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  1. Been experimenting with this, pretty successfully against a good chuck of the prevailing lists. Though, really reliant on positioning and still has the same few weak points as mentioned above; 200 /200 pts 4 •IG-88B (70) - Aggressor Assault Fighter Marksmanship (1) Fire-Control System (3) Heavy Laser Cannon (4) Tractor Beam (3) 4 •IG-88D (70) - Aggressor Assault Fighter Marksmanship (1) Fire-Control System (3) Heavy Laser Cannon (4) Tractor Beam (3) 1 Crymorah Goon (32) - BTL-A4 Y-wing Ion Cannon Turret (6)
  2. Don't have any more taken currently. What do you want to see/know? The SKB model I used is; https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001VBAM50/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Should also clarify, this does not hold my Epic ships. Just standard play small and large base. I use a separate case for the 5 Epics.
  3. Outgrew my Plano 1374 after about Wave 12, but really liked using the 3750 boxes for ships, dials, and bases. So opted to add more of those and find a case that can hold them all. Ended up with a SKB 3I roller series case that can hold 7x 3750 and 1x 3780 ( 2 for each faction, 1 for tokens, etc.. the 3780 for the bigger large ships). Now up to 111 standard play ships and have plenty of room to grow with the ability to take them all with me wherever needed.
  4. That's not how their license is structured. FFG determines what/when to release ships. While LFL/Disney does have approval rights to the design of the ships and content, they could care less if FFG even releases anything tied to the movies. Their contribution to the merchandise tidal wave is a tiny drop by comparison. FFG determines the mechanics and structures of the releases (albeit with whatever specs Disney is willing to provide at a given time).
  5. Updated original graph images with suggested sort by. Does make it a bit easier to distinguish ship roles.
  6. was thinking about that earlier as well.. hit points obviously play into defining a ship with respect to a give category or definition.
  7. thx for the proof reading everyone (you'd think I work at FFG or something). updated
  8. yep.. corrected. should have known better than to tackle this late at night
  9. Not sure if this has been laid out before. Most of us keep these in our heads, but I've only ever heard single statements of X faction needs Y ship. Thought I'd put it all down and see whats been used and whats missing. (greyed space = unused) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OGmw5Xkxz7xVs_nwg4u98QG64sG2O7bUeS5NDH9gOzU/edit?usp=sharing FFG have stated they will likely never do another 1 attack ship again and obviously 3/4 is pretty OP without some crazy new mechanic to offset it. What would you like to see in the coming waves and how would you make some of these awkward values work for ships?
  10. IG88-B (50) Aggressor (36), Wired (1), Fire-Control System (2), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), Tractor beam (1), Black Market Slicer Tools (1), IG-2000 (0), Autothrusters (2) IG88-D (50) Aggressor (36), Wired (1), Fire-Control System (2), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), Tractor beam (1), Black Market Slicer Tools (1), IG-2000 (0), Autothrusters (2)
  11. Ah, good eye.. missed that on initial "enhance"
  12. While everyone is talking about the lack of K2SO (which I really want in the game as well), how you gonna do a Saw's Partisans pack without Edrio and Benthic "two tubes".
  13. graph credit to reddit.com/u/aPoliteCanadian
  14. 2 months has been the longest stretch without a wave announcement. 4 months, with other announcements covering the gap (epic, aces, etc..). There's also the fact that they originally intended for WaveXIII to come out in this month instead of last. graph credit to reddit.com/u/aPoliteCanadian I was fully expecting an huge ship announcement over the last couple weeks for S&V. The last 3 were announced/released this time of year. Especially with the epic FAQ/tourney rules last week.
  15. Stretching the definition of Tie.. but, has a ball cockpit.
  16. I ended up having to buy another TFA core set a few weeks back, on the day of tournament. Price paid for leaving damage deck at home. Immediately re-sold on ebay for full retail, since nothing else was touched.
