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  1. Still waiting on shipping notification for this and Waver of the Cosmos...Glad I got BW at least!
  2. Got my shipping notice and tracking link a couple of days ago.
  3. Would be really psyched if FFG followed the same model they used with the initial pack delays and just released Widow, Strange and Hulk in June. Though, unless they moved RotRS up it would leave a pretty big drought through the summer.
  4. That pack seems super hard to find...good luck!! (It is a really fun quest)
  5. I like the idea that in these cases it would be sensible and fair to make the new hero's sig ally be the hero whose deck they were originally in (i.e. Captain Marvel ally in this case). Of course, that robs 2 heroes of using their sig ally, so balanced but still a feel bad moment. Replacement ally also sound like a good, but unlikely idea. Would it be more palatable if sig allies had a double resource icon?
  6. I think a lot of the value of this card is not only they it might give you X extra turns but that it leaves you room to allow your threat to ride a bit higher and then knock it down in big chunks rather than having to always peck away at it while keeping it down to 1 it 0. In solo play, due to the possible swingy-ness, I really focus super hard on keeping the threat super-low. A threat of 2 can be just a single flip of "Advance" and a big boost card from advancing the scheme or a game-over. This card allows me to let it ride higher and utilize some the events and abilities that clear 3-4+ threat at once without "wasting" them when the threat is lower than their removal value.
  7. I don't have any real insight or guesses on the story of the box, but there have been two tidbits released.. 1) In an interview a French FFG employee mentioned that there would be 2 heroes and 5 scenarios in the box. Haven't seen/read the actual interview, but it has been pretty heavily mentioned on various internet places. 2) During the Doctor Strange stream they mentioned that the box would be kicking off a new "cycle" of associated heroes rather than wrapping up the current one.
  8. Just a heads up...it is actually available on the Asmodee store for pre-order even though not mentioned in the article.
  9. Definitely dropping Nova for Iron Fist for my Cap-Protection deck. Also...is it weird that they only mention pre-ordering from local retailers and not direct from the Asmodee store?
  10. Really hope we do get some sort of Grey Company contract as Dunedain are one of my favorite archetypes. If it was as written that would make Dunedain trappers a bonkers deck.
  11. Would love to see Might Thrasher!! Skateboard and all! Speedball would be cool too.
  12. I know they lost the Netrunner license, but Android is still their IP and I would be psyched to see a co-op LCG in that setting. If I was really getting silly I'd say I want a fantasy LCG that kinda cribs off of 7th Continent....each pack/box would have map cards that would have different actions available on them. Could have an ever-expanding, connected world with different terrains, dungeons/caves to enter, cities, etc. could even have different layers of the same terrain (sewers, streets, rooftops) or events that change/replace the terrain temporarily or permanently (a flood, earthquake or forest fire). Each pack could also include new loot, spells, skills, allies to grow the characters....Pipe dream probably, but would be cool. As for setting, I like the Faerun suggestion by Damenwood, but I think Tarliyn is right and it would be Terrinoth...though they have done some stuff with The Witcher before and that world could be a good fit as well (not to mention enjoying a good deal of popularity at the moment).
  13. Steward's Fear is really rough, no doubt. I remember struggling with that one quite a bit as well. I can't remember what I might have modified to get through it, though adding condition removal sounds like a good start. Of course, I might also have just beaten my head against it until i got lucky....or just played it in easy mode😜. Good luck!!!!
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