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  1. Thanks MacrossVF1! I kind of fell out of Xwing for a little while due to life changes but I've enjoyed many of your posts over the years. I figured I would jump on Whaler's post (sorry😁) to see what current suggestions people may have since he's working though similar things that I'll no doubt be going through.
  2. Awesome suggestions. Thank you! When I painted some 1.0 stuff by hand I felt that I couldn't get the right paint and water ratio. It would either be to thick or too watery. I'll have to experiment more and see what helps. Thanks again for the video link.
  3. Thanks for posting about this. I just had an airbrush given to me randomly and I'm thinking of repainting some 1.0 ships as test models to see what I can do with it. Did you use any masking tape? Also, did you do a basecoat or just paint over the existing paint app? Looks like whatever you did worked really well. Love that gradation of orange to yellow.
  4. Sometimes when I touch the base of the ship to set the templates it moves a little and I try to bring it back to were it was (millimeters). Even if he didn't move the base it wouldn't have touched the debris but then you look at the ships end result and the line appears to be off an angle just barely. I don't know if it's worth analyzing all that much. You could try taking screenshots of the original placement and see if he veers off. I'm with those saying that physical games with small pieces will get messed up. My sloppy hands prove that every match and that is why I stick with the casual bunch.
  5. With Rogue One on the horizon do you honestly think they aren't going to help out the rebels? Alex Davey said last year in an interview that they will be introducing some T-65 adjustments in some way. How hard is it to understand that they are probably waiting until the movie releases?
  6. You know what? I want an ewok ship made out of large trees with imperial helmets strung from the sides. Crew is obvious, but I want a special condition card that involves the yub nub song. Some ewoks still never blink so that could be an accuracy type card. Now I just need a desperate writer to make this an EU ship fast so FFG can start working on it immediately. Next wave: Christmas Special expansion! Cuz it's all c.a.n.o.n. Sorry I get bored.
  7. Approval is one thing, but I don't think that means Disney or even Lucas Arts are dictating which ships to release. While the relationship is good, that does not mean that LFL isn't able to dictate such things. They have before, and I would be shocked if they license agreement doesn't give them that power. I must have missed it. What did they force FFG to release in X-Wing? We don't know (and probably never will), but absence of proof should not be considered proof of absence. Personally, while I highly doubt LFL and Disney micromanage FFGs release schedule, I think broad stroke,like 'please promote Rebels more' or 'please have Rogue One tie-in products ready for movie premiere' aren't outside the realm of possibility. Disney illuminati confirmed!
  8. Wait. Did some people honestly think we were going to get a Gunboat, N-1, and _________ (*insert whatever other rare, shunned, unheard of ship in the blank space*)? Scum epic would have been nice but they may be saving that one for later. I can't wait to get the Krylo shuttle so I can bump into all of the pieces on the board. LUVIN IT! People hate me sometimes. EDIT: Also, has anyone found any pictures on the ship Finn was about to get onto during the Maz part (the yellowish rusty one)? I wish I could see the rest of it. I was thinking FFG still has at least two scum ships that were in the ep VII (the other one being Guavian gang ship) that could still be put in the game.
  9. So you think the Slave I looks weird flying while the one winged door stopper doesn't? I'm sensing some nostalgia vision here...
  10. I don't think I'm on the hate train for this one, but it does look similar to a USS Defiant and the Romulan Warbird from the original TV series. As a designer I would've hoped to get more time to work on the Shadow Caster, but then I look at the Poopmaster 5000 and I'm happy this one isn't THAT bad. Anyway.... it could be a fun ship. I hope we get more cool plastic toy news tomorrow and the next few days at gencon.
  11. I would like it a lot more if the wings folded up. I hope they do... Actually it would be nice if they divided and it had four wings. I think that's exactly what will happen. The wings will split in two and form an X like an X-wing. Which, while my natural reaction would be 'Yuk', I'm actually thinking it might be pretty cool You can see that the wing does look a little 'split', with a 'raised' wing on top of a possible lower wing. The hinges, and positioning of said hinges, might make this possible. We'll find out soon enough! QS =D Exactly. The wings might open up and be at an angle similar to a tie hunter.Also, if we are right then ffg owes us free models when they are released.
  12. I would like it a lot more if the wings folded up. I hope they do... Actually it would be nice if they divided and it had four wings.
  13. My god you're on to something. The tubes on the sides could be sausages. Breakfast-wing is alive!
  14. "From an aesthetic standpoint alone, the Arc and the Shadow are barftastic. Both look very much like they've been designed by the same people who modify Nissan Micras with huge exhausts and inexplicable spoilers. I'm shocked they're not covered in flip-paint and NGK decals." -NakedDex I was trying to think of a way to express my feelings on their designs but you nailed it. I think they were trying way too hard on the cool factor rather than focusing on the aesthetics in the OT. I find that some of these designs would have been better for other SciFi fantasy movies/shows. Not sure how I feel about the abilities of these ships and it will be interesting to see how they turn out in actual games.
  15. That is some seriously good weathering and checkering... Great job!
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