  17. The Squads Must Be Crazy have only tried this a few times, but it was fun. should be considered work in progress and may need some additional tuning. for now, all standard x-wing rules apply unless otherwise stated. - setup played on epic sized board (3x6, 4x6, or larger) 200, 300, 400 point lists (or other agreed upon value) list must be comprised of multiple squads of the same ship type and pilot skill. (eg. (3)Xwings, (4)Awings, (3)Ywings = 1 list, etc..) squads must be comprised of a minimum 3 ships, maximum 6 (small base). 2 minimum and 4 maximum (large base) generic pilots recommended. if you use named pilot, ability is ignored and pilot skill may be adjusted to squad value during initial setup only upgrades shared across all ships of specific squad (eg. 1 proton torpedo upgrade card, all (3)Xwings have proton torpedo) unique or limited upgrades are not allowed each player must place a number of obstacles equal to the number of squads in that players list obstacle placement should be at least range 2 from edge of board and range 2 from each other obstacle squads are set within range 2 of edge, using the majority pilot skill of the squad to determine order initiative determined by the following in order: list cost(lowest), number of squads in list(lowest), roll of dice - play Planning Phase a single dial is used to set the maneuver for an entire squad if a unique pilot is part of a squad, they may use a different dial for maneuver. However, that ship and the squad, are then considered out of formation (see below) Activation Phase overall squad pilot skill is used to determine activation order. lowest squad skill reveals first, with ties being chosen by the player or initiative reveal dial for squad and move each ship of that squad to match (excluding any previously mentioned unique pilots) assign an action available to that squad (eg. 1 focus token = all ships in that squad have focus action assigned) a ship is considered out of formation if it either a) performs a different maneuver than squad, b) is beyond range 2 of its designated squad a ship that is out of formation, is assigned a stress token and is exempt from squad action a squad that is out of formation cannot perform any red maneuvers any ship with 1 or more stress tokens is exempt from squad action assigned until that stress is cleared re-positioning actions (boost, barrel roll, decloak, etc..) may only be ignored for a single ship if it causes that ship to overlap an obstacle or other ship overlap of obstacle by a ship or squad during maneuver, rolls for all damages and is assigned a stress token overlap of another ship (either friend or foe), results in a stress token for that ship IF A SHIP(S) CANNOT CLEAR AN OBSTACLE, THE SHIP(S) IS IMMEDIATELY DESTROYED AND REMOVED FROM PLAY Combat Phase squads attack in successive order by overall pilot skill for that squad, highest to lowest. ties are chosen by the player or initiative unique pilots outside of overall squad pilot skill may attack or defend by pilot skill accordingly, without the squad action assigned once an action is used by a squad in combat, it must be observed by all ships in squad in formation focus actions must be used for either attack or defense for the entire squad not both and cannot be split within squad Cleanup Phase remove any unused action token a squad is considered in formation at this point if it has a) no ships beyond range 2 of it, b) an out of formation ship performed the same maneuver using the same dial, as its squad squads in formation at this point may remove any stress tokens
  18. I've played Bots since they've come out, in several configurations. While they have so much going for them and are possibly the most well balanced ship in the game, their biggest weakness meta-wise is the half-point MOV. With so much auto-damage, alpha-strikes, regen, and death-by-a-thousand-cuts out there you can burn down an 8 HP ship in 2 good rounds (looking at you NymGar). Even being the only large base with 3 Evade and having AT helps, against strong meta squads you can expect to lose 1.5 of them each match. Resulting in a 75 squad point loss per game. You'll never win a tournament loosing that amount of points per opponent. Even if you get lucky and beat that opponent, the MOV loss is too high.
  19. The last 3 Epic ships have been announced or released end/start of year. Imperial Raider Expansion Pack (Announced December 19, 2014 / Released August 13, 2015) Imperial Assault Carrier Expansion Pack (Announced July 31, 2015 / Released December 21, 2015) C-ROC Cruiser Expansion Pack (Announced January 9, 2017 / Released June 8, 2017) S&V is still down a corvette class ship and we coming up on that time. Personally hoping for either Wild Karde Action VI, AEG-77, or Crusader class. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wild_Karrde http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/AEG-77_Vigo http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Crusader-class_corvette
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    Scum epic corvette candidates Crusader Corvette Wild Karde
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    Cutlass-9 Patrol Fighter
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