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  1. Oh Grey Wanderer not specifying a non-guarded attachment you ruined everything! haha
  2. Better hope you don't draw your starting ally in your hand, as we know contract setup is *after* quest setup... ... ...
  3. You are right. I forgot about the hobbit hint... dang.
  4. My bet is there will be some Return of the King contract to go with the new Aragorn in the last set. The next set will probably have Wilyador and a nature contract: Call of Nature Contract named using a clever phrase from the books Side 1: You may only play or put into play Creature, Beorning, or Ent allies. Forced: When you have (6 or so?) Creature, Beorning, or Ent characters in play, flip this card. Side 2: You may only play or put into play Creature, Beorning, or Ent allies. Action: Exhaust this card to ready a Creature, Beorning, or Ent character.
  5. Starting with a song is a great ability and could totally open up another sphere not shared by your heroes. Also I think Amarthiul is a female Leadership Hero. I play her? all the time and she's fantastic.
  6. I do understand what you're saying. And "one unique mount" only might be a better way to handle the situation. However, the "if you don't like it, you don't have to do it" argument never really flies for me because it's opening up a giant rabbit hole. Why make any FAQ with that reasoning? Why nerf Boromir? If people think using his ability more than once per phase is unfair, then they just shouldn't do it etc., etc., etc...
  7. Aragorn exhausts to commit to a quest. Then, while he engages an enemy he rides a taxi Steed of the North over to his faithful Roheryn before running the enemy down. Following that he jumps on his trusty Firefoot to splash damage onto another enemy. After that he hops on his buddy Arod to check out if there are more beyond the ridge. Then he readies himself with his second taxi trip on his Rohan Warhorse over to his Armored Destrier, hops on up, and readies himself after defending.
  8. You can give him Raven-Wing helm, Hauberk of Mail, Mithril Shirt and load him up with four armored destriers. But you're right, the most convenient way to load him up is Gondorian Shield and three armored destriers. Still, that's three horses. I know people argue that knights would switch in and out horses when they tire. But the timeframe of the quests seem too short for such tactics. For instance, 1/3 of passage through mirkwood is choosing which path to take at a fork. And what about someone who uses Roheryn to attack an enemy, kill him, and then Arod to place a progress? Isn't that all happening simultaneously? Between engaging someone and finishing them off he switches horses?
  9. That's great and all that four hobbits left with five ponies but when a Three Hunters Beregond's best loadout is 3 armored destriers something is wrong. EDIT: Four if he has golden belt. Must be a strong belt if you can hang a horse on it.
  10. Do I get to see the seventh card of my deck face up before I have to decide to Mulligan or not? I would assume yes...?
  11. It would also be cool to get some mounts that aren't horses. Like an eagle or a pony for dwarves/hobbits? A guarded (enemy) warg mount would be cool as well.
  12. We still need a card that readies an attachment as well.
  13. I mainly play super heroes too but I find it much more fun and interesting to have to go armored destrier - unexpected courage - magic ring as opposed to unexpected courage - unexpected courage - unexpected courage. How unexpected is it really at that point? 😏
  14. Is it just me, or does it seem like all condition cards should be limit one per character? Unexpected Courage, Gondorian Fire / Blood of Numenor, Support of the Eagles, Etc. All these cards, while cool, seem to become confusing / OP / lame when you have more than 1 on a character. Also seems that Mounts and Signals should be limit one per character. Do people agree or am I in the minority?
  15. There's a lot of guarded cards one might still expect. A blue weapon that lowers threat to round out the spheres with Orcrist/Glamdring/Durin's Axe. Some sort of powerful defensive guarded attachment - we've had none of those yet - like a shield that gives +3 defense or a Spear that does 2 damage when declared as a defender. Possible Anduril. People have noted other palantirs that may come. I think at this point in the cycle it's pretty clear some (if not most) of these will be left out.
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