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  1. Would that address any/all complaints? It strikes me that if the laser turret upgrades allowed the opponent to gain range bonuses that the efficiency of TLTs would be reduced enough to mitigate their increased viability. Pros: This would affect any future range 3 turret secondaries It would not affect ions, auto blaster and blaster turrets. It is an upgradeless change. This means no extra purchases for players to see the effect. Cons: It would be somewhat confusing to errata the rules to change the functionally of a single type of secondary weapon. Tlt viability could become questionable. It may be too early to talk about changes/nerfs as the game is still changing. Edit: note that I am not advocating other turrets gaining range one bonuses. Merely that the blaster turret upgrades do not mitigate range 3 defense die bonuses like other secondary weapons.
  2. Uh. You do not seem to be calculating that with WG you can still choose to use the focus on a focus result. There should be no scenario in which a WG ship does less damage than a nonWG ship. The argument seems to stem from the feeling that the extra damage is not worth the 2 pts and/or the use of the tech slot. I think, like many things in x wing, first generation tech upgrades may feel weaker just due to the universal nature of the upgrade. Comparisons to limited or rareish upgrade types aren't always fair simply due to the opportunity cost of those upgrades. Consider that this is more akin to targeting computer or shield upgrades than to ac. The usage of WG will probably see marked differences based on pilot skills involved. On low ps ships I can see it as a situational damage increase if a focus is not needed for survival. On higher ps ships it is merely a damage increase in situations where ship destruction or unanswered shots are happening.
  3. Here's what the final blossom looks like (taken shamelessly off his post) Love the name choice for it btw.
  4. You like stars? You like the color orange? You haven't made a sacrifice to the green dice gods, and are now facing their wrath?
  5. Ok, weighing my 2 cents in here. This is my opinion/interpretation, but I hope it helps you to more easily accept the FFG design and improves your immersion. Thinking of "red dice" as raw damage isn't (in my opinion) the right way to think of things. They represent accurate shots on target. Or, if you so prefer, accurate bursts of shots (with the number of dice representing either the lethality of the bursts or the speed at which they can be delivered). "Green dice" are (in my opinion) representative of either evading a shot or mitigating it by causing a deflection (or any other low damage shot). In terms of this, at range 1 (closer) your ship is able to place more accurate shots or bursts on target. You being closer to the enemy means either your reactions and targeting computer are able to put more accurate shots on target (shots) or could serve to reduce time between shots (bursts). So, you're not getting an extra red dice because the lasers hurt more, you're getting it because your pilot is able to shoot more accurately/faster/your computer sucks less. In my world, the lasers are not more powerful closer up and weaker further away. Instead, the computers and humans are able to hit more accurately (or faster) when closer to the enemy. Likewise, pilots are able to "dodge" more when they are further from the enemy (and have more time to react between bursts). The other interpretation I have for extra green dice is that at longer ranges, a pilot is more able to cause deflections or glancing blows than closer in. Kinda like armor in D&D isn't always "blocking" or avoiding hits, but rather causing them to be deflected or at least not causing permanent damage. And how "hits" aren't just "hitting" the enemy, but rather hitting them in a place that can cause harm. NOTE: I know my answer isn't really "mathy." I just feel that the main concern here is an idea of immersion and suspension of disbelief.
  6. Don't forget Fel's Wrath!
  7. Vader is actually a bunch of squirrels in a robot suit. This explains the empire's stockpile of acorns and Vader's hibernation during winter months. When Luke cut off his hand, two squirrels were lost (and it was tragic). Lets say something nice about Colonel Vessery.
  8. Is bumping Ethan up to Corran and adding VI out of the question? That's only 4 points (still lets you play with missiles or possibly droids). Or maybe the Tala up to Cracken (to get the most bang out of your other pilots). Or, if you're willing to drop the Tala to a Bandito you can grab Corran (+3), VI (+1), and proton torpedoes (+4) and make use of the good 'ol Corran Torpedo Gambit. I'm not going to lie, my initial thought when I saw your list was "R2-D2 would be perfect for keeping Ethan alive." Especially since your original list has Ethan as the main target if possible. Which still leaves you 3 points to play with (Ion Pulse or Flechettes are perfect here). Maybe R2-D2 on Ethan with Adv Sensors and Flechettes (on a red) or Ion Pulse (on the Tala).
  9. Captain Jonus is an anagram for "a spa junction," which is good because he likes manicures and candle light. He also secretly wishes to be a Tie Interceptor pilot, so please give him an engine upgrade and PtL! Say something nice about his bestie, Major Rhymer.
  10. Agreed on the price point on Phennir. Respectfully disagree on the PtL. With PtL on Turr you're either getting a PS 7 Interceptor with potentially a crazy round (or two) or you're getting a Turr Phennir with 3 wasted squad points at PS 7. He just doesn't synergize well with either shooting last (or not first I should say) and stress. At least in my experience with the poor guy. Back on topic, I feel like PS 6 is actually quite a nice PS to be at. You're above almost all generics, and you're ahead of some of the randomly played named pilots (Ibby, Ethan, Kagi) and tied with some actually ok ones (Dutch, Yorr, Jonus). PS 5 is just sad.
  11. ECHO...... echo.... e...o..........o...... Contrary to popular belief, Echo is in fact *not* allergic to cats. And is an accomplished mime. (I'll be honest, I was banking on the "Echo'ing".) Say something nice about Fel's Wrath!
  12. That's really only true for Echo or Whisper. Other ships can tend to have enough hit points to be able to afford to get hit by one or possibly two high PS pilots. Turr Phennir would like a word with you :/ Also agreed with the 2/5 tie. The lack of an EPT really makes those PS 5s quite... lacking.
  13. Lets play a game. It's simple, easy, and (hopefully) fun. Say something nice (and RANDOM) about the pilot (card) the person above you (or any pilot listed before) says (or any card, just thematically 'people' make things easiest). Then name a pilot of your choice. This is a game, so answers can easily be whatever you want (the more ridiculous, the better). For instance, I'll start. Biggs Darklighter is awesome, he has the second highest scoring name (of named pilots), if played in scrabble, at 28 points. So, say something nice about Horton Salm.
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