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  1. Trialus

    Cycle Sagas?

    That is exactly what I meant! I could have probably stated that a bit more clearly....Thanks for the reference!
  2. I have seen a few folks online mention that hints have been dropped about possible new products to turn the already established cycles in to Sagas, but haven't seen any reference to this in any official capacity...Is it something that has been hinted at by Caleb (tweets, discord, FB, etc.) or just supposition? Would be really cool if it was a legit thing.... Thanks!
  3. Thank you for making this and updating it! It is a great community resource!
  4. I've always thought that the final cycle being set in Mordor would be a fitting end, but I also like JonG's idea of finishing in the Grey Havens so that we could go into the West...maybe the last quest card of the last quest? (I haven't played though the sagas yet so don't tell me if this is how they end). I also like many of the other ideas expressed....a product that could turn current cycles into saga-type adventures would be really cool, Scouring is a no-brainer, a more light-hearted cycle in the Shire sounds great, as does Forodwaith (which I had to look up). Really, the truth is that I want to see as much more of Middle Earth through the lens of this game as I can.
  5. Trialus

    Storage suggestions

    Thanks for posting the links!
  6. Trialus

    Storage suggestions

    I've also gone color coded binders for player cards. Binders are then organized by card type (Hero, Ally, Attachment, Event) and then alphabetically. Encounter cards are stored in a Hobby Lobby case with the BT insert (vertical). I have each deluxe + cycle stored in a section (rather than a division for each encounter set), but am still out of room now (with the Sagas and most of the PODs in the case). I am pretty happy with the binders for player cards and the binders are big enough to keep accommodating cards for a fair while yet. I'll need a new solution for encounter cards soon though....I kinda like the idea that Orcstalker showed above with each cycle in a box...could decorate the ends nicely...hmmm.
  7. They are totally separate fictions, so no worries playing them in any order or playing one and not the other. I do not have painted figures...would love them, but I definitely don't have the skill/patience to do it!
  8. Sorry for the late reply! Was in the car all day.... I think they are both great games and have tried them both with my kids. Stuffed Fables is lighter on rules than Mice and Mystics. Personally, we are working on a family Stuffed Fables playthrough first, then tackling M&M. Hope you and your girls enjoy them! One other idea about LOTR...my kids can't quite sit through a game without getting bored, but both of them have really enjoyed building decks around themes they like (eagles and ents for my son, anll female chars for my daughter). Might be a fun, exercise for you and your daughters.
  9. This is totally unsolicited advice, but you may look at Mice and Mystics or Stuffed Fables as co-op, story based adventure Games to play with your daughters. They're both very child friendly themes (one is simliar to Redwall and the other has you playing as stuffed animals protecting a little girl) and are quite a bit lighter on rules than LOTR LCG or Gloomhaven. I know you asked about the other two specifically, but thought I'd throw these out as they might be what you are looking for. Cheers!
  10. Also mainly a solo gamer and enjoyed WHQ: ACG so very excited to see the system get new life and play a new solo game.
  11. Trialus

    The King's Quest

    Huh!. I totally missed that on my first read through (kinda skipped over the quest card).. Even more psyched for this set now.
  12. Trialus

    The Next LCG

    What is most likely? I am not a business/marketing person by any means, but would guess that they are looking at a combination of general market trends, where each of the current LCGs is in it's sales/life cycle, their resources and accessible IPs, and what mix of returning/current/new players gives them the best sales.....which is a ton of words to arrive at 'I got not clue.' What would I like to see next? I really only play the Co-op LCGs and don't know if I'd want a 3rd one to keep up with right now. But, assuming that LOTR will go to the Undying Lands at some point, I'd love to see another co-op game to take it's place. If they stick to in house IPs, I'd like to see a co-op LCG in the Netrunner or Terrinoth universes. If branching into other licenses, The Witcher would be cool.
  13. Trialus

    La era olvidada

    Awesome!! Thank you! EDIT: Looking at the cards posted by you and the mention of glyphs by Earlofslander got me looking through some of the recent cards I've missed...Holy Cows!! Those glyph and solution cards are bonkers!! It is soooo cool that they exist. Now I've got a pic of one of the seeker gators creeping through the jungle wearing a bandolier of potions in my head. The level of creativity and theme in this game continues to impress.
  14. Trialus

    La era olvidada

    So, thematically Ursula is my favorite investigator to date, but as a solo player I'm not sure how I'd manage to deal with enemies throughout a scenario. Granted, we don't know her deck building rules yet, but any one have any thoughts...I'm behind on the card pool (been out of the country for the last year...will catch all the way up on arrival back home this summer), but can only come up with cards like backstab. Thoughts?
  15. Trialus

    Digital Card Game Announced!

    I've generally bounced off of the online card games I've tried (Hearthstone, Elder Scrolls). Fun, but just not my cup of tea. However, I think (hope) that this is a good indicator/predictor of the continued health of the LOTR LCG. I'll definitely give it a try, but do not expect that I'll be super into it. Hope it has a customer friendly model and does well though! It'd be nice if it lead to a surge (see what I did there?) of new players of the physical game.