moldy Crow Rebel Operative (21) Ion Cannon Turret
  13. 1st post updated with current photographs. The progress is slow but I have now created the top section of the the cockpit. This was created by gluing three sections of plasticard together in a sandwich and trimming the resulting block to the desired shape.
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